B&N Removes Magazine From Nook Store Due To Feature Article On 'Hacking'

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We’ve talked a lot about the difference between gatekeepers and enablers, and how the latter are becoming more important than the former. Both are types of middlemen, of course. And there have been some reasonable discussions about how enablers can become gatekeepers at times. Indeed, this is something to be aware of, and we should worry about it and speak out when we see evidence of it happening. For example, ebook platforms have become great enablers, allowing lots of new written works to be published, promoted, distributed and sold. In 2002, 250,000 books were published. In 2010 the number was over 3 million — with much of that being thanks to the easy publishing of ebooks, and the platforms that made it possible to publish a book without a gatekeeper.

But… sometimes those enablers turn into gatekeepers. Witness the news, via Slashdot, that Barnes & Noble removed Linux Format magazine from the Nook store because the magazine dared to publish an article entitled Learn to Hack. It is true that they were using “hack” in the (increasingly less common) definition having to do with breaking into other computers and networks, but the framing of it was mostly around understanding these things to keep yourself secure. Still, do we really want platforms like Barnes & Noble acting as gatekeepers concerning what people can and cannot read?

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Comments on “B&N Removes Magazine From Nook Store Due To Feature Article On 'Hacking'”

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:Lobo Santo (profile) says:

Just an encore for a wise man, now dead.

When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you may not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything–you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.

[Robert Heinlein]

I know it’s been here before, but for those who do not yet have this burned into their conscious mind, please read it again.

hsurtugsbcjfcs says:

Re: Just an encore for a wise man, now dead.

B&n is a corporate company that have no total control of people. Anything they touch don’t fucking explodes, so people can still sttan happiness on this planet. If you were talking about something public, then go 1984 on all of our ass, but it isn’t, so deal with it and declie your business with them, you fucking knee jerk internet nut job. Do you get a boner when ever something meaningless tries to control humanity you sick fuck? No wonder you are so fucking alone and friend less. Shitwad.

Burn in my mind? Fuck you, I have freedom you fuck, stop acting like a reverend, you fucking asshole.

John Doe says:

ebooks are ripe for disruption

I forsee a day in the not to distant future, where an the publishers will finally give up on DRM and a new ebook store will setup shop selling any and all books for 10% of the sale rather than 30%. That book store will rule them all and B&N and Amazon will be in serious trouble.

Hmmm, I better get to work on that book store.

Anonymous Coward says:

I knew I read this yesterday on /.

I’ll repeat my 2 comments:

1) I miss Borders (and the fact that they brought a level of competition and an alternative to shop at if/when B&N pulled crap like this)

2) I’m shocked, SHOCKED to hear there’s gambling going on in this establishment.
(in other words, B&N is a virtual monopoly for brick and mortar book stores, and they feel no pressure to not pull crap like this, since many people have nowhere else to go)

Jim says:

This is really depressing to read. I bought a Nook over an Kindle because I really like B&N. I like their store atmosphere. I like that they won’t heckle you if you sit down w/ one of their books in the store and read a chapter or 2 to figure out if the book strikes your fancy. I like being able to skim their technical books(being a geek coder) to see if is worthwhile for me to buy it because it contains something new that I can use.

I just sent an e-mail to their customer support indicating my disappointment with them. I hope others do the same.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Dear B&N,
Please be even in your overreaction to things.
Please pull every book where there is a description of torture.
Please pull every book where there is a murder.

In other words, just pull yourself out of the market.

If you do not do this immediately one will have to assume you are censoring books, which seems like a stupid thing for a book seller to do.

Anonymous Coward says:

Fuck them - they're gonna die anyway.

Someone actually buys magazines?

25 years (more than a generation) ago, I bought them by the truckload. I bought several new magazines a week. I was a voracious reader.

I haven’t bought ONE since 1995. I am still a voracious reader. Only these days, I have a far greater tendency to read what I want to read, not what some “retailer” or monopoly or fascist thinks I should.

I got my fist personal internet account in 1996. Co-incidence?

