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DailyDirt: Are You Going To Eat That?

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There are plenty of food additives that are just fine to eat, and many of them even have scary-sounding chemical names. This doesn’t mean that all food additives are bad OR that all food additives are good. While it would be much simpler to make generalizations and label things either good or bad, it’s not quite that simple, unless you want to only eat food with a very limited shelf life. Some preservatives reduce food waste and have undetectable effects on the nutritional benefits of the foods they preserve. On the other hand, there are some toxic substances that should be avoided, and they can be all-natural (eg. arsenic) or have some anthropogenic origin.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Are You Going To Eat That?”

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TestPilotDummy says:

Good God Nerds PLANT A GARDEN!

Shoot, just the friggin bleedoff from your HVAC Central AC will give a GALLON of water a day! Where did they put your pipe to exit outside?

PS: I’d be hella filterin tha water, as it’s YOUR DRINKING AIR literally.
Smell X? drinkin X!

Got Fart?

I would Triple Filter (using THREE DIF ways)

Three is the CHARM -IMO

ultimately, USE it in the YARD , not for DRINKING, STILL Filter, you don’t want PLANTS sucking up poop

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