Chinese Propaganda: The US Military Is Making Master Chief Armor; Me: Awesome!

from the fake-it-until-you-make-it dept

For some reason, the propaganda machines of the Far East appear to operating as though their singular mission was to make me, personally, laugh myself to death. I admit this is an enticing military strategy, but so far the laughter hasn’t led to death just yet. That said, I appreciate it when, for instance, North Korea does Photoshop so poorly that it ends up looking like the world’s most boring Warhol painting.

But there’s an arms race for everything, apparently, including in the arena of doing propaganda hilariously wrong. That seems to be the only explanation for why China’s state media would up the nerd-quotient in their attempts by making it clear the United States military is pumping out new armor identical to that of Halo’s Master Chief.

The program was New Defence Observations, a military show (read: propaganda), on Channel 7. On the October 19 episode, which is recently causing a stir in China, a segment talked about the “smart amour.” The program compared the new U.S. military tech to Iron Man, using an image from Iron Man 3. In the upper corner, it clearly says, “movie image” (电影剧照). Then, the show flashes to the image below:

Yeah, that’s The Chief, alright. What the report called “U.S. Military Concept Armour” is actually a promotional shot from the fan-made Halo film, 405th, which I’m at least somewhat certain has not been contracted by the U.S. government to do anything at all. That said, this report raises several questions. What good does China telling its own citizens that America has kick-ass new space-marine armor do? You’d think it’d just scare the hell out of its citizens and instill in them the belief that their own military was behind the space-marine-ing times.

Also, why the hell doesn’t the U.S. military have this awesome armor yet? The Covenant might be just around the corner, you fools!

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Comments on “Chinese Propaganda: The US Military Is Making Master Chief Armor; Me: Awesome!”

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Anonymous Coward says:

When you want to crank up military research and throw money at it, most often that means a tax increase of some sort so they can throw money at it. If you can get the citizens willing to be taxed more to pay for it, hey you’re on easy street.

This is propaganda to convince their own people they need to pony up more money.

velox (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Yes. Totally agree with this.

It looks like a tiny version of the “Missile Gap” propaganda promulgated by Jack Kennedy’s supporters during the Cold War.
Here’s manipulation of the public through news media releases of “classified intelligence” was done in 1959:
1) Claim the Russians have 1500 ICBMs
2) Claim the US is dangerously behind in the arms race because we only have 130 ICBMs.
3) Make sure no one finds out that the true number of ICBMs Russia has at the time is 4.

mdpopescu (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

I grew up in a communist country (Romania), and I have the same experience: nobody believed the government. When, after 1990, we started getting information from the west, I was shocked to discover that Americans DO believe their government’s propaganda. I have yet to personally meet one who doesn’t. (Yes, I read blogs from people who clearly don’t, but I haven’t yet met one in real life.)

Hell – anecdote time. My former boss emigrated to the US from Ukraine (then the Soviet Union) when he was six. I asked him “you’re Russian, how the hell can you trust the government?”. He said the US government was different. What can you say to that?

anonymouse says:

Why so much Anger in article?

Seriously why is the author so upset about this, i can feel the anger seething through his comments…
Are the Chines on the right track with this article they promoted, in promoting the idea that American soldiers have advanced weaponry, will it encourage weapons manufacturers to develop the next generation of sci-fi weaponry.

The US has proven beyond any doubt they are unable to keep their secrets secret, we hear of advanced stealth fighters copied down to a hole that was drilled incorrectly in the air frame of the first fully function aircraft.

I am wondering if the Chinese might not have access to some details of this advanced technology, maybe the US has developed it but does not want to spend the money outfitting anyone with it, damn even giving the men on the ground the most basic tech seems to be a problem for the military.I have heard many stories of Soldiers buying privately things the military do not supply or where the quality of what they do supply is so inferior that it is a threat to lives using it.

I would not be surprised in the near future if Soldiers were buying their own weapons and ammunition or weapons that can use the military ammunition just so they have rifles or pistols that they know is not inferior, and prone to jamming.

I wonder if they are maybe worried that China will be developing these advanced weapons now as they see them as a threat so America will have to invest in developing them and actually outfitting their troops with them.

Or maybe this is a political game to encourage more investment of taxpayers money with a few trillion demanded to keep up with the big Chinese threat the US military seems to see over every hill.

Other than my little rant, i really would like to know why the author is so crazy about this, crazier than anyone has the right to be actually.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: Why so much Anger in article?

Okay, I’ve got to ask, what article did you just read? This article was in no way ‘angry’ or anything of the sort, but more ‘you can’t be serious’ in a humorous way, due to the whole ‘Chinese attempt to employ fan-film footage in propaganda attempt’.

As for ‘this advanced technology’, it’s armor from a fictional character, one from a video game, something you’d know had you read the article, so I don’t think there’s any worry about China getting their hands on the schematics for it.

Robert says:

The truth is the US military Industrial complex is working triple time creating super awesomely expensive armour for soldiers in combat.
Normally they do not consider it cost effective to protect soldiers, as they are readily replaceable by ensuring the minimum wage is a working in poverty wage and the only way out for many is serving in the military.
However the US military industrial complex reviewed that fiscal policy when they figured out that by providing super expensive somewhat ineffective armour, that they can generate at least $100,000 dollars profit each time a soldier gets severely injured or killed as the armour is non-repairable and requires full replacement.

Master chief (user link) says:

Me and my new armor

😉 Lol Only reason is that it would cost way to much. the military is a company and war is a business. I can’t even get dragon skin body armor and people are asking why I’m not walking around in master chief armor lol I’m just a number to the military, they look at cost of training, intake of food and cost of maintenance, nothing more. I’m a worker bee for the machine…

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