3D-Printer Manufacturer Creates Software Filter To Prevent Firearm Printing

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Although 3D printing does present the potential to wreak havoc in a variety of areas, most concern seems to be aimed at homemade guns. Ever since Defense Distributed printed up a functioning weapon, legislators have been searching for a way to shut this down.

The first reaction was perhaps the stupidest: the State Department pretty much ordered the internet to delete all gun-printing files, claiming that distribution is a violation of export control laws. Once the impossible had been requested, everyone went back to doing what they were doing, including uploading the files to The Pirate Bay. Others decided to remix existing plans, adding their own twists to Defense Distributed’s model.

The next reaction wasn’t much smarter. Legislators at the state and city levels in New York began pushing through bills aimed at another impossibility: banning 3D-printed guns. New York City’s doomed-to-fail legislation contains a handful of unintentionally hilarious requirements.

This bill aims to make it illegal for people to produce any part of a firearm using a 3D printer unless they are licensed gunsmiths. Also, each weapon must be registered with the police within a 72-hour period of being manufactured.

OK. Let us know how that goes, especially the second part. The state’s bill goes even further, but is equally unenforceable.

State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduced the bill for New York State on May 30. Her legislation seeks to make it a felony for the manufacture, sale, or use of firearms and ammunition magazines made with 3D printers.

With all of this doing absolutely nothing to stop the creation of 3D-printed guns, a Danish 3D-printing firm has stepped up to do something (marginally) more effective.

[Create It REAL], which sells 3D printer component parts and software, recently announced that it has come up with a firearm component detection algorithm that will give 3D printers the option to block any gun parts. The software compares each component a user is trying to print with a database of potential firearms parts, and shuts down the modeling software if it senses the user is trying to make a gun.

This could be potentially effective in limited application, but even Create It REAL admits its software will likely be easily circumvented, as it looks for very specific “firearm characteristics.” Instead, it aims to prevent people from “accidentally” printing out a gun, something aimed more at deflecting liability than actually stopping gun manufacturing.

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed says this feature is essentially useless. No one’s going to “accidentally” print a gun.

“Every gun piece is printed separately then assembled and often modified,” Wilson said. “Further, even single piece receiver prints take hours upon hours and need to be babysat. You can’t ‘oops’ this.”

Create It REAL’s anti-gun-printing safeguard isn’t much more than a way to mitigate liability both for the makers of 3D printers and 3D printing companies. This add-on, no matter how easily bypassed, will probably help the company score some points in the eyes of the State Department and other watchful government entities. This built-in limitation also likely appeals much more to IP holders looking to prevent future duplication of their products.

Still, the technology has raised some alarm bells among libertarians, raising the specter of a possible future in which 3D printers are DRMed, limiting consumers to a specific set of uses determined by the seller.

It’s probably still several years down the road to 3D printer ubiquity, but it’s not hard to see a new strain of copyright protection being built in to future printers. If the threat of “free” duplication is deemed large enough, a push towards some sort of “universal DRM” could soon be underway. To this point, the government has shown little hesitation to use its power to protect certain industries, and this won’t be any exception. If the specifics of preventing certain items from being printed proves too difficult (or too easily circumvented), the “DRM” may instead force printer owners to use only “approved” files. Whichever way it goes, efforts like this one will prove only marginally more effective than poorly thought out bans and legislation.

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Comments on “3D-Printer Manufacturer Creates Software Filter To Prevent Firearm Printing”

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Akari Mizunashi (profile) says:

Thank you for purchasing the 3D-O-Matic 3D printer.

The printing unit comes with a safeguard to prevent unauthorized reproduction of firearms. To ensure the printer is compliant with all local and federal laws, 3D-O-Matic has provided the template and supplies you will need to activate the safeguard.

Please remove “Template A” from the enclosed packaging, along with the carbon fiber sheet. Insert “Template A” into the printer carriage and the carbon fiber sheet into the printer slot.

Press the Print button.

Remove the apparatus from the printer. If properly formed, it should look like a wrench shaped like a monkey.

Jam the “monkey wrench” into the printer’s cutting mechanism. This will activate the safeguard, as well as render the printer useless, to meet local and federal guidelines. We’d like to remind purchasers the 1 year limited warranty does not cover intentional damage.

We thank you again for using the 3D-O-Matic 3D printer. If you have any comments or technical support needs, please visit us at our website.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

A Monkey with Attitude says:

Re: Re:

Hope they DRM all the 3-d Printers, please you ignorant congress turds, push this bill thru, make it so EVERY one must have a .

Then it will be easy to be a rich bastard – just make a 3-d Printer, charge 1.3x the market price, and cut out the DRM,build it in China for export only (that way they dont give a shit what you do) and market that beautiful machine on the internet (good luck stopping that one), bing, bang, pow, millions – and the final beautiful irony, when customs starts getting in on trying to stop shipments, everyone stopped = another sale 🙂

Enjoy your new business model furnished entirely by STUPID (Stupid laws, stupid enforcement, stupid companies not willing to work, and stupid fear and lack of understanding).

Anonymous Coward says:

It’s probably still several years down the road to 3D printer ubiquity, but it’s not hard to see a new strain of copyright protection being built in to future printers. If the threat of “free” duplication is deemed large enough, a push towards some sort of “universal DRM” could soon be underway. To this point, the government has shown little hesitation to use its power to protect certain industries, and this won’t be any exception.


