FBI Stops Yet Another (Yes Another) Of Its Own Terrorist Plots; This Time: Anarchists!

from the anarchists-running-amok dept

Following our post about the NY Times highlighting how the FBI seems to spend an awful lot of time foiling its own terrorist plots, some of our commenters pointed us to the news that the FBI has done it again (just in time to coincide with our story), arresting five individuals in a plot that appears to have been coordinated by the FBI itself. Even though some of the “anarchists” arrested expressed concerns about how resorting to violence would help, the FBI helped supply fake explosives and that appears to have convinced the group to move forward with its “plot.” Prior to that, they seem to have had little actual ability to do much of anything, other than thumbing through The Anarchists’ Cookbook and talking about what they’d like to do.

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Comments on “FBI Stops Yet Another (Yes Another) Of Its Own Terrorist Plots; This Time: Anarchists!”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What mass psychosis?

Look! Over there! Terrists! We made ’em an’ we got ’em! Hekkuva job!! High fives!!

Your tax dollars at work, America.

Meanwhile, Hilary and the wall street money troll are in Beijing to beg for more money from The Evil Commies? to keep paying off the Wall Street felons who are really killing the country.

Can you say “laughing stock”?

Mission accomplished, Osama.

Ed C. says:

Kids these days...

[The above comment may contain sarcastic material, and, as such, may not be suitable for all IQs. Any failure to detect the presence of sarcastic material will require the recalibration or replacement of any requisite sarcasm detection device, or a exculpatory colon cleaning for those who do not possess such device.

Safety notice of the Sarcasm Advisory Council]

Anonymous Coward says:

Nice way to discredit "OCCUPY"

“During the course of the alleged plot, however, Baxter later expressed reservations, saying that blowing up a bridge “would not stop money flowing to the ‘one percent,'” the complaint says.”

You can bet that photos of these “TERRORISTS” will be plastered all over as “THE FACE(S) OF THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT”

andycapp (profile) says:

what a shame

one of the many problems with this is that many people will not discuss there plans with anyone else and go it alone, thereby causing the FBI to have no way of tracking the real terrorists, as they did when there were real terrorist threats.
One other major problem is that those people enticed into these plots will leave jail eventually much better informed on how to actually make a successful attack and feel more justified in doing so.
There are many ways that these FBI planned attacks could cause more damage to the country, encouraging terrorists to be extra careful when planning and implementing attacks is just one of them.

BentFranklin (profile) says:

The way to stop this sort of thing is to honey pot the FBI. Make vague assertions on websites about your willingness to blow things up, wait for them to contact you, and document the hell out of it.

It would make a good project for a patriot. Pretty risky, I won’t be trying it, but if you document it well and have a good lawyer advising you, your defense should hold up.

:Lobo Santo (profile) says:

what a shame

The current system is designed to keep ex-cons in a sort’of felon-loop-shuffle where they’ll never actually be free of the system, regardless of having served their time.

For the rest of their lives they will have no privacy, pay almost all their income to the government, and be forbidden from having rights. Just like normal citizens, except moreso and they aren’t allowed to vote.

DaveINnc says:

C'mon people... really?

If you actually read up on this, the FBI infiltrated the group, and after the occupy clowns came up with a plan (not to blow up the bridge, but something else) the “plant” stated that he could get them some C4… It was after that, that the occupy group came up with the idea to blow up the bridge. It wasn’t like the FBI plant said… “Hey! Lets blow up this bridge!”

Unlike others here, I believe the FBI did just fine in this instance.

Bruce (profile) says:

So let me see, a group of men plot to blow up a bridge, the FBI gets wind of it at an October Occupy Protest and begins to investigate, decides to gauge their seriousness by providing fake explosives, they accept the FBI’s gracious offer and continue their plot, planting the explosives on the bridge, drive several miles away and then enter what they thought were codes to detonate the explosives but nothing happens, then they are arrested later that day.

And all of the geniuses on this site blame the FBI.

Only in America!

gorehound (profile) says:

Well, the FBI needs to look like it does something


And if you try to bring out the point of how the FBI finds people who are pissed off at the Government like these guys (who look like a punk or Alt.Rocker in a local band) and then eggs them on and sucks them in to a plot they may not have done in the first place well…………..

Read Comments on News Sites as US Citizens are braindead and do not realize this one bit.All they care about is We Caught A Terrorist.USA Is going down more and more each year.

Anonymous Coward says:

My daily schedule, by an FBI agent

8:00 AM Bow down before our holy gods and masters, the MPAA and RIAA. Kiss Chris Dodd’s ring and vow eternal vigilance against the enemies of the state: college kids sharing mixtapes.

