Head Start: College Kid Gets Prison For Rigging Student President Election

from the get-'em-while-they're-young dept

We’ve covered mishaps with regard to e-voting in elections for quite a while now, but you may have noticed that these stories tend to revolve around the big leagues of politics. E-votes to hotmail accounts in national elections, experimental patches being applied to voting machines in Ohio, and Irish voting machines so horrifically flawed that they ended up being sold for less money than required to buy a pint of Guinness are all to do with, shall we say, professional politicians. And just as with the sporting world, the college ranks of amateur politicos are left untainted by this sort of malfunction, drama, and cheating.

Actually, just like in the sporting world, the college ranks can be every bit as dirty, as shown by the story of how one former college student will get jail-time for rigging his school’s elections for President of student government.

Matthew Weaver, 22, of Huntington Beach, Calif., stole almost 750 students’ identities to try and become president of the San Diego County college’s student government. His plan went awry when the school’s computer technicians noticed an anomaly in activity and caught Weaver with keystroke loggers as he sat in front of the suspicious computer.

Yes, the aspiring politician did what we all kind of assume professional politicians do: played dirty. In what was apparently a months-long plot to get something like $30k in stipends, Weaver bought keylogging software and installed it on university computers to get student credentials and vote for himself. His plan was to win Student President and then appoint a bunch of his frat brothers into roles to keep the stipends rolling in. You know, like pretty much all politicians do. And, to keep the parallel going, Weaver made matters worse by trying to cover up his fraudulent behavior by creating fake Facebook accounts for his stolen identities and then make it look like they were all supporting his campaign and alluding to a frame-job when the university began its investigation.

“He’s on fire for this crime, and then he pours gasoline on it to try to cover it up,” the judge reportedly said during Monday’s sentencing hearing.

When that bit of trickery failed, Weaver, as pro-politicians eventually do, admitted his guilt in court, got a year in prison, and the elections were voided and will be reheld. In the meantime, SDC College will be without anyone in its senior student political office, just for a bit of fraud and asshattery. I can only assume that after he’s released from jail, he’ll announce his candidacy for Governor of Illinois.

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Comments on “Head Start: College Kid Gets Prison For Rigging Student President Election”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Yes, you are absolutely correct!!!!
Only the DemoLibTards would EVER stoop to such tactics.
The GOP is above all that juvenile below the belt criminal activity. They are perfect in every way and are being ruthlessly attacked with baseless claims about activities they would never even think about.

chad holbrook (profile) says:

I don't get it.

I don’t understand how he was able to install the keylogger. Is there no security at SDC? I know that they noticed it and caught him but there shouldn’t have been any way that a student has root access to the local machine to install the software. So there is another parallel to the our government. They stop something that should never have been possible. Sloppy work for everyone except the network team. He will end up running some company that will own the politicians instead of becoming one.

OldGeezer (profile) says:

Got no sympathy for this guy. This was not Aaron Schwartz crusading for an open internet. This was a thief plotting to steal thousands of dollars. He deserves to go to jail. Note though that he basically got a minimum sentence for a felony and not 30 or 40 years. You only get that when you step on a lot of toes and they are gunning for you. Likely he won’t do the whole year if he behaves himself.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Tim whats your excuse ???

“At least politicians lie and cheat for valid reasons”

And what – exactly – might those reasons be?
Whilst waiting for enlightenment, might I suggest a few reasons?
1) complete lack of ethics or morals
2) financial gain
3) sex
4) additional power (over those less fortunate because that is much more enjoyable)
5) revenge
6) spite
7) just because
8) megalomania
9) sociopath

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Accuracy in reporting.. code of ethics

TD Censorship at it’s best,

Sorry for calling you out for this lie, but it is what it is, try to hide it all you like.

It’s easier if you ignore it after all, if you find the truth distasteful, then by all means avert your eyes, censor away !!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Accuracy in reporting.. code of ethics

How is it a “blatant lie”?

Lets look at the title:
“College Kid Gets Prison For Rigging Student President Election”

now lets looks at the source post:

Is this person a a college student? Yes
Did he rig an election? Yes
Was it a student presidential election? Yes
Will his actions involve him going to prison? Yes, for 1 year

So where is this “lie” exactly?

Matthew Cline (profile) says:

Re: Re: How is it a "blatant lie"?

I’m just guessing here, but I think that anonymous’s point is that there isn’t any law which makes it illegal to rig a college election, and instead the student jail time for computer fraud, identify theft, and so on. But at worst that’s just being misleading, and the result of unskillfully summarizing, rather than intentionally trying to deceive.

Anonymous Coward says:

Truth might even be INCONVENIENT

Does not make it any less the truth..

Avoid it all you like,

Censor it all you can. At least have the balls to admit it, even if you don’t feel obliged to state it. (truth that is).

And you wonder why TD will never be considered “mainstream media”.

public accountability

just to name a few.. and to highlight your ongoing and continuous failure to even come close to a code of conduct.

Anonymous Coward says:

One day

ONE day you are going to come across something that is actually truthful that supports your world view, but when you post it here no one will take you seriously, because most of the stuff you post here is easily shown to be based on lies and biased opinion.

Hear about the boy who called wolf ?

(motto, don’t lie).
(or don’t tell the same lie twice… DS9)

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