DailyDirt: Carbon Capture And Sequestration Schemes

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Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) efforts are an important part in the mitigation of global warming, but unfortunately, progress has been rather slow, and at its current pace, the world won’t be able to meet climate change targets by 2020. There are only eight active CCS projects worldwide right now, and most of them involve pumping waste carbon dioxide down into oil wells to flush out hard-to-reach crude oil, while also storing 23 million tons of carbon dioxide underground each year. Here are a few other CCS ideas.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Carbon Capture And Sequestration Schemes”

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Anonymous Coward says:

plankton already does that, no need for genetic modifications.

A “rogue” American businessman reportedly dumped 100 tons of iron sulphate into the ocean off the west coast of Canada to promote the growth of carbon-dioxide-absorbing plankton.

Not “reportedly, he actually did it, and filmed it” it’s perfectly valid and poses no environmental threat at all, 100 tones is nothing, when you consider the Hawaiian Islands are made of IROI OXIDE, and you could fit 100 Mt Everest’s in just the mountain that makes up the main island of Hawaii.

You want carbon capture and sequestration ?? Grow a tree.

pumping carbon into mines is a very, very bad idea, it has not been shown to permanently remove the carbon from the system, most oil deposits are surrounded by lime stone which is alkaline and carbon mixed with water makes ACID (Soda water) acid melts alkaline rocks, and all that carbon you have stored away could easily be released back into the atmosphere ALL AT ONCE… and that would be very bad..

Just only use bio fuel and NOT use fossil fuel, it’s just that simple, with bio fuel you remove the carbon from the atmosphere before you use the fuel..
That is a carbon neutral process, and is the only sustainable process. Nuclear is far cleaner and far safer than fossil fuels will ever been or has ever been.

as far as health and safety using Nuclear, thousands of times more people have died or been killed in the mining and processing of fossil fuel and in fossil fuel power generation than has ever occurred in all the nuclear accidents and nuclear bombs have ever killed.

there is simply nothing to compare or even come close to the benefit and reduced risk and environmental impact that nuclear power provides over fossil fuels or bio fuels. Nothing safer, nothing cleaner or more sustainable.

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