The copyright wars are just round one in the actual war, which is against computing. My God, if users had computers that could run arbitrary code, they could do things we don’t like! Can’t you just make us a general-purpose computer that runs all the programs, except the ones that scare and anger us?

Every manufacturing or distributing industry and its mother is going to jump on the protectionist bandwagon as soon as 3D printing becomes good and ubiquitous enough to threaten its particular business model. And the government will leap to their defense, and everyone will lose.

Anonymous Coward says:

Coming soon to a government near you!

The real threat posed by unrestricted 3D printing is that, because of the low cost of the equipment, the Little People are now able fabricate their own low-cost legislators from cheap plastic, completely indistinguishable from the flesh and blood variety, and are every bit as capable of amusing the public with knee-jerk acts of grandstanding and general stupidity and self-whoredom as those of biological origins. Inability to walk and talk and chew gum while both feet are inserted in the mouth is a minor concern, but has not been a problem in actual political office in recent years, and so any shortcomings of 3D-printed models are unimportant. The furor over 3D-printed firearms is just an attempt to distract people from the actual issue.

kyle clements (profile) says:

As a Canadian, a person from the land of strict gun control, I don’t know if my perspective is quite the same as everyone elses here, but rather than trying to ban something outright which is completely unenforcable, why not just do something like automatically double the sentence for any crime committed by a person in posession of a gun, 3D printed or otherwise, whether or not the gun was used, to disincentivise people from using guns for evil, while not restricting the rights of those who aren’t huring anybody?

You can’t stop a guy with a lathe and a milling machine from making a gun, and that’s been around for decades, what’s so different about 3D printers? Nothing.

Rather than freak out and try to do the impossible, why not legislate what you can control?

Beta (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“…Why not just… automatically double the sentence for any crime committed by a person in posession of a gun…, whether or not the gun was used, to disincentivise people from using guns for evil…”

Umm… increase sentences whether or not a gun was used, to discourage the use of guns? Well all right, sure, why not, but we get one to impose one on you: in Canada, you must double the sentence for any crime committed by a person who owns a chainsaw, whether or not the chainsaw was used, to dissuade people from using chainsaws for evil.

Seriously, which would you rather be murdered with?

art guerrilla (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

  1. there are already laws like this, how are they working out ? ? ?
  2. again, as a matter of principle: FREEDOM means you are free to do stupid shit, otherwise, you are not really free, are you…
  3. i think the idea is pointless, but -as the post mentioned- i’m sure this company will get LOTS of brown-nosing points among the powers that be…
  4. i am equally certain there are a BUNCH of ways to easily circumvent this: maybe print two pieces joined that are unrecognizable as a generic gun part, but after printing you separate them at a certain point, and you have two gun parts, etc…
    useless game of whack-a-mole to make poopy-pants feel like they are doing ‘something’…

    like another poster pointed out: The They ™ will NOT stop until they outlaw ANY/ALL technology that we 99% can use to oppose The State, including general computing machines…

    why they can be used to write ANYTHING you want, even gasp stuff critical of The State ! ! ! how dangerous can you get ! ! !

    oh, wait a minute, PENCILS AND PAPER ! ! !

    (marlon brando voice)
    the horror, the horror…
    (rubs sweat on bald head)

    art guerrilla
    aka ann archy

Beta (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

I did not misunderstand. He made a used-even-if-not-used suggestion which is nonsense on its face, and you blurred his language into the almost meaningless term “involved”, in order to hide the absurdity.

If you want a simpler illustration (albeit less colorful), try this: “Automatically double the sentence for any crime committed by a person in posession [sic] of shoelaces, whether or not the shoelaces were used, to disincentivise people from using shoelaces for evil.”

Now is it clear that the proposed law doesn’t make much sense? That murder by shooting with a gun isn’t intrinsically twice as bad as murder by some other means such as garrotting with a shoelace or evisceration with a chainsaw? That something legal and harmless should not act as a magic crime-doubler?

TheLoot (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

No. Want to know why? Shoelaces and chainsaws (contrary to popular belief, they make terrible murder weapons) are tools that have purposes other than bodily harm that they excel at. A gun is a tool with one true purpose: bodily harm and/or death.

A gun is twice as easy to kill with, and twice as likely to give someone the confidence to use it for such purpose. So yes, a crime involving a gun SHOULD be punished more than one not involving one.

John Doe says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

The problem with this, like there is only one, is that almost everything you do with a gun is a crime. Seriously, there are so many gun laws on the books that honest gun owners, which are most of them, can hardly do anything with a gun or take it anywhere, even a target range, without violating a law of some sort. Criminals are criminals because they don’t care about laws, society, people, etc. The death penalty, long sentences, 3 time loser laws, etc. hasn’t deterred them. So putting further restrictions on honest citizens only creates criminals out of good people.

Rikuo (profile) says:

AJ not like you’re going to answer, but here’s a question for you.

