Lord Finesse Learning How The Streisand Effect Works: Tons Of People Re-Upload Dan Bull's Video

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We’ve covered how Lord Finesse and his lawyers appear to be using copyright to stifle criticism of Finesse’s lawsuit against Mac Miller, and how Dan Bull was speaking out against that kind of censorship. It’s been quite clear that Finesse’s main reason for issuing the takedown was to stifle the criticism, since tons of videos using the same beat remain online — including Mac Miller’s.

But, of course, as we’ve learned over the years, when you try to stifle free speech online, a funny thing happens. It seems that plenty of people aren’t at all happy about Lord Finesse’s attempt to silence Dan Bull, and they’re re-uploading copies of the video by the dozen. At the time I’m writing this, there are well over 100 other copies of the video uploaded. Here’s just a sampling of what the search results look like:

Might have been wiser to have just kept quiet about the damn thing. By taking it down, Finesse has now called a hell of a lot more attention to Dan Bull’s rather important criticism of his actions.

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Comments on “Lord Finesse Learning How The Streisand Effect Works: Tons Of People Re-Upload Dan Bull's Video”

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MrWilson says:

Re: Re:

Because reasoning with these types of people works so well…?

What options are there really?

You could sue, if you have standing (or even if you don’t…), if you have money and/or a lawyer and/or a law degree, thus costing your target, as well as taxpayers, a lot of money.

You could threaten to sue with the purpose of trying to shut them down and/or extorting a few thousand dollars from them.

You could track them down in the real world and use armed force, which will get you assault and menacing charges and a nice stay in a Federal ‘Pound Me In The Ass’ Prison.

Or, you know, public shaming on the internet where people can see your words and make their own minds about whether or not they want to also publicly shame or even cease supporting Lord Finesse’s work if they are currently doing so – sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Well, I want people to behave morally. IP extremist(s) (shills), including yourself, have absolutely no regard for morality.

I agree that people shouldn’t have to be shamed into behaving morally. Ideally, internal conviction should cause them to behave morally. Since you and other IP extremists have no regard for morality that doesn’t work.

The legal system should not facilitate your immoral behavior. Since IP laws are immoral our legal system is also a failure.

So what’s left? Public scrutiny. It shouldn’t come to that but, unfortunately, it has.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: LF

Who the hell is this effing schmuck anyway? He’s got a face like a sow’s butt, only not as pretty – kind of a pigass face.

He looks like he probably couldn’t even spell his own name if it was written in six-inch high block letters on a piece of paper in front of him. He’s likely just another dumb stump in the endless line of dumb stumps that the MAFIAA pushers recruit to chew up and spit out and make a dishonest buck off. In other words: a loser – here today, gone tomorrow.

The takedown notice was filed a guy who claims to be his lawyer – his name and throwaway e-mail address are clear to see in Dan Bull’s video. Maybe that’s who you want to go after.

Rikuo (profile) says:

I gotta ask though – Did all these people re-uploading the video know beforehand that the video was going to be taken down? Because…not many people actually download Youtube videos. They stream them, watch them then close their browser. To actually go to the trouble of downloading the video and saving it on your hard drive…it seems a bit odd that all these people would have done it for this one specific video.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

The claim for taking down the video was because they claimed Dan Bull was making money off it. By posting it to Mediafire where everyone can get it he’s making it clear that he’s not intending to make money off it through ad revenue.

Unless you’d like to state that Mediafire has ads, in which case, you should be going after Mediafire. Not that it somehow makes your point less bullshitty.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

“So basically, Dan could have put himself in a lot of legal trouble by aiding the distribution of the video, after knowing it was taken down for copyright reasons?”

Technically yes, I suppose. But considering that most people seem to not only agree that those “copyright reasons” were a bunch of crap designed to silence him, but are willing to put themselves in the same danger in support of him, he may not have been wrong to do so.

“Sounds like a very reasonable thing to do for a guy begging for attention.”

Begging for attention… sounds like some other people I’ve encountered in recent years…

Danny (profile) says:

Re: Re:

You realise of course that when you watch a youtube video that video is downloaded to your hard disk. It is the same for any content on the internet, that’s how it works!

Its a simple operation to pull that file out of your cache and re upload. Obviously Dan uploaded it to a locker for people to download but that is not the only way to skin this cat!

Get off my cyber-lawn! (profile) says:

Who is this Lord Clueluess and why did the queen knight him?

So let me see if I got this…

Many years ago some artist wrote a song which included a beat so “dope” that this Lord Clueless just HAD to RIP IT OFF…er sample it. Now Dan Bull wrote a CLEARLY PROTECTED commentary on said work using the previously mentioned STOLEN IP PROPERTY…er beat and was threatened with a lawsuit (and beating with a spaghetti noodle I hear).

Dan, go over to Kickstarter or some other fan-funded website and start a legal defense fund. I’ll contribute and I don’t even listen to music! Then, if Lord Clueless sues you have have money. If he doesn’t you can donate it to charity….if CARREON doesn’t get after you first.

VMax says:

Re: Who is this Lord Clueluess and why did the queen knight him?

I can’t steal a song, I can’t steal a thought. I can copy, but even then, it’s not even a reproduction; it’s my take one it. I can’t rip the synapses from your brain and put them in mine. I can however take what I heard from you or understood from what you said and make something similar with my expression added. It’s like a musical Jam session, everyone listens and takes what everyone else is doing and adds to it. No song/idea can be perfectly transferred to another person. We add, we grow. I’d say that’s a good thing.
Sorry, but I get bent out of shape when people say stealing non-physical stuff.

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