Former Second Highest Ranking General In The US Apparently Under Investigation For 'Leaking' Stuxnet Info

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You may recall last year that the NY Times revealed details on how US intelligence created the Stuxnet virus and got it into Iranian computers, leading to screwing up Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. There were some questions at the time about who leaked that information and how the Obama administration didn’t seem to mind nearly as much when the leaks made them look good. However, given the siege mentality the administration appears to have about any kind of leaks, to the point at which the Defense Department directly claims that “leaking is tantamount to aiding the enemies of the United States,” it appears that the administration may be looking to go after the leaker of the Stuxnet info.

And, if a report from NBC is to be believed, the target of the investigation is retired General James Cartwright, who was recently the second-highest ranking officer in the military.

Cartwright, who was the number two person in the joint chiefs of staff from 2007 to 2011, was instrumental in the development of Stuxnet, and his role was publicised in a New York Times article published last year.

Of course, the really interesting thing to see, if this report is confirmed and anything happens, is how General Cartwright is treated in comparison to, say, someone like Bradley Manning…

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Comments on “Former Second Highest Ranking General In The US Apparently Under Investigation For 'Leaking' Stuxnet Info”

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Anonymouse says:


If they treat him the same way as Manning and Snowden and Assange i can see this guy releasing tons of data about the spying system, and possibly implicate people that he has talked to face to face, would it not be interesting if he releases details about him and Obama discussing spying and hacking into other countries networks.

I understand how the Obama administration would be wary about whisleblowers as the republicans stated very clearly they would do anything to get him out, possibly coming down strongly on the whistleblowers was/is a warning to the republicans that if they release info they will pay for it.

I would not put it past the republicans to release data just to make Obama look bad.

But even if that is why Obama and his admin have been doing what they have been doing it is still wrong and what he is allowing to happen is wrong..imo.

Saying that it could get interesting if some more data is released about what Bush and his war criminal buddies got up to and the possible leaking of some data that will embarrass the republican party.

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