Entire Court Discussion Of Feds Blocking US Citizen From Flying To No Fly List Trial… Redacted

from the sickening dept

We already wrote about the release of Judge Alsup’s ruling in the Rahinah Ibrahim case. However, I wanted to do a second post, concerning one of the issues that first grabbed our attention about the case — the fact that Ibrahim’s daughter, a US citizen, was put on the no fly list and blocked from flying to the US to be a witness at the trial. The DOJ insisted that this was untrue and the daughter had simply missed her flight — claims that were later proven to be outright lies. At the time, it appeared that Judge Alsup was not at all happy about this, and we hoped that this would result in some sort of sanctions or punishment for the federal government lying to a federal judge.

And, that whole incident is discussed in the ruling, but we have no idea what it says. Because the entire section is redacted. At the beginning of the filing, Judge Alsup notes about this incident that: “the snafu was the result of government error, albeit corrected quickly, as will be outlined at the end of the findings of fact.” Then you jump to the section about “The Citizen Daughter” and you get a brief recap, noting that Ibrahim’s daughter, Raihan Binti Mustafa Kamal, a US citizen, was blocked from getting on her flight to the US in Kuala Lumpur. And then you turn the page and get this:

In other words, if Alsup did anything about this “snafu,” we’re unlikely to ever know about it, which seems fairly ridiculous.

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Comments on “Entire Court Discussion Of Feds Blocking US Citizen From Flying To No Fly List Trial… Redacted”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

All due to 'National Security' I'm sure /s

Crap like this is a perfect example of why people don’t buy the ‘National Security’ excuse the government loves to trot out so often, I’m sure the redacted sections have nothing to do with ‘protecting america’, and everything to do with covering up the lies the Feds got caught out on.

Can’t have the government on record as lying, that would harm national security you know! /s

Anonymous Coward says:

did anyone actually expect there to be any punishment issued against the government? even if there was, as it’s redacted, intentionally, no one will ever know not what the punishment was but if it was carried out.my guess, like i am sure, yours, is that not a thing was done because she was prevented on purpose and the one responsible is higher up the tree than we know, ie, out of harms way!!

Anonymous Coward says:

State secrets privilege

First used in

United States v. Reynolds

And as documented in 2000 was a lie by the government to the court.

So Our great courts that do not allow lairs and cheats do not apply the same rules to the well documented lairs and cheats, The US Government.

And what of all the harm done by the Justice Department by refusing to take cases where The US Government hiding information prevents the case.

Anonymous Coward says:

The meaning of redaction

Anytime something is redacted in a document like this, you know that the government is covering up lies, corruption, cowardice, mistakes, civil rights violations, bribes, payoffs, ripoffs, bad planning, poor execution, ignorance, discrimination, xenophobia, racism, sexism, rape, assault, kidnapping, murder, laziness, scams, bureaucracy, idiotic regulations, misapplied regulations, obsolete regulations, political favors, corporate cronyism, financial shenanigans, dubious loans, old boy network favors, censorship or just plain fuckups.

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