You say that when people click Report on your comments, that’s censorship.
Okay…what about Youtube? Go to any random video, look at the comments section. You will invariably find comments downvoted and hidden, but still able to be seen with just the click of a button. Is Youtube censoring in that regard? It’s the exact same situation as Techdirt, yet…you seem to single out Techdirt as being the villain. Why are you not on Youtube screaming about censorship there?

Anonymous Coward says:

How much do you want to bet...

That these software filters will contain enough of “what not to do” that with a little digging it will essentially contain a ton of firearm part templates to be rescaled when matching? They would probably need to keep track of gun-structures so they won’t just say “stop trying to make guns” whenever you try to make a tube.
Reminds me of the prohibition era “grape bricks” which contained warnings saying not to dissolve it in a gallon of water, stick it in a jug, and put it in the back of a cabinet for twenty days because then it would turn into wine.

Anonymous Coward says:

What if I’m printing replacement triggers for my water pistol, power drill, nerf/bb/glue gun ect? If I’m not allowed to print those I’m not going to be a happy customer, if I am what’s stopping me from re-purposing bits from the above?

Also with the strong open source background of these machines won’t the software just get fixed by the community anyway?

Anonymous Coward says:

Printer Manufacturer:
it aims to prevent people from “accidentally” printing out a gun

State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduced the bill for New York State on May 30. Her legislation seeks to make it a felony for the manufacture, sale, or use of firearms and ammunition magazines made with 3D printers.

So what we have here is a printer manufacturer saying that it is possible to ‘accidentally’ manufacturer a firearm or firearm parts with their device and a lawmaker trying to make that accident a felony.

Yup – that’s our legal system at work…

DannyB (profile) says:

Please also ban printing of adult toys

If they can magically ban 3D printing of firearms, can they also ban 3D printing of adult toys that someone might use to pleasure themself? If those were to become commonly available it might be the end of civilization as we know it!

Please also mandate a feature in the software to ban the printing of sharp objects if the person printing it is intending to use it to commit a crime.

Lord Binky says:

You know, when it was suggested we ban stupidity starting with controlling breeding, people cried out that it was horrible and wrong and restricted their freedom. So, instead in an attempt to feel safer, they give up way more freedoms in fear of stupid people. There was just no way this was going to end well if people refuse to be responsibility for themselves like an adult (ie they take responsibility for their own safety and not blame a third party for not enabling them to ignore their responsibility.)

Adolph Duke Mondry MD (user link) says:

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The oxydosimeter (Patent Numbers 5,315,990 and 5,682,877) is an automatic human oxygen/ventilator ? breathing machine – for neonates (human babies) and ambulatory (they can independently get out of bed) COPD (emphysema) patients. Oxygen content is measured at variable times and in separate places ? different from where it is delivered and the blood between them circulates (the circulation time) at a variable times (2.5-20 seconds). The oxydosimeter calculates the blood circulation time (no other technology can) and applies it to the flow sheets. Paul E. Morozoff and Ron W. Evans in Biomedical Instrumentation Mar./Apr.1992;26:117-123 oxygenated a neonate, ignoring the circulation time. The administered oxygen flow rate resonated (wandered) wildly and the experiment was interrupted. If the experiment implemented the oxydosimeter, the experiment would more than likely have been completed successfully, and the economy would have transferred an estimated ten billion dollars a year from the health care delivery system to the general economy, increasing the GDP significantly, mainly due to decreased hospital admissions in treated patients and probably decreased morbidity and mortality. Attempts to finance the research and development of the device have so far failed probably due to political and economic considerations. It appears that the health care delivery system controls those considerations ? not the majority of Americans, who aren?t aware that the direction of cash flow is the primary determination of the direction of medical technology. In this case the health care delivery system would transfer ten billion dollars a year to the general economy, which would gain even more, because it is productive, as opposed to health care, which is not. The end result with implementation would be healthier patients and overall economy, but poorer doctors. The patent establishes the universality of Dosimeter technology.

As alluded to previously, in addition to using circulation times, dosimeter technology incorporates the following (the dosimeter algorithm): In a Cartesian plane – if y is a function of log to the base a of x, where a is the smallest base in the system or if y is a function of 1/x (both functions are reflections across an arbitrary selected parameter y), at the intersection of this arbitrary selected parameter y with either function (here log to the base a of x equals 1/x), the new logarithmic function at the intersection with a discontinuity at y but not x and with the initial value of y = 0 at the intersection and with the new base b of the new logarithm less than base a, which most cost effectively maintains the new selected parameter y, is uniquely determined. This determines the selected parameter, which may be a flow rate, a dosage, a temperature, a concentration, a voltage or any physical quantity. In the present device the parameters are voltage or reactant flow rates. All logarithms flatten out rapidly with increasing x instead of going on to infinity, due to friction, yielding parameters less than the original parameters. Consider the situation before the original arbitrary parameter y is found (that is, before dose selection). Log to the base a plus the circulation time = y. At the intersection, the arbitrary parameter is discovered. At the first intersection log to the base a of x plus the circulation time equals 1/x = y. Thus a to the y power = x; a = x to the 1/y power. 1/a = x to the y power is indirectly proportional to the largest diameter of a pipe containing a reactant producing a product, such as voltage. As will be seen later, in the test algorithm, three consecutive equal y measurements here or thereafter at 1 second intervals will end the washout state (defined later). Alternatively, in the actual device after dose selection any y parameter superseding the selected parameter ends the washout state. After the intersection, y=(log to the base b [the larger one] of [x + the circulation time + 1/x]; and, b to the y = x + the circulation time + 1/x; and, b=(x + the (circulation time) + 1/x to the (1/y) power; and, b to the minus 1 power = ([x + the circulation time + 1/x] to the 1/y power) to the minus one power is the smaller (or final) diameter of the pipe. It is also the diameter of any other containment vessel or any other selected matter or energy technology that produces an arbitrary parameter of any type. There is no mathematical parameter limit as x approaches infinity by l?Hospital?s rule, but friction poses a physical limit, which will be seen and counteracted in the algorithm.

