Friendly Pirate Challenges Minecraft Creator To Quake 3 Battle

from the what-goes-around-comes-around dept

Minecraft developer Markus Persson, better known as notch, made headlines last year when he proposed to settle a trademark dispute with Bethesda with a Quake 3 match. Now, in yet another example of how being open, human and awesome is the best response to “problems” like piracy, Ashley Sheridan points us to two recent tweets on notch’s feed:

Notch is well known for not worrying too much about piracy or believing in “lost sales”, and the staggering success of Minecraft speaks for the wisdom of that attitude. It also goes to show that, despite what critics claim, accepting the reality of piracy doesn’t mean letting any and all activity run rampant. When you threaten people, or send lawyers after them, they might get scared but they will definitely get defensive (and not like you very much). But by reaching out to the guy, notch had a friendly exchange and the pirate site came down (plus what I assume will be an epic Quake battle on q3dm17, which I gather from Google is some sort of badass space platform map). Are there other pirates who would have ignored notch or set up shop elsewhere? Probably—but they will always find a way to do what they do. Indeed, some people will always be jerks/idiots/dumb kids too, as some of the reactions to the disappearance of the site showed—which notch recognizes, so he took it in stride:

It sucks that some people are like that, but attacking them sure isn’t going to change them. It’s a waste of time, and can cause people to threaten and drive away pirates like the one with whom notch reached a friendly resolution.

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Comments on “Friendly Pirate Challenges Minecraft Creator To Quake 3 Battle”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I admit I pirated Minecraft when it was in 0.4 beta.
Guess what? Now I coughed up $20 and have a legit copy, as does my wife and we’ve gifted Minecraft to 2 other friends.
Oh, plus we’ve got the 10 cent phone version. Not because of my fear of getting fined, but because I realized it was a really good game and deserved my support!

Due to notch’s relaxed attitude and acceptance of piracy (and the awesomeness of the game), at least in this case he hasn’t gotten 1 lost sale due to piracy, but gained 4 sales because of it.

Watchit (profile) says:

I would say that, even though Notch being awesome and pretty much fully backing the modding community is a big part of minecraft’s success, I would say the main reason for minecraft’s success would be because it is an awesome, innovative game that people want to play.

The fact that it’s such an awesome game yet still gains so much support from the fans, monetary and otherwise, is a testament to how much Mojang has done right.

Anonymous Coward says:

Hey guys i have a dilemma: My friend “AH” is sort of megalomaniacal but right now he’s just asking for the Sudetenland. If I don’t give it to him I think he’s gonna be real mad. I think I’m just gonna go ahead and let him have it. What’s the worst that could happen? You catch more flies with sugar, right??

Anonymous Coward says:

I highly doubt the success of mine craft is due to “his attitude towards piracy”. Anything to back that up? Of course not…

The guy made something that people WANTED, nothing to do with piracy. Offer me something new and interesting, I’m willing to put some cash forward. Offer me remakes and sequels? I’ll embrace piracy because the product is not worth the money.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

His positive attitude towards piracy *assisted* in the success of minecraft though.
Initially notch was just happy to have people exposed to his game – and some of people who pirated then went on to be customers.
I almost guarentee that if he was pissy about the whole thing, the percentage of pirates-to-customers would have been lower.

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