DailyDirt: Making Robot Musicians

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Maybe the music industry isn’t really worried about evil robots killing off music anymore, but as more and more technology gets into the field of music, there could be a new wave of neo-Luddite musicians. Software can compose music, and robots can play some musical instruments. What’s left for humans to do? Check out some of these robot musicians, and you’ll see why human musicians aren’t that worried about losing their jobs to robots any time soon.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Making Robot Musicians”

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Ole Juul (profile) says:

Human element

Of course “music” can have different meanings to different people. However, one of the things which has traditionally been core to the concept is the human element. By definition, a machine can’t do that part.

As a mental exercise, I suggest that one imagines using robots to run the 100 meter dash. There is indeed some satisfaction in racing machines, but we generally watch Olympic events specifically for the human content. This concept holds just as much (perhaps even more) with amateur and children’s sports and games.

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