Homeland Security Relies On Secrecy To Violate People's Rights And Humiliate Them At The Border

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Back in September, we wrote about the horrific and depressing story from On the Media about how one of its producers, Sarah Abdurrahman (a US citizen) along with her family and friends (all US citizens) were detained at the Canadian US border. The story involved all of them being detained under horrible conditions, with no one explaining anything to them. Their electronic devices were taken and searched. Some of them were physically searched multiple times. Perhaps the most horrific was that one guy was detained for longer while his family was told they could leave. When the guy’s wife asked where her husband was, she was told that “an agency” was coming to “pick him up,” implying that it was some sort of federal agency. It turned out that the guy had an unpaid ticket from seven years ago for a crooked license plate, and the Michigan State Police were called.

This past week, OTM spent its entire show looking at Homeland Security’s secrecy at the border, kicking it off with replaying the original story by Abdurrahman. When I realized they were doing a full hour on the issue, I immediately figured that it would finally include some sort of explanation or some sort of response from DHS. But here’s the depressing thing: months have gone by and DHS seems to simply be reveling in the fact that what it does at the border can be a black box, and it doesn’t think it needs to answer to anyone. All of the attempts to find out about DHS’s policies and how and why it treats people (especially American citizens) this way have resulted in dead ends. Even the few attempts by Congress to find out what’s happening have gone nowhere.

The episode is actually quite depressing, because it appears that DHS has learned that as long as it keeps its collective mouths shut and with what appears to be no oversight, no one can find out about its policies or activities, and that allows it to act with impunity, to attack and humiliate people, to violate their rights, to leave people with lasting mental scars, often requiring therapy, and to never have to answer for any of it. As Trevor Timm, at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, notes, the number of stories of DHS using this process to intimidate American journalists is positively scary — but at least journalists have an outlet for speaking out about it. An unknown number of others face equal or possibly worth treatment and there’s absolutely no recourse at all.

Yes, some will say, that there are people out there who seek to attack the US. And, as such, Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers have a big responsibility. But abusing that authority to create such a horrific results at the border clearly does more harm than good. On The Media is still asking people to use their “Shed Light on DHS tool” to demand Congress do something about this, and we highly encourage you to make use of it. It makes it easy to call your representative and raise these issues with them. If enough people call, perhaps Congress will finally stop abdicating its responsibility and start looking into DHS’ abusive practices at the border. To make it even easier, we’ll embed the tool below. Go test it out.

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Comments on “Homeland Security Relies On Secrecy To Violate People's Rights And Humiliate Them At The Border”

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NoahVail (profile) says:

“but at least journalists have an outlet for speaking out about it.
An unknown number of others face equal or possibly worth treatment and there’s absolutely no recourse at all.”

The unknown number of others do have an outlet – called JOURNALISTS.
Except that few journalists have any inclination to discuss US Gov atrocities, at least until it happens to them.

None says:

what about foreigners...

What about foreigners? Even less recourse.
I’m never setting foot in usa. Too scared. I don’t want my electronic devices searched, nor any of my cavities.
Work wants me to go, but I refuse. No problem going to other countries. But usa is terrifying.
Do americans even realize how we outsiders view them? Land of the free..? LOL.
No, that place is crazy, you have no rights when you enter that country. Police state. Gestapo. Americans should read about nazi germany, view some historical documents and realize what they have become.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: what about foreigners...

I’ve also decided I wont set my foot in the USA.
The treatment of visitors to the US at the border is a message from the US government that we, the non US population, is not welcome to visit the US “homeland”. We should stay the hell away. To which I say fine, I’ll go somewhere else.

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