Eileen Burbidge's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week

from the flattry-will-get-you-somewhere dept

It should be fairly easy to spot which are my favorite posts every week because I might be one of only a handful who uses flattr here. To be honest the flattr button is how I first found Techdirt 3 years ago and one of the reasons I regularly read the site. (Disclosure: As an early stage tech VC, I am both a personal angel and fund investor in Flattr.)

But enough disclosure and disclaimer, and on to what I flattr’ed and liked the most this past week. Firstly, I realize I’m becoming a bit of a fangirl for Michael Ho’s curated lists because two of my favorites were the comparing our schools piece and the way technology is changing the way we talk. I just loved the quick snippets and URLs which made for great light-hearted reading (perfect during a conference call).

Other than that, I’m a big fan of anything which highlights the ineffectiveness and sham that is the TSA so I particularly enjoyed these two pieces: TSA Security Fee Expected to Double Next Year (Sure, why the hell not?!) and TSA Agent: Give Me That Monkey Gun (I’m impressed that Timothy Geigner was able to get “common sense” and TSA in the same piece).

And of course, who isn’t riveted by the play by play of the Beastie Boys-Goldieblox saga?

Finally, my very favorite post of the entire week was definitely this one, because… Norway rocks and is where our latest portfolio company, Swipe, was born: Norway To Digitize All Norwegian Books… and because it’s nice to see a large-scale digitization project preserving Norway’s culture for future generations.

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Comments on “Eileen Burbidge's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week”

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out_of_the_blue says:

Most important post of week was out_of_the_blue's distinction:

You need to separate STIFLING from STEALING.

Because so many here believe that they’re entitled to steal.

Confounding those is the trick Mike is trying to put over here, claiming to “support copyright” but actually enabling various griftage.

Oh, and there’s the AC who informed me I was “bested” there. Whew.

Then there’s THE ODDITY OF THIS VERY GUEST POST by name that Google says appears only FOUR times on site, starting today! An ardent supporter yet no prior history? JUST ODD.

Are so many ODD points about Techdirt, not least how lame re-writes of what’s all over the net could possibly be a draw.

Anyway, I’ll just repeat the rather key distinction:

Mike frequently runs items on copyright abuse and mis-use intended to STIFLE expression knowing full well that his fanboys use those bad acts to justify their own STEALING of copyrighted content. As Mike never runs items condemning STEALING, it’s difficult to see how he “supports copyright”. — Mike therefore sets up a false alternative: in fact, BOTH STIFLING AND STEALING ARE BAD.


Leigh Beadon (profile) says:

Re: Most important post of week was out_of_the_blue's distinction:

Then there’s THE ODDITY OF THIS VERY GUEST POST by name that Google says appears only FOUR times on site, starting today! An ardent supporter yet no prior history? JUST ODD.

Odd how, exactly? We have many avid readers who are not highly-active commenters. Also, in general, most people have filters that prevent them from posting comments full of recycled nonsense when they have nothing new to say. Cough cough.

TheResidentSkeptic says:

Why is the majority...

… of the “piracy” screaming coming not from the artists, but from the middlemen who have been bilking & milking the artists for decades? So, a pirate “stole” a sale from them, but they stole the artists entire ability to share their music… which one seems “wronger” (hey… if we now have “less untruthful” we can have “wronger”!!!) to you?

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