DailyDirt: Amusing Hypothetical Battles

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The internet is filled with strange memes, but a recurring theme seems to be asking a simple question about “who would win in a fight?” given various outrageous scenarios. Here are just a few amusing examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Amusing Hypothetical Battles”

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Bergman (profile) says:

I’d rather face the duck-sized horses. No worse than the same number of puppies, and that’s not dangerous at all. A swan is nowhere near as large as a horse and can easily break major bones on an adult human.

As for the 5 year olds, it depends on whether it’s a bunch of individuals or a functional team. I wouldn’t want to face even four 5 year olds who were an cohesive team, but there’s limits to how many people can attack you at once as individuals. As a team, I’d probably run away from five. As individuals, I’d feel confident taking on 50-100.

In water, I’d bet on the shark. On land, the bear wins paws down. =P

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