Attention Thieves: Check The Auto-Upload On Those Phones You're Stealing

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Well, it’s time to catch up on the latest iteration of dumb criminals being dumb with technology. Past stories, including frat brothers portraying their crimes on social media, criminals attempting to pass off ice blocks as iPads, and robbers bragging about their exploits on YouTube all enjoy the commonality of the criminals being tripped up by their own hubris rather than the trappings of misunderstood technology. Not so in this latest example.

In this case, we have a couple who have built their relationship around love, the fraternity of unfortunate looks, and the ability to be nabbed for stealing a smart phone by its auto-uploading feature. Victoria Brodsky of Brooklyn was at a street fair when her phone and wallet were lost to pickpockets. Having once planned to cancel her credit cards and phone service, she felt the spurs of Cowboy Justice at her sides when the alleged thieves began using her phone to engage in a little amateur self-porn, not realizing that the photos were automatically uploaded to Brodsky’s Dropbox account.

“It’s one thing to steal, but they’re celebrating,” said Brodsky of the 26 pictures and one pornographic video that showed up in her account between August and September.

The photos started innocently enough with pictures of the woman and the man, but then a batch of racy selfies appeared on Sept. 1. The man and woman make kissy faces in some, and then disrobe. They lie naked on a mattress, staring into Brodsky’s phone.The final post of the day was an X-rated video of the couple half-heartedly engaged in a hardcore sex act.

So, hey, you know that whole “pics or it didn’t happen” thing? Yeah, don’t go looking into the articles for these pictures. Just…don’t. They aren’t appetizing. But they do teach all of you would-be phone-thieves out there a valuable lesson. Before you go snapping off horrible photos of you snapping off on one another with that cell phone you just stole, you might want to poke around the account settings so that your, ahem, exploits aren’t uploaded to your victim’s account.

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Comments on “Attention Thieves: Check The Auto-Upload On Those Phones You're Stealing”

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ColinCowpat (profile) says:

Better example over here

That of Plumpergeddon – a guy mugged at a cashpoint in London, losing his wallet and MacBook. Then a long example of police imcompetence, closing the case for “lack of evidence” despite 6,000 photos and screenshots from the “hidden” app on the MacBook.

I think he’s had a phone call do a sting, and the police are back – and now interested in persuing things. But a shocking read if you follow the story as it unfolds. See:

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