DailyDirt: Death Ain't So Simple

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Medical technology is making progress all the time, and with that progress comes new ethical questions. One of the big issues that we may need to deal with soon is determining who is really dead (or when to stop resuscitating). Growing new organs isn’t quite a reliable technology, so until we can re-grow our own organs, we’re not immortals. But we’re not dead yet….

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Death Ain't So Simple”

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Anonymous Coward says:

My reccomendation of method to anyone contemplating suicide:

Starve yourself!

If you are so intent on killing yourself, see if this desire is stronger than your desire to eat. Will you break down and go for the cheeseburger (or whatever)?

IMO, the title should prove to be true, “Death Ain’t so Simple.”

*The method gives you time to think your decision through much more than a bullet, rope, height or poison will.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

... you'd end up an undying vegetable.

Terry Sciavo was one notorious case.

Another one I look at is Stephen Hawking. He has survived an amazingly long time with a neurodegenerative disease. But as time goes on, he loses more and more control of his own body. It can currently take him an hour just to compose one sentence on his speech machine, by twitching a cheek muscle, I think it is.

Has he decided what he?s going to do when even that becomes impossible?

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