Rep. Mike Rogers Angrily Defends Bathroom Spycam

from the as-long-as-they-don't-know-about-it dept

Ken White blogs at Popehat. He’s a litigator and criminal defense attorney at Brown White & Newhouse LLP in Los Angeles. His views are his alone, not those of his firm. This post is cross-posted from Popehat with permission.

And, because we here at Techdirt have had issues with Mike Rogers’ office in the past, we hope that they have a dictionary and a copy of the Constitution — though, given the comments that inspired this post, it seems like he might need a remedial refresher course.

Dateline: Washington, D.C.: Representative Mike Rogers (R-Michigan) was defiant today in the face of accusations that he had installed a small digital camera in the women’s bathroom in his office at the Capitol.

“This is just politics,” said the ten-term Congressman. “I would argue the fact that we haven’t had any women come forward with any specificity arguing that their privacy has been violated, clearly indicates, in ten years, clearly indicates that something must be doing right. Somebody must be doing something exactly right.”

When reporters asked how women would know to complain — the spycam, funded by the government, was expertly hidden — Rogers asserted that was the point. “You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated,” said Rogers.

Rogers went on to explain that the nation’s Capitol — which has housed figures like former Congressman Bob Filner and former Senator Bob Packwood — presents known dangers to women, and that the spycam is calculated to make certain they are protected from those dangers. “If the women knew exactly what that spycam was about, they would be applauding and popping champagne corks. It’s a good thing. it keeps the women safe. It keeps the Capitol safe,” Rogers asserted.

Rogers then abruptly concluded the interview, threatening to sue reporters if they wrote about it.

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Comments on “Rep. Mike Rogers Angrily Defends Bathroom Spycam”

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Rikuo (profile) says:

Here’s the problem, Rogers. While this of course reads like a parody of what you’ve been saying…at this point in time, your actions and words make that judgement very hard to make. For someone to go on about how your privacy is not violated unless you know about it, it sounds extremely plausible that you would put a spycam in the women’s bathroom. I literally would not feel the slightest bit surprised if one is found there one day.

sorrykb says:

Re: Re:

At this point, Poe’s Law applies to just about anything related to the NSA and its cheerleaders. Unfortuantely, the NSA’s documented actions really are that bad and their defenders’ statements are so outrageous that something like this seems entirely plausible (as evidenced by several of the article’s comments here and over at Popehat).

out_of_the_blue (profile) says:

Re: Ah, toilet humor for 13-year-olds. That'll make NSA change.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of toilet humor every now and again? Me, that’s who! Instead of castigating (ooh big word!) the evil, sick, sinful government directly, I’m going to turn up here on this site that I LOATHE (in capitals just to make sure I get that point across) every day to scream and demand why everyone else isn’t doing what I’m not doing.
Techdirt! Where people have freedom of speech and no matter how much I scream and shout about fraud, it doesn’t make it true!


Sexual predator alert says:

Mike Rogers - going on sexual predator list?

Will the government now charge Congressman Mike Rogers with preying upon women? I’m all for him receiving chemical castration as punishment if a judge ends up convicting him. He’s already lost his real balls when he decided to conspire to break the laws of the constitution of the United States of America with his NSA buddies.

Baldaur Regis (profile) says:

One of the fun things about reading a post like this without glasses is coming across the line

…they would be applauding and pooping champagne corks

and have it actually make sense.

Also, Ken missed a great opportunity to dust off his old Henry II hand-puppet and picture Rogers holding it, sighing dramatically and declaiming “Will no one rid me of this troublesome privacy in yon privy?” to his adoring but churlish interns, thus distancing himself from some of the ickier consequences of bathroom camming.

arkiel (profile) says:

Mike Rogers: “If we don’t have a spycam in there, how are we supposed to know when we know when those women are available to be sexually assaulted? What? So long as we’re in there, they can’t get screwed by anyone else. Wouldn’t you rather they be fucked over by us than some hypothetical ethnic strawman rapist? This is the, the, the only way to protect our women!”

kenichi tanaka (profile) says:

Somebody needs to explain to Rep. Mike Rogers that it is illegal in this country to place any kind of audio or video recording equipment in ANY public restroom in ANY city, state township, village, district or province.

You can make all of the excuses you can think of, it is still ILLEGAL to install any kind of recording equipment in ANY bathroom. It’s a violation of an individuals privacy to do this and NO court in this country will decide in your favor if you do this.

Kaemaril (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The FISA court would. All you need do is have an NSA representative swear an affadavit confirming that they had firm intelligence that, somewhere in Washington DC, an agent of a foreign power was conducting clandestine meetings with another agent of another foreign power in a woman’s restroom, although the exact one was currently unknown.

The NSA would then request a warrant to conduct surveillance on all women’s restrooms.

The FISA court would then authorize it, on the STRICT UNDERSTANDING that ONLY foreign persons would be recorded, to which the NSA would agree.

The NSA would then come to the conclusion that, sure, they may be meant to be monitoring only foreign persons, but actually it was impractical to attempt to identify foreigners based on the shapes of their bottoms, and besides there’s nothing to stop them using information on Americans they ‘inadvertently’ record.

And besides, it’s not really spying until somebody actually watches the footage.

Boom. Job done. All legal and above board, for the NSA says it is so. And if the NSA says it’s conducting all its operations perfectly legally and above board well then … who are we to question the NSA? There’s bound to be a US senator they can get to tell the press it’s all legal.

Provided, of course, that leader of a foreign country isn’t snapped in a restroom. That’s when it all will hit the fan.

Douglas says:

Mike Rogers' quote

Quote attributed to Rogers in this article:

“If the women knew exactly what that spycam was about, they would be applauding and popping champagne corks. It’s a good thing. it keeps the women safe. It keeps the Capitol safe,” Rogers asserted.

Actual Rogers quote:

“If the French citizens knew exactly what that was about, they would be applauding and popping champagne corks. It’s a good thing. It keeps the French safe. It keeps the U.S. safe. It keeps our European allies safe,” Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.

Why the mis-quote, Techdirt? You are damaging your credibility.

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