DailyDirt: Automated English Translations Are Fun

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Automated language translations have made some pretty big advances over the years, but sometimes the results are hilarious because they’re so wrong. We don’t mean to pick on Google Translate here — since it’s just one of many automated solutions for translating foreign languages — but automated Engrish can be pretty funny.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Automated English Translations Are Fun”

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Wally (profile) says:

This article proves two things:

1. American Nuance English is by far the hardest language to learn to speak…let alone program.

2. Best known example of lovalized cultural memes and inside jokes do not translate well from region to region..I still have no idea what the joke is behind the big ear is in Japan.

In regards to the second thing I learned from the article, Nintendo had to localize almost every game they made for the NES and Super NES. Most notably Super Mario RPG was localized to make sure the Bowser sprites didn’t flip the players the bird after each victory. Then again they had our symbolism wrong when it came to Earthbound…no red crosses on the hospitals as the cited they were being PC about it.

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