The wafer dosimeter ensures constant temperature as a thermal transfer process in batch type heat treating for silicon chips (or wafers) automatically with a better yield. The method is consistent with the total heat transfer rate equaling the local flux over the surface of the wafer, but calculates variable circulation times of heat transfer and takes variable flux into account. Every effort to keep the wafers at a prescribed temperature for a better yield is thwarted by variable heat flux from variable forced convection resulting in variable heat transfer equations and variable heat transfer circulation times, corresponding to variable delays in computer programs resulting in loss of control, as it was with the original neonatal oxygenator. By accounting for variable circulation times, the wafer dosimeter ensures that the wafers are exposed to the prescribed temperature over time. Full machine power is delivered to the furnace (heating the wafers) until the desired temperature is reached. That fraction of the power is used and the process repeats itself, if necessary ? applying the Dosimeter algorithm. The circulation time marks the time from the initial maximum power burst to the furnace to the first temperature recording in the furnace. Its accuracy is essential for proper flow sheet function. The sequence of base state (defined later) control possessions determine even variable circulation times. This is dubbed the circulation time algorithm. The last three base state y values (which are parameters) are kept in memory. With base state values A>B>C or C>B>A, if A yields control to B, and then back to A, or conversely (oppositely) ? consecutively (step by step), but not proximately (going to the immediate next step), subtract an experimentally derived amount of time) from the circulation time. If A yields control to B, and then to C or conversely, add to the circulation time.

The air dosimeter minimizes terminal air flow rates in vehicular air bags, probably reducing injury and death in small passengers using a very short circulation time. So far all the automobile companies contacted refuse to listen to Circulation Time DBA?s appeals to consider it.

The aluminum dosimeter controls grain (cellular) structure and texture in aluminum sheet production. Variable circulation times are calculated to control heat flux and the thermal transfer process.

The automatic furnace (Patent Application Number 10/765,637) controls flue gases in a multiburner furnace by controlling heat flux the same way the wafer dosimeter does, except the circulation time is the time it takes CO (carbon monoxide) or NO (nitrogen monoxide) to travel from the multiburners to the flue, where sensors function. Heat from the burners determines levels of the toxins, which are easily controlled and can easily meet federal standards.

In the same way the benchdosimeter controls heat flux, yielding constant surface temperatures to a (patented) work bench, increasing the yield of biological material. Area hospitals haven?t heard of it and don?t seem interested to hear about it.

In analogous ways: The knockdosimeter controls engine knock with proper fuel injector timing. The ICP dosimeter gives proper injector control pressure in diesel engines to obtain the proper crank shaft speed. The automobile companies refuse to hear about them or any of the following automobile devices. The misfiredosimeter controls misfire with slower crank shaft angular velocity. The power dosimeter controls F (fuel)/A (air) ratios for optimum control of loads. The fuel dosimeter controls F/A ratios for optimum catalytic converter function. The glass dosimeter ensures automatic and economical coated sheet glass treating. The only glass company that actually synthesized glass that Circulation Time DBA could reach (it took years) has been thinking about signing an Intellectual Property Agreement for the past year (rather than jumping on the technology). The problem with the dissemination of new technology is that the companies in the market are successful in the use of similar, but inferior, technology and the gain realized with new technology in their eyes is not worth the effort, although they can?t possibly estimate the gain without studying and comparing both technologies. The only alternative for an R and D company is to market in a growing industrial country, like China (or India), where the new technology won?t replace an older one and a market advantage will instantly be realized. The manifold dosimeter (Patent Application Number 10/870,721) ensures optimum heat transfer in nuclear powered space craft. The hotwadosimeter provides optimum heat transfer in large scale hot water thermal transfer processes. The keldosimeter (Patent Application Number 10/870,697) maintains invariant dwelling temperatures for patients with insomnia due to temperature variation. Dosimeters decrease variation of parameters or automate labor intensive operations. The pumpdosimeter (Patent Application Number 10/870,302) for oil, natural gas, and water extraction controls fluid parameters (especially pipe pressures) automatically in centrifugal pumps with long circulation times. Otherwise, labor intensive monitoring results in frequent and expensive pump break down. The steel dosimeter can fabricate 3% homogeneously dispersed nitrogen steel ? the hardest steel known. Nothing else can. US steel tells Circulation Time DBA that there are no open hearth furnaces (which are obsolete for present steel production, but needed in the above process) in the USA. Thus, it will probably be manufactured elsewhere ? probably China or India. The stratojet (Patent Application Number 10/793,624) using liquid oxygen optimizes oxygen content in high altitude turbojet engines with a short circulation time to put the jet aircraft into a low orbit. Boeing won?t build it because it didn?t think of it. The Defense Department referred the matter to the National Security Council, where it heard that Circulation Time DBA was manufacturing a Hydrogen Bomb. To my knowledge everyone concerned spoke fluid English. The jet can easily put hardware into orbit. Evidently the government assumed it was designed to carry nuclear explosives, and detonate them without an enemy response. For one year it was classified. In fact it was designed to put ground perturbing hardware into orbit, transfer (a quantity of them) to a nuclear powered space craft (already patented with a patent pending cooling system designed by Circulation Time DBA, which was also classified for one year, which then would travel to Mars, deposit its hardware along with vegetation on the surface, perturbing the soil and releasing carbon dioxide). An oxygen rich atmosphere is produced and soon Earth 2 is realized. This same method can be used to habituate planets of distant stars (once we can get to them).

