New Social Networking Site (And Likely Hoax) Will Only Let You Enter If You're Drunk

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There has been no shortage of social networking ideas that have come and gone, some being useful, some being silly, and some being downright stupid. But Reddit user MFLUDER recently directed my attention to a new social network app that only lets you enter and participate — if you’re drunk. The LIVR social network and associated app website claims the idea will launch launch sometime this Spring (assuming my gut is wrong about it being a viral hoax). To join, you’ve got to plug a breathalyzer device into your phone, and if your blood alcohol content is high enough you’re allowed to enter. What could possibly go wrong?

The website claims LIVR users get to use a number of features once they’ve drunkenly stumbled through the virtual door, including getting to play “crowd-sourced truth or dare,” maps that will highlight the other drunk nerds in your immediate vicinity, and the ability to randomly drunk dial another LIVR user. The website also promises users a “blackout button” that will erase all of your incoherent and inappropriate tirades at the end of the evening or the next day, giving users what the founders claim is encouragement to just “go nuts” and “be their true self” without worrying that said true self might result in joblessness, divorce, or worse:

“What Happens on LIVR Stays on LIVR It’s 4 AM. You’ve posted uncensored selfies. Flirted with Drunk Dial. Racked up Truth or Dare points. But you don’t want your boss to see. Just hit the Blackout Button and all record of your night is permanently cleared. Relax. Be yourself. Your secret’s safe with LIVR.”

Right. Except the Internet generally doesn’t work that way, and there’s really no such thing as privacy online. The potential for abuse seems somewhat high for law enforcement, the NSA, stalkers, and in generally encouraging people to get the highest score when it comes to their BAC. Not that people don’t generally do this stuff without the help of an app, but you have to imagine LIVR, if it’s even actually real, is going to need some decent lawyers on retainer for the flood of lawsuits headed their way.

“I think some of our best ideas are found at the bottom of a glass,” insists Brooklyn-based founders Kyle Addison and Avery Platz in a promotional video for their unlikely-sounding new endeavor:

LIVR App from LIVR on Vimeo.

Says the website:

“LIVR isn’t just another tired social network. It’s an online party at all times… guaranteed. No baby photos. No puppies. Mom isn’t here. Just a global network of similarly buzzed people looking to have a good time.”

Yes an endless virtual “party” where half of the people are incoherently arguing over who is the most drunk, and the other half are busy pretending they’re drunk by using mouthwash to trick the BAC meter. Who would possibly get tired of that? I still think it’s likely a hoax (“Avery Platz,” for example, has a strangely-nonexistent digital footprint outside of the LIVR announcement for a Brooklyn developer that likes to drink and talk), but it’s still a pretty damn good one.

Update: And, yep.

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Comments on “New Social Networking Site (And Likely Hoax) Will Only Let You Enter If You're Drunk”

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JD Wiggins says:

LIVR enhancer

in real life, this ol geezer cannot believe any security would be “unbreakable” & innocent drunks recorded by evil folks for a source of extortion blackmail etc….but I digress …for I believe a popular profitable derivative !
Make this story a REALITY TV show. Get equivalent of Charlie Sheen’s comedy writers involved..the imagination boggles with the thoughts of how many hilarious situations this could create if folks believed that Murphy’s Law did not apply..CONGRATULATIONS for a terrific movie or TV series idea! 🙂

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