FCC Site For Accepting Net Neutrality Comments Falls Over (Again) On Final Day To Submit

from the make-your-fast-lane-jokes-now dept

It’s already happened once that the FCC’s commenting system buckled under the weight of a flood of submissions. However, today is the final day to send in official comments on the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), and once again, FCC.gov appears to be unable to handle the deluge. I’ve been personally trying for a while now to submit Floor64/Techdirt’s comments, without any luck. I’ll have a post up soon about our actual comments, whether or not I can actually get them delivered to the FCC, but you’d hope that the FCC could at least figure out how to keep a (rather basic) site up at such a time. Unexpected downtime happens, but the FCC had to know they were going to get a flood of traffic and submissions today and had months to prepare. Update And… the FCC has extended the deadline to Friday at midnight, because of the technological problems.

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Comments on “FCC Site For Accepting Net Neutrality Comments Falls Over (Again) On Final Day To Submit”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Let's just make a new rule...


The political body is constructed of people able to lie profusely to people that don’t really give a damn to secure their votes.

A problems go away when the electorate finally starts giving an actual fuck about its liberty and can get off the dem this or rep that schtick.

Once the public makes it clear that anyone attempting to fight corruption will be vigorously voted in to solve the problem you will find a lot of people willing to run.

DannyB (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: I'm smarter then the FCC computers....

Nobody in their right mind would host anything unnecessary on the web server. The web server should be as small of an installation as possible.

Also try putting it behind a reverse proxy, just for good measure. (You know how you can use a proxy, like maybe Squid, for outbound web requests? Just take that proxy, turn it around, and stick it between the intarwebs and the web server. Not only can the proxy cache static resources, but it can have rules that disallow bad url’s, and other bad things.)

Traveller800 (profile) says:

I have to say…I’m not surprised it crashed…and I’m also happy to see that they have extended the deadline to the end of the week.

It seems to me that they didn’t expect so many responces.

The ‘keeping a basic site up’ comment seems a bit unfair. Every website has its limits and given the US has about a third/half the words population in it, even half those people posting all at onc would overwelm even the best designed site.

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The US has 319 million people living in it. The population of the world is 7.1 billion. China has the largest population in the world and they’re only 1.4 billion.

On an unrelated note: Why are people waiting until the last day to submit their comments? The FCC may have had months to prepare their site, but everyone else had months to prepare their comments.

TestPilotDummy says:


this is that OTHER thread, I didn’t comment on.

So being late, I will grasp the ABOVE comment and reflect.

In all our history of the 20th century has there ever been a location created REAL or virtually that could handle more then a few thousand people at a TIME that wished to interact with our ELECTED officials?”

I am goin to POP this out there. (pun intended) but I know you’ve seen POPVOX right?

Have you spent 18 hours a day there for several days yet?


I got in trouble with the moderators right off the bat.


u fsckin oath breaking treasonous scum mfcststbba’s
elders comprende’

What I did get was frequent updates on their technology.
um, the senators, well maybe I stirred them for awhile this (Honorable as far as I can see) P-VOX, the end game there ain’t shit I can do, to fix the mess these fscking oath breakin fools are meddling with. A21. -2nd, -1st , -4th, -5th (by deception) and I amd tired of fscking REFERENCING new changes to OLD WORD languages!! You have to declare your 5th DOG..

It frankly feels like talking to the enemy, and I am sayin this as a sworn in Active Duty USAF human, who got an honorable discharge after working as an electrician on F4’s.

Anonymous Coward (user link) says:


The old address.

well maybe I stirred them for awhile this (Honorable as far as I can see) P-VOX,

has changed, the new address is.

well maybe I stirred them for awhile via this thing (Honorable as far as I can see) called P-VOX,

Okay with that said, they HAVE PROBLEMS. ;o)

right bitchez!?

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