Now the algorithm of classic software, and the flow sheet like algorithm of the voltage dosimeter (see Patent Application Number 10/739,207) will be compared. Construct a Cartesian plane ? one for each device. Place v1 (exit or positive electrode voltage ? an electric wire which leaves the compartment of the fuel cell at the electrode – on the abscissa (x axis) along with time. Place v2 (entrance or negative electrode voltage) on the ordinate (y axis). Log to the base a, where a is the smallest base in the system, of v1 = v2 in the actual voltage dosimeter with ascending voltage and v2 = 1/v1 for descending voltage. In the test the logarithm will be eliminated The latter two v2?s will apply to both the actual device and test of the classic software, except the ascending voltage for the classic software will be reduced by ? as explained directly. For the actual classic software for ascending voltage in the actual device v2 = (1/2)v1 ? the factor of ? is a compromise between increased v2 vibration and voltage determination as will be seen.. v2=1/v1 describes descending voltage in the actual classic software as it is with the voltage dosimeter. In the test v1 and v2 are measured every second in classic software and the voltage dosimeter with the exception that the voltage dosimeter?s washout state lasts as long as variable voltage is present, as will be demonstrated. A state does something to parameters or directs them to different states based on what conditions are given. The washout state is measured graphically or mathematically as will be explained and that any state with a labeled exception should be followed.

The algorithms are challenged with variable random integral voltages from 0-10 volts and of variable random durations up to two minutes ? the longest circulation time of a certain fuel cell ? the SOFC, which is being used in homes today (albeit only a few due to its high cost).

Both algorithms will correct all voltage variations to 5 volts. A circulation time will follow every voltage change. The mean time from a voltage change to a voltage correction will be calculated for each algorithm and compared. The lower mean time with a p value will define the superior technology. Also dosage accuracy will be similarly compared. Circulation Time DBA will give its results with p values using random variables in this proposal. The reader is encouraged to do the same with its set of random variables either cybernetically (via the computer) or empirically (via hand measurement following algorithm direction).

A ten volt battery supplies supplemental voltage only in the voltage dosimeter to supply voltage mainly during circulation times, where chemicals react without measurable voltage production in real time) The flow sheets of the actual device guarantee that battery charging and discharging occur equally during voltage change (over time) and are completely controlled by the flow sheets. Classic software is unable to do so, because there are no flow sheets that respond to absent parameters. Thus prolonged Circulation times are anticipated to adversely affect the parameters.

What follows is the algorithm for classic software.

Start—–v2 drops by greater or equal to 1 volt —–increase linearly v2 by ? volt/second after a pause for the circulation time (the factor of ? is an attempt to balance accuracy and speed for this technology (it will vary in value with different estimates, but won?t change the ultimate conclusion of the test ? try varying values and see for yourself ——v2 is stable—–
—– v2 increases by 1 volt—–decrease linearly v2 by 1 volt/second after a pause for the circulation time—-v2 is stable—-Observe that v2 is never stable. It needs Dosimeter technology for stability. Notice that a circulation time causes increased v2 vibration and parameter inaccuracy. It behaves similarly whether or not a circulation time is present, but the longer the circulation time, the greater the inaccuracy of all parameters.

For the test maximum voltage increase is ? volt/second linearly. Maximum voltage decrease is 1 volt/second linearly.

What follows is the algorithm of the Voltage Dosimeter (see the patent application for the actual device flow sheets, which are now slightly modified.

