DailyDirt: Be Careful What You Ask For

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The internet can be a rather dangerous place to ask people for suggestions. This is especially true for big brands and pop singers (eg. Taylor Swift’s promotional contest that voted for her to play at the Horace Mann school for the deaf) who have a significant number of haters just waiting for an opportunity to troll. Marketing folks have been trying out some experiments in gathering “user generated content” from the internet, and here are a few of cases that didn’t go quite as well as planned.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Be Careful What You Ask For”

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vruz (profile) says:

JP Morgan

#ASKJPMorgan was something to see.

It was a serious clusterfsck, widely reported:

After Twitter #Fail, JPMorgan Calls Off Q. and A.

JP Morgan shows exactly how to not use Twitter

Best of JP Morgan Twitter Fiasco

JPMorgan Chase’s Twitter initiative backfires

Ninja (profile) says:

I tend to believe that if the brand is generally well seen by the public it should be ok to go social like that. However if you are Eletronic Arts or in their league you should be very wary.

I guess the failures are exactly companies that have distanced themselves from doing stuff that’s good for the customers to abusing their dominant position in the market.

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