Pirate Party Gets Its First Mayor

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We’ve been talking a bit about the rise of the Pirate Party (mainly in parts of Europe) and how it may change politics, even if the party itself never goes mainstream. However, the party continues to score victories, especially in Germany. The latest, while not an electoral victory, involves the mayor of the town of Eixen, who has changed his affiliation from nothing to Pirate Party — meaning that the Pirate Party now has a mayor.

Mayor Andre Bonitz, who was elected in 2009, has switched from being non-partisan to the Pirate Party of Germany. For the citizen itself nothing changes in the first place, but that the newly converted mayor have announced to start a regular pirate meeting open to everyone, where the people can discuss with him and fellow pirates directly.

I’m sure some will mock this as not important or bandwagon jumping or something else — and to some extent, all of that may be true. But it is another sign of just how much The Pirate Party has been able to shake up politics in Germany.

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Comments on “Pirate Party Gets Its First Mayor”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Over the last couple of years i have writing to my various MEPs about ACTA etc.. what was often mentioned by them was that the only serious research and information about these topics was coming from the Pirate Party. Pro ACTA information, they said , had no basis in fact. I think they are doing really well, really quickly.

The Pirate Party may have a daft name but at least its not as uninspiring as ‘Labour’.

Anonymous Coward says:

I’m sure some will mock this as not important or bandwagon jumping or something else — and to some extent, all of that may be true.

OK, I’ll be the first then. If the guy ran as a member of the Pirate Party, I’d say it’s noteworthy. But he didn’t. Let’s see what happens in the next election before you anoint the Pirate Party’s beer hall putsch a success.

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