A dose is (defined) as a tracing on the Cartesian plane.
MINR = Minimum dose for each range (where multiple flow sheets meet variable computer timing requirements for accurate parameter measuring, resulting in different state durations) How this is done is beyond the scope of this presentation (see the patent for the human oxygenator for the best explanation). For simplicity only one range is used in this test. Maximum voltage decrease is one volt/second. In the test each state equals 1 second or as labeled in the state.
MAXR = Maximum dose for each range. Maximum voltage change is one volt/second.
dL = low v2 threshold.
dH=high v2 threshold. Both of these are = to 1 volt for the test. In the actual device they are determined by the electrical demands of the application. For instance, if v1 starts at 0 volts and is gradually increased until proper electrical function is determined manually for the largest and smallest circuit, the smaller valued v2 is dL and the larger valued v2 is dH.
Tss = series state delay time (it depends on the accuracy of parameter measurement in the actual device). For the test it is I second or as labeled.
Tcirc = circulation time delay. It is applied at all dosage changes.
Twash = washout delay time ? calculated from dose selection (step 12 as will be seen) to the flattening of the v2 curve, the measurement of which was started at the start and is characterized by three identical v2 determinations in a row in the test. Tests for flatness given before are applied as an option at the end of the washout state. They are based on x duration in the washout state. Longer durations imply longer voltage identity intervals. In the actual device, the washout time delay ends when v2 is greater than the selected v2.
tR = desired response or delay time. It occurs from the first recorded voltage reading on the voltimeter to dose selection. It is not used in the test.
Step 1 ? Calculate parameters.
Step 2 ? Measure v1 and v2. They are initially given in the test.
Step 3 ? Set the possible dose at MinR and the current dose MaxR. Set x = 0.
Step 4 ? Maintain the current dose for Tcirc (time from the start to the initial recorded v1 on the voltimeter in the actual device or it is initially given in the algorithm for the test).
Step 5 ? Maintain the current dose for Tss.
Condition 6 ? Is v2 > dH?
Condition 7 ? Is v2 < dL?
Depending on the answer control passes to Step 8 (which states ? decrement the possible dose) or Step 9 (increment the possible dose) and then to Step 10 ? it asks – is this the last dose available? Depending on the answer, control passes back to Step 5 (if Step 10 answers no) or Step 11 (the base state), which monitors voltage and distributes control by using Condition 6 and 7. If Conditions 6 and 7 both answer no, control passes to Step 12, which sets the current dose equal to the possible dose with MinR = MaxR (this is dose selection via the dosimeter algorithm), pauses for the circulation time, and sets t = 0 seconds (which resets the clock). In the actual device dose selection is determined by y parameter selection and the maximum forcing function (a maximum dose on the Cartesian plane ? MaxR. This also applies to MinR). Control then passes to Step 13, which determines if the v2 curve is horizontal with 3 consecutively equal v2?s. If it is, control moves to Step 11 ? the base state. If Condition 6 answers yes, control passes to Step 3 with MinR and MaxR reversed. If Condition 6 answers no and Condition 7 answers yes, control passes to Step 3.

Doctor Mondry compared both technologies. With a two minute circulation time present using actual device parameters the voltage dosimeter maintained 600 volts/120 seconds to achieve 5 volt/second prescribed, continuous, constant, and widespread voltage output at and beyond the two proximate voltage changes with a relatively large fuel intake (for example, with t = 120 seconds and v2 = 6 volts/second, log to the base a of t implies that a = 2). The smaller the base is, the faster the flow rate of reactants and the more cost inefficient the reaction. V2 of classic software with a=2 (using log to the base a of t = v2) alternates from 0 ? 5 volts/sec with an average of 2.5 volts/second throughout the test. With a = 1.4 for the classic software there is a 0-10 volt/second alternation with an average of 5 volts/second with a faster frequency. Both classic soft wares waste fuel and are inaccurate compared to the voltage dosimeter (the p value is beyond 0.0001 ? about as significant as can be determined), but they may be used in the absence of a voltage dosimeter and appear to be the inferior state of the art used today, if voltage production is evaluated exclusively, because it is the more valuable parameter synthetized and if a stoichiometric reaction of the reactants is maintained, that would ensure that the value of steam synthetized will maximize its cost efficiency. The classic software devices are definitely not fuel efficient. It appears that increased fuel intake improves accuracy and amplitude, but increases fuel inefficiency. The dosimeter algorithm would correct this problem.

As a result of the test Circulation Time DBA contacted Netsmartz, who agreed to fabricate the voltage dosimeter for $88,000.00 in Phase 1. Netsmartz is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a 900/:2000 CMNH Level 3 Certified company. They offer complete Website design, programming, and custom software development ? iPhone, blackberry, and android application development. Our contact is Blair Chugh, senior development manager; blair@netsmitz.net; 332 Jefferson Road; Rochester, NY; 1-888-661-8967. Nesmartz will contract with any software company as needed. Fabricated device comparison may occur in Phase 2 by the individual software companies. Internek initially was scheduled to perform fuel cell validation for $110,000.00., but dropped out. Now these services will be performed by the individual software manufacturers ? mainly for marketing purposes. Further refinement of the technology with quality assurance by Check point Technologies, which also dropped out, for $770,070.00 and more significant testing by Intertek with an extra $110,000.00 are now assigned to the individual software manufacturers. Their stated prices may help determine software manufacturer costs.

As stated, the following companies have associated with Circulation Time DBA:

HP Quality Center Software ? Check point Technologies. Contact person ? Jim Haskins; 13650 W. Hillsborough Avenue; Tampa, FL 33635; 813-818-8324. Estimated charges to Circulation Time DBA are:
They are software quality assurance specialists and would have taken the voltage dosimeter well into manufacturing. As stated, they dropped out. To avoid confusion their name and fee for service is still used. As stated, the individual software manufacturers will fabricate the dosage dosimeter or pay Nesmartz to do so.

Intertek ? They are fuel cell validation specialists, where the above two actual softwares will be compared significantly and the results published (only if part of a government grant). Contact Person ? Randy Gay; randygay@intertek.com 5404 Barbara; San Antonio, TX 78238.
Total Cost-$220,020.00. They dropped out and we took its recommendation to allow the individual software manufacturers to do their own quality control and validation.

