DailyDirt: Looking Back At Ancient Humans

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Our ancient ancestors had a pretty tough life without fire, farming techniques and 4G wireless internet connections. But they managed to create cave paintings that still exist today, and we’re still finding cool stuff that pre-historic people left behind. Here are just a few interesting links to our great-great-great…-great grandparents.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Looking Back At Ancient Humans”

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Beta (profile) says:

little did she know

Mitochondrial Eve was not the “mother of humanity” in any meaningful sense; she was the last female-line ancestor common to all human beings alive today. There were other human females alive in her time, she lived roughly 60,000 years before Y-chromosome Adam, and when enough current-day female lines die out, the title will pass to one of her daughters (she must have had more than one).

Anonymous Coward says:

little did she know

Mitochondrial Eve was not the “mother of humanity” in any meaningful sense; she was the last female-line ancestor common to all human beings alive today

do you note you said “Ancestor common to ALL HUMAN BEING ALINE TODAY”. That is why show is the “mother of HUMANITY, humans.. it’s just not possible for ‘one of her daughters’ to take that role. by being her daughter, Eve is her mother, a daughter can be a mother, but not the daughter of the mother..

there is ONLY one linege of Homo, there is no indication at all in the dna record, or fossal record that indicates any intermixing of species..

It is common knowledge that Homo Erectus was not the only Homo species living in Africa, but there is no indiates that interbred, or that we are ‘from’ more than one species.

The “new species’ in china, has been disproved for the last 20 years, that was a construct of Mao, infact the native chinese are closely related to American Indian according to DNA analysis.

Ho you are always good for some misinformation,

Anonymous Coward says:

Note that dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago. ALOT of dinosaurs did go extinct at that time, but certainly NOT all, and certainly not “THE Dinosaurs”, have a look outside one day, if you happen to see a bird, that is a dinosaur, so are lizards, crocs, aligators and so on..

animals go extint all the time, but dinosaurs did not go extinct.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

We Are Evolved For Technology

Not only do we have hands for making tools, but we also have a digestive system that can?t tolerate most uncooked food. That means our species was born using fire to cook its food with?the actual discovery of fire belongs to a precursor species, that took advantage of its newfound food-preparation technology to evolve into us.

Wally (profile) says:


The rest of the dinosaurs died out as the result of a nuclear winter brought about by a metor impact. Meanwhile, the then evolving mammals were safe underground. The impact crater just happens to be in the Gulf of Mexico near the Ucatan Peninsula.

People often ask how we know this and I only respond like this:

There is a layer of earth where we see a grey vein. The vein appears just below or above everywhere we have found dinosaur fossils. Above this line we find very few species, below we find a ton of them. The grey line is a vein of decaying uranium (which is safe to touch considering the age) so based on the measurements of the half-life of uranium we can deduce roughly when an impact happened. Judging by the measurements, 65 million years is fairly accurate.

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