DailyDirt: Bank Error In Your Favor….

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You might think that with all the supercomputer capabilities available that banks wouldn’t make somewhat simple errors with huge dollar amounts. You would be wrong. Human errors can be greatly magnified by automated systems, and these errors seem to happen almost regularly. What would you do if you found more than a few extra bucks in your bank account? Here are just a few recent examples of some pretty big monetary mistakes.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Bank Error In Your Favor….”

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Forge says:

Re: I'd bet it all on red or black..

Yeah, that would be pretty much my approach. I’d keep paperwork, too, so I could prove I bet everything, and not just most of it (with some in coffee cans in the backyard).

Like you said, if you hit, you pay back, smirk and shrug, and walk away. If you miss, you declare bankruptcy or work under the table for the rest of your life or something.

That one shot would be worth it, to many.

out_of_the_blue says:

One fairly innocent dolt, two thieves.

The first one just doesn’t understand what money is: Ayn Rand nails it as only valid in so far as represents goods already produced, because the only thing that gives value to money — even gold — is human labor. Pieces of printed paper are not money, nor are bits in computer memory, not even if either are called “stock certificates” or some other term: those are not money, just ideas which The Rich use to control the poor. I’d give him a pass for just a quip, but wanting to buy the Phillies (or any sports team) as his idea of what to do with money reveals him as an all too typical dolt. It’s an everyday horror that people aspire to nothing higher than to watch millionaires play meaningless contests — and that they’re millionaires for entertaining fools is obscene.

The other two are just plain thieves: when a bank — even a big greedy one — makes a mistake in your favor, it’s criminal to keep the money. Throw ’em in jail.

Now, the only draw to this piece is sleazy appeal to those who desire the unearned; they’ll go into a reverie of what they’d do with “free” money. That desire for the unearned is one point where Ayn Rand agrees with the Bible, which says: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: One fairly innocent dolt, two thieves.

You’re right on the criminal thing, you’re wrong on the money thing. Money gets it’s value from faith, not from labor. People have to have faith that this piece of paper will get them goods before they will accept it as payment for labor.

If money gained it’s value by the labor put into earning it, then inflation wouldn’t be a thing. And if we’re looking at it that way, only changing that one variable, the world economy would be long dead.

I’ve never read Ayn Rand, but the more I hear about her writings, the less I want to read them. She sounds like a nutter.

btr1701 says:


That’s a *lot* of money PayPal gave that guy. In the news stories I’ve seen on this, several of the idiot reporters have commented on why he’d waste the money paying off the nation’s debt instead of spending it on something more exciting.

Well, the national debt is somewhere around $16 trillion. With $92 quadrillion, he could pay off the national debt in its entirety and still have $91.86 quadrillion left over.

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