Judge To Everyone In Georgia Prenda Case: Would You All Just Please Shut Up Already

from the stop-filing-motions dept

We’ve been covering the various antics of Prenda’s local counsel in Georgia, Jacques Nazaire, who has been representing Prenda shell company AF Holdings in the AF Holdings v. Rajesh Patel. There have been an awful lot of motions flying back and forth, as Patel’s Lawyer seeks sanctions against Nazaire. Nazaire’s strategy has been to more or less make himself a laughingstock, arguing that the California ruling against Team Prenda is meaningless in Georgia because of gay marriage and hackers. He’s also been trying to file things under seal because commenters on this site might be mean.

Either way, every few days there’s a flurry of filings back and forth, and it appears that the judge is sick of it all, angrily telling both sides to knock it off because he’s actually busy with stuff that matters:

Subsequent motions repeat variants on the same allegations, whether they are titled “Motion for Sanctions” or “Response in Opposition to Motion.” (See, e.g., ECF Nos. 21, 25, 26, 30, 32, 60, 61, 62, 63, 68, 72, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80.)

At this time, the court is otherwise engaged and is unable to immediately schedule a hearing on the motions. The court believes that the current motions on the table are sufficient to articulate both sides’ alleged grievances. Moreover, the court does not believe that further motions or responses would serve to meaningfully advance the litigation at hand. Therefore, plaintiff and defendant are hereby ENJOINED from filing a motion of any kind without this court’s prior approval. The court will set a hearing on all pending motions in the near future.

Basically the judge recognizes that this case has turned into a bit of an angry pissing match and wants that to stop. Probably makes sense. As amusing as Nazaire’s attempts at playing lawyer have been, it would better if things actually moved forward.

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Comments on “Judge To Everyone In Georgia Prenda Case: Would You All Just Please Shut Up Already”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

At this point, that might be his best shot: to drag the defendant down with the sinking ship. The problem for him is that at this point, with all the documents that both sides have submitted to the court, Nazaire’s side looks horribly unprepared – to put it nicely. The judge hasn’t called off the issue; he’s merely saying they can’t submit any more name-calling (correct me if I’m wrong on this). Where the defence submitted citations, Nazaire’s been doing nothing more than hand-waving and tantrum-throwing.

On the subject of Nazaire claiming that bloggers say mean things about him – somebody should round up the various nasty quotes he peppered on Techdirt and FCT. Maybe if didn’t spend so much time filing angry and committing character assassination he might actually be in less shit than he currently is, but well.

Jacques Nazaire and horse with no name just hate it when due process is enforced.

CTVic (profile) says:

When you do something really well, and you’re really good at it, you make it look easy. That’s really kind of a shame, because then you don’t get credit for being half as good as you really are, and all of the effort you put into your work gets overlooked. Everybody watching says “Shit man, even I could do that.”

All that being said, Nazaire makes lawyering look HARD.

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