Saudi Arabia Starts Clamping Down On Encrypted VoIP Services; US And UK Strangely Silent On The Moves

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Earlier this month, the messaging service Viber was blocked in Saudi Arabia. This was not entirely unexpected, since the authorities had been trying to come to grips with the service and its ability to encrypt messages for a while according to Viber’s founder, as a BBC News report explains:

Mr Marco told the BBC that Saudi internet service providers and mobile operators started asking for information about the internal workings of the service a couple of months ago.

“We assumed that the reason they wanted it was to try to figure out ways to tap into our conversations, listen to what our users are saying, read messages,” he said.

Back in March of this year, another BBC story noted that two other encrypted messaging services — Skype and WhatsApp — were also being told to make it possible for the authorities to eavesdrop on communications. In the wake of the Viber ban, there are now concerns that WhatsApp, Skype and the Tango messaging service may fall afoul of the Saudi authorities’ desire to bring these new technologies under control.

A few weeks ago, this clear attempt to ensure that citizens in Saudi Arabia could be routinely spied upon when using popular new communication services would doubtless have prompted denunciations from Western countries of these clear threats to privacy and personal freedom. But in the light of the revelations about the large-scale snooping being carried out by the NSA in the US and GCHQ in the UK, that is hardly an option. This shows once more how increasing surveillance in the West gives those in other parts of the world a free pass to do the same.

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Comments on “Saudi Arabia Starts Clamping Down On Encrypted VoIP Services; US And UK Strangely Silent On The Moves”

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Anonymous Howard (profile) says:

would doubtless have prompted denunciations from Western countries

Good. They saved themselves more hypocrisy.

two other encrypted messaging services — Skype and WhatsApp — were also being told to make it possible for the authorities to eavesdrop on communications

What? Don’t they already support it? Free cash with no work, if you ask me.

They probably worried that it’ll used to oppress the People of Saudi Arabia. /s

Anonymous Coward says:

Saudi Arabia never need any excuses to do that, they actually pretty much did it for the last 30 years and nobody says because the King just ignores others he can and he do utilize the force of the OPEC to his advantage.

Saudi Arabia and some other Middle Eastern countries are the dirty that nobody wants to touch.

They still have some very gruesome public punishments in place.

Human rights are almost nonexistent in the Saudi fiefdom so it is no surprises there.


Criminal Justice and Torture

Detainees, including children, commonly face systematic violations of due process and fair trial rights, including arbitrary arrest and torture and ill-treatment in detention. Saudi judges routinely sentence defendants to thousands of lashes.

Judges can order arrest and detention, including of children, at their discretion. Children can be tried and sentenced as adults if physical signs of puberty exist. The Interior Ministry said it had executed Bandar al-Luhaibi, a child, in October for killing his grandmother.

Authorities rarely inform suspects of the crime with which they are charged, or of supporting evidence. Saudi Arabia has no penal code, so prosecutors and judges largely define criminal offenses at their discretion. Lawyers do not assist suspects during interrogation and face difficulty examining witnesses or presenting evidence at trial.

Anonymous Coward says:

Are you kidding? Saudis are allies and allies can do no wrong. The only difference between radical elements trying to destabilize political situation and overthrow lawfully elected regime and pro-democracy forces fighting for their freedom against the oppressive regime is whether US is in bed with said regime.
No one would say anything even if there wasn’t any ongoing domestic scandal – thou shan’t offend the people who control the oil pipe and are friendly. Not friendly people with an oil pipe get bombed into the stone age though.

Anonymous Coward says:

it also shows that those western countries who are already doing it are not going to decry others now, but encourage the practice as much as possible. perhaps the whole episode is to stop the people from finding out how their own governments are ripping them off and how their own governments are being paid by big corporations to give them personalized laws!

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