French Farce: Hadopi's First And Only Suspension Has Been Suspended

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Back in June we wrote about Hadopi’s first and only successful disconnection case. As we also noted then, in the wake of its abject failure, Hadopi was being dramatically curtailed. In particular, disconnection is no longer available as a punishment for those alleged to have downloaded files without authorization.

That turns out to have a lucky consequence for the otherwise unlucky person sentenced to 15 days disconnection earlier this year. As the French Web site PC Inpact explains (original in French), before the disconnection could be carried out, the French law changed. And it is apparently an established principle in France that when milder measures are brought in for a given offense, those generally apply retroactively to anyone convicted under the previous, harsher regime. In this case, that means the suspension has been suspended.

So it looks like even that single, 15-day disconnection — the only fruit of Sarkozy’s beloved and costly “three strikes and you’re out” idea — will never happen. What a truly fitting end to a farcical experiment. The big question now is: what comes next?

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Comments on “French Farce: Hadopi's First And Only Suspension Has Been Suspended”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Indeed, I believe his ex-wife was the one who was actually responsible, and even admitted to it(so apparently the divorce wasn’t that bad), but they still went after him anyway, probably so they could have at least one person they could point to as having been ‘caught’ by the program, innocence be damned.

Ninja (profile) says:

Well, at least Sarkozy succeeded epically in failing epically. I remember back when HADOPI came in on TorrentFreak there were some trolls saying that “the days of the Internet wild west were coming to an end”. The trolls have changed from that time but I’d love to see their faces years after and without any real change to the sharing community 😉

Anonymous Coward says:

OK, someone help me out here...

As I understand it, HADOPI had basically three stages:

1. you get an email telling you to stop, or you’ll get a certified letter
2. you get a certified letter telling you to stop or you’ll be disconnected
3. you get disconnected.

So, um.. what’s step 3 replaced with? “Someone sends you a singing telegram asking you to stop, or you’ll get a parade telling you to stop?”

disconnection is no longer available as a punishment

Considering disconnection was the only punishment, what are they replacing it with?

Rikuo (profile) says:

Re: OK, someone help me out here...

As far as I know, nothing. The disconnection punishment clashed with an EU law, last I checked, that says you can’t lose your Internet connection as a court-ordered punishment. So as far as I understand, it’s just going to be letters, at least for a while, until HADOPI is completely scrapped.
I hope, but do not expect at all, that instead of this stick approach, the copyright cartels try a carrot. After all, if my net access is cut off, I can’t buy anything over the Internet, no Netflix, no Hulu, nothing on Amazon, no Spotify, no Steam, no Origin, etc. I’m not going to go to the coffee shop down the road and use their Wi-fi to buy something, I’m not going to trust my credit card details or Paypal login on their network. I could use a VPN, but again, if I were disconnected at home, my yearly/monthly subscription would be basically worthless to me, in that I couldn’t use it.

nsalookup says:

What come Next ?

Here in France, what is coming next will be a censorship of websites and France will make hosting providers responsible for the content they host. Hadopi will also be merged with the CSA that has authorities, till now, in the TV Market only. For exemple, but not at least, the CSA decides what programm/ad… is for -16, -18, -12… The CSA will have some new authorities in Internet so, and that’s what we are afraid of, and even if from now on, all we know, it is that it will be merged, we don’t really know (but soon) what will be this farcing new decade, but surely, it will not be joy.

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