DailyDirt: Cracking Codes The Old Fashioned Way

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Government code-cracking projects are usually depicted in movies as super-secret endeavors where brilliant minds create amazing algorithms that are decades ahead of anything else out there. The truth is probably closer to a room full of monkeys typing away randomly, occasionally getting bits of Shakespeare, combined with some average IT folks just collecting as much data as they can from the software backdoors that have been put in place in the most commonly-used applications. (So much for Area 51 conspiracy theorists and their ilk.) Brute force methods might be the best we can do, and here are just a few links related to breaking some encryption schemes.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Cracking Codes The Old Fashioned Way”

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John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: NSA Lies

That’s an overgeneralization. There are a lot of ways to do single key encryption, and most of them are crackable. Even the ones that are theoretically unbreakable have the significant weaknesses of requiring a key to be transmitted through some other mechanism before it can be used, and that you can trust the people who have the keys (all of the people you’re talking with) to keep them secure.

Single key encryption is worthless if you want to communicate with people you haven’t prearranged a channel with (goodbye, secure e-commerce) or that you can’t trust to be sufficiently concerned with security (goodbye, almost everyone else).

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