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from the without-a-u dept

Well here it is again, the favorite (without a U) Techdirt post of the week, brought to you by the one and only me, (and not U), G Thompson from that land down under, Australia, where the brave fear to tread, mainly because we make U appear in color, flavor, and favor on pain of eating Vegemite. 😉

All through this week there was a heap of articles about that new acronym of geek protesters everywhere in the USA, CISPA. I’m not going to write about it much, more than enough has been written about it here this week, so forgive me if I skip over it. In fact, to tell the truth, originally I thought it actually meant “Congress Insidiously Spying on the Privacy of Americans“, before someone told me the correct meaning. Then again, maybe my first guess wasn’t far from the truth either.

Sunday started off with a song and marketing show with Facebook’s new favorite person, Dan Bull, that I “liked”.

On Monday though, a squad of BlackLight agents were looking into the retransmission of the ultraviolet spectrum, whilst across town the accountants of Facebook wondered how much money they could give Microsoft because they really wanted those shiny, though now used, things so they too can play in The Band, though only if Reddit isn’t invited. No one is quite sure about the loyalty of DropBox to the clique either now.

At the same time, [** these words removed by Australian Government **] held talks, though thankfully this ensured the venue’s rental agreement they had was voidable and removed all context from anything understandable let alone patentable. Confused? Don’t worry 50 Cent is as well and it’s no less confusing than not wanting warrant’s . Luckily this confusion did not affect any robots.

Tuesday had trolls everywhere hugging and blowing kisses to be accepted by Valve. Toronto residents became the privileged few allowed to pay for any graffiti complaints. Captain Obvious flies in to make a surprise appearance at the EU Court of Justice, though the US already knew his flight details from Monday.

The world was informed that when we are alone with our computers we are lonely and alone. Who knew? Probably these Hollywood statisticians who it seems love to debate maths. Maybe the knowledge was instead locked away in a genetic memory found in someone’s virtual fantasy of entitlement. They better make sure that’s a new fantasy and not a re-used one though.

In other world news, the French unban and then tweet about 70 year old encryption technology and wonder if it will work better than Hadopi does, while Kenya’s High Court sends a huge hakuna matata to generic drug manufacturers. Oh and shocking news was received that someone has breached copyright by criticising Rush Limbaugh.. uhuh.

Wednesday had head bangers being changed by the tubes, though Slayer and Gaming still rocks, unless you are actually slaying after playing games, or so noobs say. The Data protection wizard of Europe then annoyed the Land of the Free by decreeing that freedom is important , whilst Jimmy Wales states that Hollywood isn’t free nor important. Rumblefish announced their new marketing strategy of claiming copyright that third parties tell them about and in homegrown news the Techdirt community tries to define what copyfraud is or isn’t, and something about fair use.

Thursday starts with 2,514 cries of “Doe” heard starting a new hunting/fishing season for another trollish entity in Florida. The UK takes a stand against twits on twitter, whilst someone in the SEC wakes up and smells the tea in China. Meanwhile paintings everywhere are being blacked out to protect them from the insidious moving picture cameras which might suck out their cultural souls. Over in Australia nerfers are raining down missiles on Hasbro for its latest campaign to collect addresses and send nothing but air and lawyers.

I think think the happenings this week were enough keep everyone occupied, especially if you also had to read the months worth of privacy policies it seems you need too nowadays, and that’s even before knowing what Google Drive is doing with all your content. I suspect someone will try to patent a software system to do all this for us someday. Now there’s an idea.

Where did Friday go you might be wondering. Well my Friday is your Thursday, therefore my Saturday is your Friday and sadly that timey wimey International date thingy gets in the way. So instead you can either comment about Friday’s posts below in the comments or just pretend like me that Fridays don’t exist.

Hang on, that’s Mondays.

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Comments on “G Thompson's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week”

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Kevin (profile) says:


Anonymous Coward, Apr 28th, 2012 @ 3:53pm says
“G Thompson comes from a land down-under?”
Careful because you just breached copyright and upset the Kookaburra again.

I thank G Thompson for explaining Friday for me. I thought I was losing my mind. Also accolades for correcting me on the true meaning of CISPA. I thought it related to the Cisco Kid’s daddy.

G Thompson (profile) says:

It seems

*sighs dejectedly*

It seems no-one reads on a weekend, firs line stated it all I thought.

“Well here it is again, the favorite (without a U) Techdirt post of the week,” The favourite post of the week IS my favourite post every week.

Why? Becasue it is written by a community member who speaks their mind, is Not actually about a specific story and shows that this website (TD) gets out to all and sundry and that the community is a thriving one that has amazing people in it.

Don’t get me wrong, Mike and the other parts of everyday writing team are great, but nothing says “this site is interactive and listens” than the “Favourite Post of the Week”

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