DailyDirt: Eat Less Red Meat. Cows Rejoice!

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Recently, it seems like there are an increasing number of studies supporting the idea that eating too much red meat is bad for our health. Consumption of red meat has been linked to cancer, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cognitive decline, and the list goes on. Here are just a few more studies that will have cows dancing in the pasture.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Eat Less Red Meat. Cows Rejoice!”

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alternatives() says:

Re: Re: Re:

Now why don’t you explain why VS making the statement?

Here is a “why”:

One of the oils is cottonseed oil. Cotton is not a food crop so all kinds of ‘interesting’ chemicals are put on the crop to kill things. ‘Interesting’ translates into stuff that is not food rated as they were found not to be ‘safe’ for human consumption.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

..peanut oil..

Costco has peanut butter with peanut oil and salt (the only ingredients). At least they say it’s peanut oil – in the interest of science and research I’ve tasted a great deal, because someone has to. They also sell humungous containers of peanut oil for cooking. Oh yum.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

When I was growing up, I never heard of anyone being allergic to peanuts. Now you hear allergic to peanuts, allergic to peanuts, allergic to peanuts all the time. Come to find out peanut oil is being put in childrens’ vaccines. Could that have something to do with it, I wonder?

Anonymous Coward says:

Why should anyone assume one size fits all when discussing diet? Genetic susceptibility and evolution for a population’s environment surely play a part.

Anyway, my grandmother lived to 98 eating fullfat cheese, butter, bacon, roast meat & potatoes and drinking full fat milk. She was never overweight and was healthy up until the time that she was just worn out. Maybe food sources are not so good for us as they were a few decades ago and maybe that explains a heck of a lot. Anyway anecdote is data, I say so.


Politically Motivated Nonsense.

That one about protein was a hoot of course. If you are eating less protein then you’re eating more of something else. That something else could be rather harmful. So these radical vegans are basically pushing the idea that you should be eating lower quality meat (higher fat) or lots of junk foods (extra carbs, especially sugar).

That’s just the way the numbers work. Pretty obvious really when you aren’t afraid of the math.

Uncle Bob (profile) says:

Heinlein was Right (or someone else)

Heinlein (or maybe Theodore Sturgeon or Asimov or someone) said that 90% of science fiction is crap, then again 90% of everything is crap. It turns out that it’s true of medical research, and probably everything else. 90% of it is wrong. Just think, once you realize this, you’ll only have to do a tenth of the reading you do. This information should be at the head of every article about everything. Someone should make a t-shirt that says “Welcome to the 90%.” If i’m debating someone, I can now proudly claim that not only are they wrong, it’s likely that I am, too.


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