DailyDirt: Eating Food On Other Astronomical Objects

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Manned missions outside of low Earth orbit take a bit more planning since supplies are a trickier to deliver the farther out astronauts go. NASA is looking at a trip to Mars in a couple decades, and part of its preparations is creating edible items that are safe and nutritious for such a long trip. Here are just a few interesting stories about eating in other gravitational environments.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Eating Food On Other Astronomical Objects”

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Quryous says:

Long Lived Food

They should try some of our public school lunches, they have been serving out of the same pot for decades.

A “Little” more seriously: I remember working in a local university library about 30 years ago. There was a 50s era bomb shelter in there filled with “food”. I and a number of other students used to take our breaks in there and over the years we sampled (OK, polished off) just about everything. That food was OVER 20 years old and still edible, albeit not the most tasty.

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