DailyDirt: Butter. Mmm. Butter.

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Butter is an awesome addition to nearly any breakfast food (except for cereal, but who knows, have you tried it on cereal?). One of the only problems with butter is that sometimes it’s not as spreadable as you’d like it to be. Sure, you can buy special tubs of butter-like substances that are more spreadable, but sometimes you just want a cold pat of real butter on your toast. Here are a few suggestions that could make your life with butter everything you’ve ever dreamed.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Butter. Mmm. Butter.”

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djl47 (profile) says:

Terracotta Butter Cooler

The butter grater is a clever idea. An alternative is a terracotta butter cooler. Soak the cover in cold water and fill the rim with water. The water evaporates and keeps your butter cool enough that you’ll finish a cube before it goes rancid while it remains soft enough to spread.

WDS (profile) says:

butter keeper

There are butter keepers, that use a water seal to keep the butter from exposure to air. They will keep butter for a long time without it going rancid. It is a two part device, where the part with the butter goes upside down into the part that holds the water for the seal. You can get them a most high end kitchen supply stores. I think most are from France.

Andrew D. Todd (user link) says:

But... the Dogs?

Well, my relevant anecdote involves, on the one hand, a border collie, bearing the nickname “garbage disposal,” on account of her enthusiastic attendance at the dinner table; and, other hand, a stick of butter, incautiously left in a butter dish on an elegant glass-topped coffee table. As Alexandre Dumas Pere expressed it in a similar case, we had (past tense) a border collie. We had had (past perfect tense) a stick of butter. As Dumas went on to observe, no further explanations are needed.

Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

Re: But... the Dogs?

Some friends of mine own a couple of dogs who operate very efficiently as a similar clean-up squad. But they know that only stuff that falls on the floor* is theirs, the table is off limits.

*Well, technically, looks like it will hit the floor, or at best makes only momentary contact with the floor before disappearing down a canine gullet. Their speed is amazing.

JM Hanes (profile) says:


When you care enough to leave your butter on the counter, it will be long gone before it has a chance to spoil. In high summer, it may melt into a formless blob that’s easier to scoop up with a spoon, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Why even bother with a butter dish cover, when it just gets in the way?

I’m not sure most people realize how much time it actually takes for butter to go bad. They’d also be surprised to learn that the extra flavor associated with “Country Butter” comes from allowing it to go slightly rancid in the churn.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Exactly!

In high summer, it may melt into a formless blob that’s easier to scoop up with a spoon, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

That depends how high your summers get 🙂

Here, it isn’t unheard of for it to exceed 40C every day for a week, and even at 35C it is hot enough to melt completely and separate into layers (and that doesn’t taste so good).

JM Hanes (profile) says:

Re: Re: Exactly!

Don’t know where you are, but in my neck of the southeast, it’s certainly not unusual to push past 35C for a week to 10 days running. It’s only marginally cooler inside my house, because I don’t turn on the air conditioning unless my kids come home to visit. Nothing wrong with the separating butter blobs here!

Maybe you need to try a different brand…. or just consume it faster! 😉

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