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Technology has made some impressive advances over the last few decades. We don’t have strong AI just yet — nor flying cars — but there are some pretty cool gadgets all around us. Kids are walking around with supercomputers (by 1960s standards). Some forms of cancer actually have reliable treatments. (Unfortunately, there are over 100 types of cancer, and many of them are still incurable.) Let’s appreciate some of the awesome stuff that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Here are a few more nifty things that kids will take for granted soon.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Living In The Future… Now”

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Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

Some forms of cancer actually have reliable treatments. (Unfortunately, there are over 100 types of cancer, and many of them are still incurable.)

Be very careful conflating “treatment” with “cure”. A whole lot of R&D these days is going in to the development of cancer treatments, specifically for stuff that will turn deadly cancers into “manageable chronic conditions.” A cure is the last thing most pharmaceutical companies want to produce, not when they can instead come up with a product that the person becomes dependent on taking (and continuing to purchase) for the rest of their life.

By the strictest, original sense of the word, they are actively trying to turn patients into drug addicts–people for whom loss of access to the drug would result in severe or even life-threatening medical problems–rather than curing them.

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: Re:

But some forms of cancer can be cured. My mother was cured of Hodgkin’s (one of the most treatable forms of cancer). No, they don’t call it “cured” (the term is “in remission”) but it’s certainly not a chronic condition that must be maintained through any special health or drug regimen. She’s been cancer-free for 40 years now.

Anonymous Coward says:

Source of Power for Superconductors

Chicago with a superconductor? Moving power from where? Oh, yeah! From coal and gas fired turbines. Global warming on steroids! Order of magnitude more carbon-burning power sources needed to fill order of magnitude-better conductor capacity. Especially in the flatlands. In the Pacific NW? We got the POWER!

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