8:30 AM Briefing on Occupy Wall Street protest. Protesters heavily armed with signs and songs, maximum response required.

9:00 AM Requisition gear for Occupy response. Body armor, heavy weaponry, shields, tasers, water cannons, armored vehicles, air-to-ground missiles, pepper spray, barbed wire, and the old standby, truncheons.

9:30 AM-12:30 PM Uphold the First Amendment by beating as many protesters as possible.

12:30 PM Lunch. (Today: provided by our friends and benefactors on Wall Street)

1:30-1:31 PM: Seminar on fundamentals of public service, including protecting the rights of American citizens.

1:35-3:15 PM Undercover detail. Susie Creamcheese (6th grade) was recorded saying “I hate Mrs. Crabtree!” after school and may be a dangerous anarchist communist socialist Muslim Mexican homosexual feminist threat to the security of the United States. Infiltrate soccer team and offer to provide nuclear weapons.

3:30 PM Briefing on religious threats to civilians. Ignore clear and present danger such as North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris: Parents Should ‘Punch’ Their Gay-Acting Children or the long-term institutionalized practice of systematic child rape (and its coverup) conducted by the Catholic church and focus entirely on THE threat: Muslims on the other side of the planet who are too busy trying to survive to pay any attention to us.

4:30-5:00 PM Write up daily report. (Special crayons today!)

DaveINnc says:

C'mon people... really?

Well here in the states, if you’re a civilian and you facilitate a criminal act, yes.. it’s a crime. If you’re a government agent trying to stop terrorism though.. hey, guess what… you’re allowed to pretend you’re part of a group that, ya know, might want to do us harm in some form or fashion.. and yes… you’re allowed (I’d say even encouraged) to say to that group “Hey.. what if we had some C4?”. Guess what? when the group says “Oh hell yeah!! With some C4 we can blow up that bridge!” THAT sir… is a very serious crime… and more power to the FBI for nailing these guys now, rather than after they actually did blow something up. I hope those clowns have “fun” in prison with their new room mates and enjoy tossing salad!

Beta (profile) says:

C'mon people... really?

“…More power to the FBI for nailing these guys now, rather than after they actually did blow something up.”

Arresting them after they’d actually blown something up was never an option. There was never any plan to blow up anything other than with the “C4” which the FBI offered.

“Let’s arrest murderers before they commit murder” (with its equivalents) is almost my least favorite popular political catchphrase, coming in a close second after “if you have nothing to hide…”.

Anonymous Coward says:



Should the FBI have a team online that connects with people that like porn and say “hey check out this link” which leads to child porn? Then they arrest anyone who clicks the link. Hey we stopped somone that could have been driven to child porn so it is a success


Have undercovers at grocery stores (or art galleries, etc.)give away free samples of beer / wine then arrest them for drinking and driving (regardless of BAC since they will have a record of you consuming alcohol just prior to driving) as they leave the parking lot. Hey, these are people that could be led to drinking and driving.


I could come up with multiple examples of entrapment that we could use to put potential evil dooers behind bars, but you should get the idea.

And a question for you: Do you like cigars? Have you ever wondered what all the rage is about Cuban cigars? …careful how you answer. I could think that you plan to start importing Cuban cigars. I am sure that I could convince you that it is a good idea to try.

Joe Publius (profile) says:


Then what?

Most likely scenario:

Everyone involved points a finger at each other. A Congressional inquiry will be made where loud voices will be spoken, and more fingers pointed. A mid-high level functionary will be forced to resign into an executive level position with a security or defence company. The government claims immunity from prosecution as the culprit was a terrorist anyway (that they created the terrorist is beside the point), so no restitution is made for the victims.

Bergman (profile) says:


Or better still, run it as a sting operation. When the FBI mole gives them the Go-order, turn the guy in to the police. The group will, after all, have all the weapons and explosives the guy supplied them, and have tape recordings of him planning the terrorist attack, etc, etc.

It’s bound to happen sooner or later, and can you just imagine the sort of PR disaster it would be for the feds?

They might have to go back to investigating crimes and chasing real terrorists. Apparently, real terrorists are too rare to justify the FBI budget, so they have to make their own at home in their garage.

Bergman (profile) says:

Okie Doke

Real explosives aren’t hard to make. Guy Fawkes tried to blow up a large building with simple black gunpowder, after all.

Yeah, the explosives the FBI supplies are fake. But it’d be a hell of a black eye for the agency if a fake terrorist plot turned real and successful because the “terrorists” used the FBI plan with their own home brew explosives and successfully blew up a federal building.

