British Newspaper Confuses Deus Ex With Real Life

from the augmented-fact-checking-needed dept

If you dig through a Techdirt search on augmentation, you’ll return links for our ongoing Daily Dirt pieces and some interesting stuff about augmented reality. That kind of thing is all well and good, but fans of cyberpunk thrill-rides like me have something different in mind for ourselves when it comes to augments. We want the good stuff. You know, implanted HUD vision, mechanical servos in our leg joints that will make us jump like LeBron, maybe a gun-arm or two so we can savagely disperse justice on unsuspecting bad guys. Unfortunately, very little in the way of improvement in these fields has occurred.

Until now. I bring you the British tabloid, The Sun, and their amazing story about an augmented mechanical eyeball that, if associated material is to be believed, allows you to see through walls, color-codes friends and enemies, and permits telescopic zoom. Here’s the reference from The Sun.

Oops. See, part of the reason that Sarif Industries’ cybernetic implants are still in their infancy is that the company doesn’t exist. Sarif Industries is a fictitious company from a cyberpunk video game, Deus Ex, set in a future Detroit. As Kotaku notes:

Granted, the folks behind The Sun don’t really care that much about nonsense like “accuracy” or “making sure the news they report isn’t actually from a video game.” And yes, perhaps eyeball implants will indeed be common in 50 years. But they probably won’t come from Sarif Industries.

Thank science for all the fact-checking our brick and mortar newspapers do. On the other hand, seriously, how much fact-checking is required to determine that no biomedical company producing what would be a ground-breaking achievement in augmentation exists in Detroit? I recognize that the Sun has a bit of a reputation for skipping out on pesky little things like “facts” in its reporting, but rewriting video games as fact seems to take things to a different level.

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Comments on “British Newspaper Confuses Deus Ex With Real Life”

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Anonymous Coward says:

That’s nothing, I hear there’s already walking and talking robots that act as law enforcement now.

Only, some bad guy created a nasty virus known as the Sigma virus, and now a bunch of those robots want to kill all humans and make earth a world for just robots! We’re fortunate we have the robots Mega Man X and Zero on our side to always stop their evil plans however!

Anonymous Coward says:

Deus Ex is a great game that every gamer should experience. It has a truly excellent story. The story is very well thought out. You have nano-augmentations and super intelligent AI, but other than that, it isn’t terribly over-the-top.

An interesting game-play bit is that many of your actions in-game will have repercussions later in the game. Unfortunately, you only get to choose from 3 different endings, and, for the most part, the game is pretty much linear, but you do get to influence many events.

Combat sucked, though. And the graphics are…passable from today’s standards. But the game aged well, and last I checked, it worked well in modern operating systems (I even got it to work reasonably well in Linux at one point).

The other two train wrecks that bear the same name are just sad, pathetic little things in comparison.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

DX:IW was terrible from a technical standpoint but had a pretty cool story and some interesting locations. If they made the levels bigger by removing the loading screens between areas and fixed some of the bugs (like the fact that there’s two identical Multitool objects that act exactly the same in every way except will not stack in your insanely limited inventory) it would really shine.

DX:HR was actually super good and I’m wondering if you actually bothered to play it. The boss fights were awful but since they were really quick and literally had nothing to do with the rest of the game (they were made by a completely different company) I figure it’s safe to give them a pass.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

DX:IW was decent but crippled by technical problems.

DX:HR was awesome except the boss fights (which were easy, short, and outsourced to another company), and the ending which is literally “choose one of three buttons at the end of the hallway”. But other than those gripes it was really a fantastic game, so I’m honestly left wondering if you even played it before leaving your closing remark there.

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