Another Olympian Lines Up At The Trademark Office: Ryan Lochte Files Trademark App For 'Jeah'

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Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has decided that a word like “Jeah” is better off attached to “swim goggles, sunglasses, workout videos, gift cards, jewelry, mugs, etc.” rather than being allowed to peacefully live out its brief existence as something that will never, ever make us forget the actual comic genius that was Sean Penn's portrayal of Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Here's video almost explaining what “Jeah” means.

je•ah (Adjective)

1. Everything or almost everything
2. Happy
3. (To have a) good swim
4. Good
5. Good

[Possibly quite definitely derived from exclamation (“Chea!“) popularized by recording artist Jay Wayne Jenkins (“Young Jeezy”).] 

LinsanityFear the Brow. Clown question, bro. Fierce five. Jeah. All coming soon to an article of clothing hopefully nowhere near you.

Here's the trademark application in all its four-letter glory.

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Comments on “Another Olympian Lines Up At The Trademark Office: Ryan Lochte Files Trademark App For 'Jeah'”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

You know, I have to wonder if the reason some of these wackjobs are trying to trademark things so insane is simply to either stay in the spotlight, or get a little time there.

If they either never learned the difference, or simply don’t care about the difference between people pointing and laughing, and people pointing and cheering, they could be pulling stunts like this just to get some attention, sad as that would be.

Donglebert the Magnificent says:

Courtesy of Urban Dictionary….


The word “JEAH!!!” is an interjection that can often be used in the place of “Yes” by individuals who prefer to answer simple questions with extremely loud and inappropriate responses.

“JEAH!!!” can also be used in agreement of something that is not a “yes or no” question, similar to saying “that’s awesome.” Often this interjection can be used at random intervals when no questions are even asked or in the middle of an awkward silence.

For added emphasis, more consonants may be added to the beginning of the word. The longer the “build-up” to the “climax,” the greater the effect.
or even

It is important to not confuse “JEAH!!!” with its cousin “MYAH!” which has similar useages, but is of different origins.

Although the true history of the word “JEAH!!!” is shrowded in mystery, it appears to be either a degradation of the word “Cheah,” which is believed to mean “Cheers,” or it is simply a rebellious form of the word “Yeah,” coming from “Yes.” Scholars are still in debate to this day on the matter.

Question: Would you like a glass of warm milk before bed?
Normal Response: Yes, thank you.
Highly Inappropriate Response: JEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dated Dec 29, 2006

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