Anonymous 'Good Samaritan' Pays Justin Carter's $500k Bail After 4 Months In Jail For Online Trashtalk

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We’ve written a few times about Justin Carter, the teenager in Texas who has been held in jail (at times, in solitary confinement) since March because of an obviously sarcastic trash-talking joke he made on Facebook, which a woman in another country saw and reported to the police as a “terroristic threat.” As of today, it appears that Carter is finally out of jail, thanks to someone anonymously donating the money for his $500,000 bail:

Justin Carter’s attorney has confirmed that Carter is out on bail as of Thursday, July 11. An “anonymous good Samaritan” donated $500,000 to the Carter family so they could make bail for Justin, said defense attorney Don Flanary.

First of all, that’s an impressive “good Samaritan.” Second, this whole thing is a travesty. He clearly never should have been arrested, never should have been held in jail for months, and should have been released and had everything dropped the second anyone with more than half a dozen brain cells looked at what he actually said and the context of it. The fact that he’s been in jail all of this time, and that bail was set at an outrageous $500k — and, of course, the fact that he’s still facing charges of making a “terroristic threat” — are complete travesties, showing a justice system that is out of control.

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Comments on “Anonymous 'Good Samaritan' Pays Justin Carter's $500k Bail After 4 Months In Jail For Online Trashtalk”

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Anonymous Coward says:

like law enforcement agencies, the courts themselves are behaving in a way that really pisses people off rather than getting respect. whoever the judge was that did this needs to be the one on the receiving end of a night or two in solitary and bail of that amount set. perhaps he/she would learn to be more of a person representing justice than a person who can dish out whatever sentence felt like on the day, or perhaps, encouraged to dish out. whoever the prosecutor in the case could do with similar treatment. perhaps that person would learn that it isn’t always the best course of action to do something just because he/she can!

Coogan (profile) says:

Unfortunately that’ll probably add another aspect of the government screw-job the family is already getting – TAXES. I’m no CPA, but I’m fairly certain that you can’t just give another person a truckload of money without paying a dime to the IRS as a tax except in very specific circumstances.

Remember, this is the same IRS that asks you on your tax form, on your own honor, if any of your income was obtained illegally. Because if so, you owe Uncle Sam a piece of the action.

G Thompson (profile) says:

Re: Re:

That doesn’t matter if the money was given as a gift for a specific purpose from someone who is NOT a citizen of the USA and actually resides in another country.. Your IRS can only tax US citizens thankfully.

Though whether the anonymous gifter was an American or not is really a hypothetical in this instance, though if the USG tries to find out and out the gifter then this case becomes more than just a total debacle about your so called terrorist threat laws and more about revenge, ego and powerplays of LEOs and the USG

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