A Terrifying Look Into The NSA's Ability To Capture And Analyze Pretty Much Every Communication

from the be-afraid dept

You may recall that we’ve written a few times about the “turf war” between the Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Department’s NSA over who gets to run the “cybersecurity” efforts for the country. The NSA has been particularly insistent that all cybersecurity efforts should go through it, and an amazing, detailed and positively frightening article from James Bamford at Wired Magazine, which is ostensibly about the NSA’s massive new spy center in Bluffdale, Utah, but is really a rather detailed (and well-sourced) account of just how much spying the NSA is doing on pretty much all communications. The article breaks some news in not just confirming the details of the infamous warrantless wiretapping that started under President Bush and has continued unabated under President Obama, but also explains how the program is more advanced and more expansive than previously thought. Basically, the NSA now collects everything, whether or not the law allows it — and it’s building massively powerful computers to break any encryption that is used on that communication.

In regards to the question of “cybersecurity,” one reason why the NSA wants official control over cybersecurity is that’s the curtain it tries to hide behind to explain its massive spying operations:

A short time later, [NSA deputy director Chris] Inglis arrived in Bluffdale at the site of the future data center, a flat, unpaved runway on a little-used part of Camp Williams, a National Guard training site. There, in a white tent set up for the occasion, Inglis joined Harvey Davis, the agency’s associate director for installations and logistics, and Utah senator Orrin Hatch, along with a few generals and politicians in a surreal ceremony. Standing in an odd wooden sandbox and holding gold-painted shovels, they made awkward jabs at the sand and thus officially broke ground on what the local media had simply dubbed “the spy center.” Hoping for some details on what was about to be built, reporters turned to one of the invited guests, Lane Beattie of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. Did he have any idea of the purpose behind the new facility in his backyard? “Absolutely not,” he said with a self-conscious half laugh. “Nor do I want them spying on me.”

For his part, Inglis simply engaged in a bit of double-talk, emphasizing the least threatening aspect of the center: “It’s a state-of-the-art facility designed to support the intelligence community in its mission to, in turn, enable and protect the nation’s cybersecurity.” While cybersecurity will certainly be among the areas focused on in Bluffdale, what is collected, how it’s collected, and what is done with the material are far more important issues. Battling hackers makes for a nice cover—it’s easy to explain, and who could be against it? Then the reporters turned to Hatch, who proudly described the center as “a great tribute to Utah,” then added, “I can’t tell you a lot about what they’re going to be doing, because it’s highly classified.”

And then there was this anomaly: Although this was supposedly the official ground-breaking for the nation’s largest and most expensive cybersecurity project, no one from the Department of Homeland Security, the agency responsible for protecting civilian networks from cyberattack, spoke from the lectern. In fact, the official who’d originally introduced the data center, at a press conference in Salt Lake City in October 2009, had nothing to do with cybersecurity. It was Glenn A. Gaffney, deputy director of national intelligence for collection, a man who had spent almost his entire career at the CIA. As head of collection for the intelligence community, he managed the country’s human and electronic spies.

The entire article is worth reading, as it details the extent of the NSA’s spying, as well as their near total lack of concern for what the law says it’s allowed to do. A former NSA official who left the agency soon after all this started notes that the organization “violated the Constitution setting it up,” and that “they didn’t care. They were going to do it anyway and they were going to crucify anyone who stood in the way.” This same officials notes multiple ways that the NSA could have set up programs that only focused on specific “targets” or those close to the targets, to stay within the framework of the law. He even suggested these to people at the NSA and elsewhere in the federal government and was completely brushed off. The temptation to collect everything is apparently just too powerful.

As the article notes, even if such an effort may be useful in getting information on those who wish to do us harm, the threat of it being massively abused is incredibly high:

But there is, of course, reason for anyone to be distressed about the practice. Once the door is open for the government to spy on US citizens, there are often great temptations to abuse that power for political purposes, as when Richard Nixon eavesdropped on his political enemies during Watergate and ordered the NSA to spy on antiwar protesters. Those and other abuses prompted Congress to enact prohibitions in the mid-1970s against domestic spying.

