DailyDirt: Re-Designing The Wheel Again

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Some folks want to avoid re-inventing the wheel, but sometimes there are reasons to try. Some people don’t like the look of spokes or hubs in the middle of their tires. Maybe you just want to get a futuristic look or be eye-catching. Here are a few wheel designs that are a bit unusual, but they might be a bit more complicated than traditional wheel assemblies.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Re-Designing The Wheel Again”

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Cynyr (profile) says:

how would it work on a bicycle? Seems like the brakes would need to move as well, since the distance from the rotational center of the wheel to the edge varies.

Also, as noted above this wheel seems like it would have a high rotational inertia which would make for a lot of work when trying to accelerate (or decelerate) the wheel.

I can’t help but think: “Whats wrong with a normal suspension?” Though I admit for the most part that is not an issue on a wheel chair.

There is also loopwheel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPKY1pFyqu8 which is similar, but still suffers the braking issue.

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