DC Makes It Official That Uber Is Legit

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Despite some earlier legal battles, it appears that the Washington DC council has made it official that Uber should be fully legal to operate in the city, providing easy rides for hire via your mobile phone. Uber, of course, has run into problems with local regulatory boards across the country (though it frequently, and mostly successfully, turns those conflicts into marketing opportunities). Still, it’s nice to see DC figure out a way to make it clear that Uber is absolutely legal there. Apparently the company had to agree to one “concession”: to make sure that it really is serving all parts of the city, they had to build into the app a notice to report any discrimination. Seems reasonable enough. While I actually think Uber execs kind of enjoy butting heads with local officials, and rallying the legions of Uber fans behind the cause, I think they’d also agree that, in the long run, it’s better for everyone to just have the damned service (which is pretty cool, honestly) be considered legal.

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Comments on “DC Makes It Official That Uber Is Legit”

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iambinarymind (profile) says:


Who defines “discrimination” in the one concession made by Uber?

Individuals should not be forced to do business with other individuals against their will due to the subjective whims of bureaucrats via anti-discrimination laws/regulations.

If a business discriminates that just opens up an area for a competitor to meet the market needs of the individuals who are being discriminated against, while negatively impacting the market of the business that engages in discrimination.

Incentives work beautifully when government force/coercion is not inserted into the lives of individuals engaging in voluntary exchange.

Complex social issues cannot be solved through force/coercion, it only makes things worse in the long run.

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