Crowdfunding Protests: Turkish Protesters Raise Over $100,000 To Buy NY Times Ad

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There’s been plenty of talk about how social media — and specifically tools like Twitter and Facebook — have been useful in organizing various protests around the world, but it’s interesting to see how other popular tools are being used as well. For example, with the huge protests in Turkey, some of the protesters are using IndieGogo to finance a full-page ad in the NY Times to tell their story to the world. And it worked. Within a day, they’d raised the amount and it’s continued to rise since then (and there are still weeks left). The NY Times has already accepted the ad as well. This strikes me as fascinating on a number of levels, because crowdfunding is just a different kind of platform — and while most people just focus on its uses for buying products — one of the key features is how it actually builds a community around the project in question. And, as such, you can see how it can also be such a powerful tool for building further community and support around a political campaign of sorts.

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Comments on “Crowdfunding Protests: Turkish Protesters Raise Over $100,000 To Buy NY Times Ad”

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jupiterkansas (profile) says:

Re: it's nice to see

Nobody said it was a good idea.

I’ll probably never see the ad, and I’ll only know about it because I read it happened online. They can buy up the whole issue of the New York Times and pretty much nobody I know will see it.

So the only word they’re really getting out is the internet talking about what they did, and not the ad itself.

Personally, I think it’s a waste of money.

Anonymous Coward says:

as what normally happens when there is ‘unrest’ somewhere in the world, the person in charge of the government in that country, tries to downplay the problems and the inevitable violence. the normal way is to blame anyone and everyone, everything and anything other than the true reason, which is usually the decisions made by the head of the government. that is usually accompanied by scenes of violence from the affected public but more than that are the pictures and videos of the way the members of the police and army behave, partly under orders, partly under their own initiative, towards their own countrymen! when this is happening in what is classed in the democratic countries as a ‘dictatorship’ such as Iran, N.Korea, China etc, the footage is welcomed. when it is showing the same sort of thing from one of those aforementioned ‘democratic countries’, then the shit hits fan. why? because it shows, in a lot of cases, there is very little difference between the countries. they all react the same, they all behave the same as does the law enforcement representatives and, they all try to stop the videos and the images from being released to the rest of the world. this includes when a government and it’s law enforcement agencies are caught out having done something that is not only unthinkable in the ‘democratic countries’, it has been denied as being done. then the cover up starts, then the over the top denials, then the blaming. but basically it means there is little difference anywhere now. governments just keep on lying, keep on denying, keep on blaming but still keep on restricting! all to get and keep control and to try to stop the things they have done but shouldn’t from being broadcast. all governments in all countries are just self-centered hypocrites, doing whatever they think necessary to make lives better for those that have it oh so easy already!!

out_of_the_blue says:

Bizarrely focused on money not message.

Seems to be part of Mike’s ongoing mania for crowdfunding. Doesn’t matter to him what the message is, I guess: money rolling in is the only important item. (NOTE: I looked at “Campaign Home”: my point here is just that Medium Is The Message Mike seems to carefully avoid any mention of it.)

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