A summary of maximum costs for 1 and 2 Phases (years)
(in thousands of American Dollars) (from the government grant application; using the original companies and their quoted prices.)
Phase 1 & 2 Phase 2

Netsmartz 88(first 6 mos. ? Phase 1)

Check Point 256.2 (second 6 mos. – Phase 2) 512.6 (second year)

Doctor Mondry 32 (12 in Phase 1) ? 20 in Phase 2) 40 (second year)

Intertek 110(second six months – Phase 2) 110 (last 6 mos.)

Cororpate executives 300 (last 6 mos.)

Total 486.2 (100 in Phase 1- 386 in Phase 2) 962(all in Phase 2)

Grand Total 1448.0

In addition, 52 thousand dollars of the 1.5 million dollars sought in the government grant will be held for attorney fees, patent fees, and an occasional party. If necessary, Doctor Mondry?s entire salary will be used as needed. At the beginning of Phase 1 Corporate papers and the partnership will be written as soon as cash flow is realized. This will immediately be followed by the patent filing for the Voltage Dosimeter. All other patent applications will follow as cash is available and/or according to software manufacturer demand. All ownership of all the things mentioned will be possessed by Circulation Time DBA until the deals below are made. 8.5 million dollars will be held for manufacturing expenses. As you?ll see, this changes with the introduction of franchising. No cash flow from Circulation Time DBA is necessary for the production of software and the government has no control over the rate of production. This is a key point. The quicker the rate of production, the slower the rate of temperature catastrophe.

If device comparison tests done by universities or especially the larger software manufacturers for marketing are as favorable as they were for the voltage dosimeter in the algorithm test, after Phase 2 is completed the voltage dosimeter will more than likely be similarly compared to a fossil fuel engine (This will be done mainly by universities and larger software manufacturers for marketing). If the results are similar, the world – wide market is expected to dwarf one trillion dollars/year for the software. Home fuel cells, which would then corner the market of the most used energy on the planet, would be mass produced and the cost of a unit home fuel cell (an SOFC type) would drop from around $12,000.00 per unit to a manufactured price around $4,000.00 per unit with an expected market value worth multitrillions of dollars world – wide. If the results are not impressive, the voltage dosimeter may still penetrate all markets, if the planet continues to experience increasing hyperthermia. Experts have been quoted as stating in the media (including specials on television) that at the present rate of temperature rise the planet will only support human life for about one or two more decades.
Circulation Time DBA has eighteen more devices, which can be researched and developed by the proper software manufacturer once financing becomes available (patent applications have been written for all of them by Doctor Mondry and await capital to be modified as necessary by a patent attorney, as strongly recommended by the USPTO even though they were written based on two granted patents with the same technology mathematically but different parameters). As demonstrated, capital investment should not be a problem ? even for a small software manufacturer. Certainly the response from investors so far is encouraging ? in the billions of dollars. Manufacturing capacity is the limiting factor. The nineteen devices possessed by Circulation Time DBA in my opinion are covered by those patents. The estimated cost is around one half million dollars for the USPTO recommended modifications. A proper reevaluation by the USPTO in litigation more than likely would grant all 20 patents as one on the basis of the two human oxygenators. Six patents presented to the USPTO have been abandoned by the USPTO after about six years of deliberation. The longest delay was the fuel cell. It appears that the government could have employed a delay tactic over a decade ago in this regard ? prior to the president going green. Inventors I spoke with tell me the USPTO evaluators bent over backwards to help them without attorneys. I?ll show you the records. They had me running in circles. Also, Dosimeter Technology can be applied to many more patents. So far a patent search by Doctor Mondry of 2,000 patents produced 20 dosimeters. There are many more than the 5 million patents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and many more published patent applications are available. Circulation Time DBA has 2 patents and 6 published and force abandoned patent applications (due to the lack of patent attorney funds and the USPTO?s failure to recognize analogous technology), but fortunately they are refreshable patent applications and can?t be submitted by anyone else and all of them are basically the same. All that is needed is capital ? millions, possibly billions of dollars? worth or litigation against the USPTO, to begin marketing and manufacturing all the devices that the company has ? not to mention those that it can have. Investors will be sought by software manufacturers to speed the written business plan on the basis of demand. Individual corporations can own the lions? share of any patent depending on their needs. Again, plenty of capital is available. It appears that Dosimeter Technology will usher in a new technical age. I hereby dub it the Dosimeter Age. Its solution of differential equations logarithmically will create solutions to problems we haven?t even thought of.

The interests obstructing Dosimeter Technology are playing with fire. They apparently want to prolong their profit with an acceptable rate of global heating. There is no acceptable rate.

Yours truly,

Adolph (Duke) Mondry MD

Addendum ? My company was under the impression that we had a couple of decades to act. We don?t, because lowering atmospheric CO2 will slow the west Antarctic ice slide into the ocean with less massive flooding in cities like New York. We must act maximally and immediately. The present investment opportunity stands at $10 million for 10% ownership of the company. Company worth should quickly increase. No stock introductions are anticipated. The idea for now is to manufacture and sell as much software as the demand will allow. The fact that we are in a race with time will increase the profit and worth of all associated companies.. It?s the moral thing to do. Franchising will speed things up. We probably won?t ever need investment. Call me anytime ? 734-459-6267.

