DailyDirt: What Will Humanity's Legacy Be?

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Humans have obviously had a significant impact on the Earth. We’ve killed off various species and built stuff that may long outlast our grandchildren (e.g., the pyramids, the Long Now clock, nuclear waste facilities, etc.). At some point, we might want to think about what we’ll leave behind after we’re gone ourselves. Here are just a few links on planning for the future for our world.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: What Will Humanity's Legacy Be?”

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JWW (profile) says:

Sure, out of water

Because if we develop economical desalination capabilities, that won’t change a thing, right?

Remember, however unlikely that seems, 200 years ago everyone thought the fastest you could cross the country was measured in weeks. Flying was not considered in the realm of possibility.

We will develop desalination technology, because we’re going to need it.

Jake says:

Re: Sure, out of water

You mean, “if we develop economical desalinisation technologies before the shit hits the fan“, which is far from guaranteed. If we threw Manhattan Project levels of money at crash R&D programs to develop nuclear fusion then there’s a reasonable chance of having something shovel-ready a decade later, but do you want to try getting that through Congress?

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