DailyDirt: How Old Can People Get?

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Some biblical characters lived for hundreds of years. (eg. Methuselah lived to be 969.) However, people living now don’t quite get that old. Aging is a mysterious process that is slowly killing everyone, and there are more than a few projects working on ways to avoid death. Immortality could be a blessing or a curse, and maybe someday we’ll find out which it is.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: How Old Can People Get?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Priorities

Given humanities history… are you really that serious?

Humanity is vain, selfish, and greedy.

The reason that America gained so much is because a capitalist system benefits everyone the most from this nature greed.

The biggest failure of Capitalism is that we did not put ENOUGH socialist controls against its worst attributes which is monopoly. Instead we put socialist controls against it BEST attributes. Now we have the worst of both worlds… due to things like copyright, patent, & regulation we are no where even close to a free capitalist market. Due to socialistic intervention shit like TARP bailouts, Wall-Street immunity to massive theft, and out & out cronyism in government has ensured the survival of the monopolists while the regulations keep the little man down because start-ups & mom/pop shops cannot easily survive under the litany of contradictory regulations that cost $$$ to adhere to.

We already have good healthcare, clean water, and plenty of food, but government and corporate interests keep making them bad before it makes it to you!

You, and the rest of us keep voting in the clowns that screw us. We reap what we have sown, any person that has not realized this yet deserves every Last MITE!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

You see Walt Disney is not dead, just faking it. He has already found the secret to eternal life… musta picked it up from Elvis… maybe those ‘Elvis ain’t dead yet’ folks are onto something.

Anyhoo… Disney needs to keep getting those copyrights extended so he can fund his empire after he reveals the truth to us all.


zip says:

Who needs long life? Live an unhealthy lifestyle, die young, then have your chopped-off head sent to ALCOR to be frozen until some distant century when you can be brought back to life, complete with a whole new body as well as a cure for whatever ails you.

… assuming the company is still around by then. And assuming the whole scheme was not just some moneymaking scam.

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