New Video Highlights How The Government Tracks You

from the nsa-video dept

The folks at Fight for the Future and Demand Progress released a great five minute video about how the NSA spies on the public, narrated by actress Evangeline Lilly (the video also relies heavily on fair use to make its point). Check it out:

Last night, the video was “debuted” in New York City, as the film was broadcast on the side of a building from Washington Square Park in Manhattan. While regular readers here won’t find anything too surprising or new, it’s a good quick summary of what’s going on, and is useful for catching people up on the situation if they haven’t been following it.

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Comments on “New Video Highlights How The Government Tracks You”

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Bob DeVaughn says:

Re: Nothing to Hide

You may have nothing to hide with respect to terrorism, or even illegal activity.

But could a business competitor exploit your private knowledge? Or a political adversary? What if an organization wanted to single out members to a certain group- do you divulge your sexual orientation, religious or political views?

Through the NSA a means exists for private (non-government) interests to exploit private personal data. By infiltrating the NSA- which Snowden proves is not that hard- or by exploiting the security flaws they introduce.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Nothing to Hide

If you have nothing to hide, please post you social security number, banking info and personal family information such mother maiden name and if your married your wife’s to. Also any work information would also benefit. This will not be used for any illegal activity I’m just interested in building a family tree like on those on Trust me! you know you can I work for a government agency!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Nothing to Hide

” No need to hide that from them, but yes I would like to hide that from you.”

1. The government is already doing a poor job in protecting that information. Depending on the agency that is handling that info. Giving it to a stranger at times seems safer than having them handling it.

2. The government and certain agency’s want to expand what and for how long this data is stored. They have no issues in expanding who has access to this data.

Rikuo (profile) says:

Re: Re:

You can still use copyrighted works, as long as you make sure to follow the Four Factor test for Fair Use.

This line will be of a great help to you
“Purposes such as scholarship, research, or education may also qualify as transformative uses because the work is the subject of review or commentary.”

Since you say you’re doing this for school, you can pretty much use any work, as long as you make sure you comment on any work used…which is basically what you’re aiming to do anyway.

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