If a sting like that goes wrong, can the undercover agent(s) be charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism?

Bergman (profile) says:


RICO Act. Criminal conspiracy. Felony murder.

All of these things could land on anyone even remotely connected to a successful terrorist attack, if it comes out that the plot was created, planned, driven and all but carried out by the feds.

Conspiracy laws are scary. You can wind up in prison for a LONG time despite having no knowledge whatsoever of the actual conspiracy or crime, simply for associating with people who do. Witness what happened to Osama bin Laden’s limo driver! All he did was be employed to drive a car for a wealthy man from a respected family. And from a criminal conspiracy standpoint, that driver is just as guilty as Osama.

Anonymous Coward says:

Granny Warned Me

Granny told me when I was young. Listen to me boy and learn something. Don’t you ever trust Police, Lawyers or Politicians. They lie for a living and can never stop, because once you learn how to lie real good. It becomes easier than telling the truth.
I tell granny they will steal the rest of your houses with reverse mortgages. Pretty soon no one will own anything.

radiatorninjaen (profile) says:

Well, without advocating violence, blowing up billboards on top of buildings would actually make sense in the Fight Club kind of way, I guess. At least it would be a powerful statement.

But blowing up some random bridge in a national park somewhere? Who even came up with that idea? “Now that’ll teach them to… not… drive in national parks”. Even from an anarchistic point of view, I have a hard time seeing how this makes any sense at all.

Ed C. says:

C'mon people... really?

You’re glossing over the fact that these guys never would have got their hands on the C4 otherwise. And the last time I checked, plotting to do something without actually having the opportunity or means to commit the crime is not a crime.

For instance, who hasn’t heard an angry guy at a bar saying he’d shoot is boss, wife, ex-friend, neighbor, coworker, etc., etc.? Hell, I’ve heard more than one man say he would shoot Bush if given the chance. I’ve heard others spout off about Obama too. There’s millions of people who at one time or another said they would intentionally kill someone. Now, if some guy where to approach any of them and say, “Hey, I could get you that gun.” Never actually give it to them, just merely offer it. How many would say “Oh hell yeah!!”? By your account, every last one of them should be in jail right now.

Cowardly Anonymous says:


The precept “innocent until proven guilty,” integral to the American Justice system originated under the theory that it is better to allow some who are guilty go free than it is to allow even a single innocent to be convicted.

Catching even one “terrorist” who wouldn’t otherwise be is entirely unacceptable under that theory.

Anonymous Coward says:

The “thought police” are already here, friends.

It won’t be long before they don’t even need to supply fake explosives to start throwing people in jail.

Actually, they’re already here. Examples can be found I just can’t be bothered to search for URL’s. Do your own research. If you’ve read this far on this thread you’re already curious enough to find out, which is a good thing…

chelleliberty (profile) says:

Imagined press conference (with imagined actual journalist):

Reporter: “But, wasn’t the informant, whom you are primarily relying upon for your information, actually paid over $6,000 by the FBI and later jailed for passing bad checks even though you were aware that, of his convictions on robbery and at least three other time on passing bad checks?”

FBI Spokesperson: “Umm… But, terrorism! Mohawk!

Reporter: “And didn’t this paid informant (contractor?) basically entice these folks into planning acts they had never thought of on their own and would likely have never done so had it not been for your informant plans created by the FBI?”

FBI Spokesperson: “But… but… Topple! Bridge! ‘Occupy!’…”

Reporter: And weren’t you just reprimanded by a judge in September about a similar case, saying the ‘essence’ of the operation was that you ‘created acts of terrorism out of the fantasies and the bravado and the bigotry of [those involved]’, that you ‘made them terrorists,’ and that she was ‘not proud of [her] government for’ those actions?

FBI Spokesperson: “Well… Um… Anarchist’s Cookbook!!ANARCHISTS!!!

Reporter: “And … mrrffle pfrrt …”

FBI Spokesperson: “Any more questions? No? Okay, well, I want to thank all of you for coming today to help us get the word out about how we’re keeping America safe.”


Anonymous Coward says:


you catch prospective terrorists by turning them into real terrorists. you’re not sending prospective terrorists to jail which havent been turned into real terrorists yet, at least, real terrorists as defined by the law.

AC’s examples are all terrible.

would clicking a link thats not known to be child porn (but actually is) be a crime? is buying bombs with the other documentation of terrorist intent a crime? don’t compare apples to oranges.

regardless of BAC? drinking and then driving isn’t a crime. driving with intoxicated is a crime, which you wouldnt be after a taste, and your BAC would bear that out.

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