To put it slightly differently: who the fuck cares? B&N is one of the last dinos standing – like UMG (or whatever the fuck they call themselves this week) they survive on the limited carcasses of other now-extinct dino species. That food supply is disappearing and they’ll starved to death in less than 10 years.

I have them in the mental “fuck ’em” bin with the mafiaa and covered wagon sellers.

FormerAC (profile) says:

BN Customer Service Response

11:55:39 AM : Customer: Issue 154 of Linux Format, with the cover article “Learn to Hack” seems to have disappeared

11:56:29 AM : AgentRouie: Thank you for that clarification. Please give me a couple of minutes so I may check the item’s availability. Please stay online. Thank you.

11:59:04 AM : AgentRouie: I’m still checking on the item. Will it be okay if you’ll wait for 3 minutes more?

11:59:57 AM : Customer: sure

12:01:35 PM : AgentRouie: Thank you for patiently waiting. Based on our records, Issue 154 was pulled out so you can’t access it online.

12:02:07 PM : Customer: Why was it pulled?

12:04:56 PM : AgentRouie: I apologize as I can’t provide the exact reason regarding the pull out. I’m still verifying it. It appears that it has something to do with the cover article which has a censorship issue I guess.

Baldaur Regis (profile) says:


Memo To: all B&N department heads
RE: Technology

EFFECTIVE immediately, you are to select the youngest person in your department, and, upon receipt of any correspondence relating in any fashion to technology, in particular The Information Superhighway, allow your young person to examine said correspondence and LISTEN TO HIS/HER ADVICE.

If you do not have a young person, contact HR and one will be issued to you.

Overcast (profile) says:

They should also remove articles and books on:

Mechanical Engineering
The Occult
Human Anatomy

I mean – after all; they might give people ideas!! lol

Any of those books *could* be used for nefarious purposes, depending on the contents.

You could get conceptual ideas for ‘terrorism’ even in a Biology textbook!

Or know how to more efficiently kill a person using a book on Human Anatomy!!


No Tellin (profile) says:

Four Ways to Abuse a Hammer

When I was in High School {class of 1975}, we had a very interesting shop instructor. He used to say: “If you don’t know how to misuse a hammer in at least 4 different ways, then you didn’t know how to use a hammer.”

When it came to using a table saw {or any power tool}, he would put his philosophy in action and physically demonstrate all the ways to _not_ use said table saw {tool}. i.e. Remove blade guard. Don’t use a push stick. Don’t use a hold down when it was possible to use one. Don’t use a rip fence {push wood through ‘free hand’}.

We saw chunks and splinters of wood fly the entire length of the shop floor {easily 40’plus}. He even demonstrated a dummy’s arm sleeve getting caught.

Watching all the bad things that could happen taught me two things.

1) Always pay attention to what you’re doing.

2) The best way to learn about anything worthwhile is to learn how to abuse it every way you can. That makes a much more lasting impression than someone droning about safety practices.

From 1974 through 2004, I never injured myself with any power tool. In 2004, I managed to slice off 1/8″ of one finger nail tip on a table saw. I pay even closer attention now.

I see no difference between learning how to abuse any hand tool at least four different ways and learning how to hack my servers.

You can’t learn the safest way to handle anything if you don’t know how to abuse it. If you’re a network or server admin of any kind, this is exactly the kind of practical, hand’s on article you need to see and do and learn to best protect your network.

Shame on B&N to take it upon themselves to censor Linux Format Magazine for the magazine’s excellent article on penetration testing.

TtfnJohn (profile) says:

Fuck them - they're gonna die anyway.

Just doesn’t have quite the same feel to it, does it? And for the panickers in the human race like those who detect dangerous radiation from smart meters while sitting happily next to their wi-fi router all day. Certainly they’ll start to scream over the danger of getting deadly electrical shock from Nooks left in the bathroom while showering or, worse yet, reading your Nook while lazing in the bath 🙂

Anonymous Coward says:

yes, it is their system, they can do what they want with it, don’t like it?? publish your own article about it, they don’t “have” to publish things they don’t want to, is that really hard for you to understand??? it would seem so

go ahead, publish it, you decry them, but you are not doing anything but whining about it

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