Russia To Ban Swearing On The Internet

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A year ago, we wrote about a Russian law that introduced a blacklist designed to block access to information on drugs, suicide and child pornography (all for the children, of course.) Strangely, that same law was then used to silence leading reporters who dared to criticize the government (bet nobody saw that coming….)

Well, Russian politicians are back to thinking of the children now, and want to make further amendments to the law, as this report on the English version of Pravda reveals:

State Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina intends to make further amendments to the Law “On the Protection of Children.” The chairwoman of the Committee on Family, Women and Children put forward a suggestion to punish people for using dirty language in social networks.

According to politician, the pages full of posts and messages containing swear words, will have to be blocked within 24 hours, if harmful information is not deleted. This should apply to pages on social networks, websites, and various forums.

Yes, you read that correctly: the new law would forbid the use of “dirty language” pretty much anywhere online. If the offending phrases aren’t quickly removed, the relevant page will be added to the blacklist. The chairman of the Moscow Regional Bar Association, Sergei Smirnov, is all for it:

“Obscene language offends both children and adults. A ban on its use is not an infringement of human rights. This is a direction towards a civilized lifestyle. If we do not use foul language in real life, then why do we use it on the Internet?”

Right: so politicians want a ban on swearing online, because apparently no one in Russia ever swears offline.

That’ll work.

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Comments on “Russia To Ban Swearing On The Internet”

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Ninja (profile) says:

Re: Disappointed...

puts on English style hat with a fancy monocle and starts speaking with that somewhat royal, somewhat weird British accent

Your readers are very polite, dear sir. You should be glad you will be in total compliance with the Russian law. The best you would hear from these distinct gentleman would be “Oh, feces!”. Ahem.

CK20XX (profile) says:

Re: Disappointed...

I was tempted because I love seeing precision irony strikes, but I just don’t swear, not online nor in real life. It’s not nice!

Besides, hearing the word “fuck” echoed everywhere as-is only reminds me of the species’ insipid obsession with propagation. It’s like, the more people yammer about how awesome sex is, the more convinced I am that it is one of the biggest nothings to ever exist. I’ve seen that church many times and I’m not interested in joining it.

Niall (profile) says:

Re: Re: Response to: Anonymous Coward on Jul 29th, 2013 @ 11:13am

Most atheists don’t have the kind of ‘moral anal ramrod’ that causes them to start censoring others of things that harm no-one. Christianists, though, along with the other Abrahamic religions, can be a bit close-minded about stuff like this.

Or will you tell me that the Victorians were all rampaging atheists?

Anonymous Coward says:

it isn’t this half wit that’s got an arm up Cameron’s back, is it? this is as big a load of crap for an idea as what he’s coming out with! this attitude of ‘i dont like this, so everyone else has to do likewise’ has got to stop! it’s the thin end of the censorship wedge that will definitely make things worse even before they get worse!

AdamBv1 (profile) says:

Re: Words change meaning

One of my favorite examples of this was on 4chan when “nigger” became an instaban word it almost instantly got replaced with “redguard” (yes, as in the ones from the Elder Scrolls games).

And I had not heard of “Canadians” as a euphemism for black people before, that would be incredibly confusing to me if I heard it in conversation.

A Monkey with Attitude says:

Re: Re:

But they are, just not quite as open… listen to their views of the internet and many other things, i.e. “I dont like x, so nobody should do it”….

An easy way to live, if what i do doesnt physically affect anyone else, nor thier properity, then it is fine and they should do be the same, ie. FUCK OFF about giving a shit what i do, for i dont care what they do..

Anonymous Coward says:

In other news, all swear words now start with a D

In other news, the Internet decides to chop off the first letter of all swear words and add a D to the beginning of each swear words instead.

Also, this decision has resulted in a LOT more joke webpages about Ducks, and people saying ‘Duck you’ to each other.

Pickle Monger (profile) says:

Considering that she is also the main sponsor of the law banning mentioning homosexuality, this new move is not that surprising. That said, some of the most celebrated Russian authors have used the very words the esteemed Deputy is trying to remove from view. What exactly is she planning to do with those works of art that use the swear words? Does she think herself worthy of editing the works of Pushkin or Mayakovsky? If so, she is profoundly delusional.

Angry Voter says:

For most of it's history

For most of history, Russia has been a backwards laughing stock of ignorance and superstition. That was strictly due to religion because once religion was banned, Russia quickly became a global superpower with first class math and science.

Already the priests have adorned themselves in gold like whores and drive around in Mercedes looking for boys to molest.

Letting religion back into power will ruin Russia completely.

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