Addendum 2-due to the immediacy of the overheated planet problem, production of software may start immediately on a franchise basis with each company to proceed according to its own standards. They may individually consult the Netsmitz company listed herein for Voltage Dosimeter fabrication. The software manufacturer will pay Circulation Time DBA a franchise fee of 7.5% per retail piece once a year cumulative. Since it is unclear to me what?s worse – sanctions against companies for supporting abortion by preventing those companies from handling the overheated planet problem, I feel that the overheated planet problem is potentially more destructive. We will still ask associates to refrain from supporting abortion.

Addendum 6-12-14:

On 6-11-14 Randy Gay of the Intertek Corporation dropped out of the program. He recommended that each software manufacturer do its own quality control and validation. We will do as he recommends. Thus, there is no longer any reason to seek out government funding. The government has been informed. Also, Circulation Time DBA will not manufacture entire fuel cells at this time, but will assist such manufacturers with efficient software production as illustrated above, and wait for an opportunity to enter the fuel cell market at a future time.


If a software manufacturer wants to manufacture the most cost efficient fuel cell software available, he should contact Circulation Time DBA. He will receive a patent application text for the Voltage Dosimeter by Email, which is easier to follow than a patent text, and the corresponding figures by mail. He will also receive the following information:

1. Application Control #10/739,207; Art unit 285; Method for Supplying Variable Voltage to an Electric Circuit. He can get this document from the USPTO if he wishes. It is the abandoned patent application for the Voltage Dosimeter. The full patent will be issued to Doctor Mondry as soon as possible and will be similarly available at the USPTO.

2. Patent #5, 682,877; Date of patent: 11-4-1997; System and Method for Automatically Maintaining a Blood Oxygen Saturation Level. This shows the spectrum of Dosimeter Technology. It is available at the USPTO.

The software manufacturer must then have his attorney draw up a franchise contract for the payment of 7.5% per retail manufactured part per year to Circulation Time DBA ? paid yearly until the patent terminates in 20 years..

If one of the 20 illustrated Dosimeters or any Dosimeter (other than the Voltage Dosimeter) is sought to manufacture or patent by anyone, their attorney will obtain a patent jointly with Circulation Time DBA with Circulation Time DBA obtaining 10% of all profit.

Curriculum Vitae of Adolph Mondry MD; 753 Virginia Street; Plymouth, MI 48170; 734-459-6267:
ajmondry@yahoo.com; Pen name ? Doctor Duke

1965-was graduated from the University of Detroit High School with honors.
1969-BS from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with honors (Phi Eta Sigma).
1973-MD from Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit with honors (Alpha Omega Alpha).
1973-1976 house officer at the Detroit medical center; appointed best resident in the class.
1976-Board Certified in Internal Medicine.
1978-present-self taught Master’s knowledge in mathematics, physics, five fields of engineering, and business administration. Wrote a screenplay, 3 novels, a medical text book, and a book of poetry.
1988-1990 elected Chief of Medicine at Heritage Hospital in Taylor, Michigan.
1994-2000 elected delegate to the Wayne County and later to the Michigan State Medical Societies.
1994-published an editorial in the Detriot Free Press criticizing medical overutilization. Established an R and D company (Circulation Time DBA-formerly Light Speed and Beyond Technologies Inc.) which in 2012 completed a grant application to the National Science Foundation for software for fuel cells.
1994 and 1997 received two patents for automatic human adult and pediatric oxygenators/ventilators. Completed an SBIR Grant for these for three years running.
1997-now-invented twenty devices with six patent pendings-most of the money I made I gave to charity.
2005-retired from medicine after license suspended criminally.
2012- completed a proposal to the National Science Foundation regarding fuel cell software, which promises to reverse the tendency for the earth to overheat..
2013-became an energy and medical adviser to the White House.


Journal article – Paul E. Morizoff and Ron W. Evans in Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology Mar./Apr. 1992;26: 117-123 – demonstrates the catastrophic oxygenation result of a neonate due to ignoring the blood circulation time.

Patents and Patent Applications – all taught by Doctor Adolph Mondry since 1994:

Patent Number 5,315,990 and 5,682,877 – neonatal and adult oxygenator/ventilators, which consider the blood circulation time.

Patent Application Number 10/739, 207 – software which considers the circulation time used in this proposal for challenging the state of the art software for cost efficiency of thermal transfer processes in fuel cells.

Patent Application Number 10/765,637 – controls flue gases in a multiburner furnace by controlling the heat flux and the thermal transfer process, applying the circulation time to the heat flux from burner to flue.

Patent Application Number 10/870,721 – maximizes heat transfer in nuclear powered space craft by properly utilizing circulation times.

Patent Application Number 10/870,302 – controls fluid parameters in centrifugal pumps with very long circulation times.

Patent Application Number 10/793,624 – Optimizes oxygen content in high altitude turbojet engines, employing liquid oxygen with very short circulation times.

Patent Application Number 10/870,647 – maintains invariant human dwelling temperatures by a circulation time modulated thermal transfer process for patients with insomnia.

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