But it appears that things have gone very much in the other direction now, with the NSA having much more ability to spy on people today than in the past. And even the idea of strong encryption may only be a temporary way of keeping the NSA from knowing everything you’ve communicated. Bamford details the NSA’s classified effort to build superfast supercomputers that can help in breaking even the strongest encryption being used today. It’s not quite there yet, from the sound of things, but it also appears they’re advancing faster than most people predicted.

The whole article is worth a read, but it’s a frightening reminder of the amount of power the federal government has today and its ability to abuse it.

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Comments on “A Terrifying Look Into The NSA's Ability To Capture And Analyze Pretty Much Every Communication”

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Jay (profile) says:

Re: Re: I can only say two words...

This isn’t even taxes…

There’s no way that a budget of that size is just middle class taxes. I’ve been looking into civil asset forfeiture and I’m pretty sure that the properties seized equate to a LOT of money that is given to the federal government to budget. Further, I wouldn’t doubt that people like Mitt Romney (the extremely rich) use their vast funds to finance an operation like this.

This isn’t even a police state. With the proliferation of HR 347, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, special interest politicians, lack of judicial oversight, and an outright war on dissent, this is one step away from a totalitarian regime.

There’s so many problems to talk about that it’s impossible to know where to start!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: I can only say two words...

Hold on a darn tooting minute………….. we’ve been doing this for years, since when have you dared to question our motives, what in tar nation gives you the right to question you’re betters, watch you’re back jimmy boy, we know things about you…………………..

“Hey, Carl! What do we have on this guy?!”
Carl: “……..?not much!”

………..and your terrorist plots

Yours sincerely



That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

So I am guessing they used the old center to get enough data on the Congresscritters to allow this to proceed without any questions.

It is amazing how everything they put into motion to make us “safer” has been shown time and time again to lead to bigger problems. That every step we take to protect our “Freedom” strips those freedoms from citizens wholesale.

I grow weary of the common refrain we can’t tell you what we are collecting and how, because that would aid the enemy in evading us. How can they evade the wholesale collection of every bit of data in the country?!

All of these plans to keep us “safe” cause more terror in the people, and I am sure the terrorists are laughing. We live in fear of what they “might” do… and they haven’t done anything in a long time. The one time plan is paying off with dividends.

weneedhelp (profile) says:

Basically, the NSA now collects everything

Now? Been doing that since (Get your tinfoil ready):

A case of a grand conspiracy with a whistle-blower. How many others didnt? Do you really think this was just AT&T?

Just think how many other ppl have knowledge about this but kept silent.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Enemy of the State

These aren’t politicians. They only care about politics when they can use it as a tool to get what they want or if they have to be careful to not step on a political land mine that causes slows them down. These are power hungry military types. They DO read books. They ARE smart. The best way to combat them is overwhelm them. Make them use their resources inefficiently. Read Art of War. It is the way.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Seriously. Read Sun Tsu...

So what if they have enough resources to break the encryption? Make it more expensive to do that encrypt some messages two or three or even five times. Sign IP for several free accounts with gmail, yahoo and whoever. Use them to sign up for various social networking accounts and add them as friends and contacts with each other. Create realistic personas around them. Get them added to spam lists. Have them send encrypted gibberish emails to each other and to you. And send them the same. Suggest to your friends that they do the same. Make it so that in order to track you and your friends for every piece of real info they have to process 20 pieces of junk. Make sure to include some stuff that looks legitimate but makes little sense if you follow the trail. If enough people do stuff like this, eventually for them the squeeze won’t be worth the juice and they will stop. And you know what else? It works for companies that data mine too.

make1 says:

Re: Once collected, the information is easy to share

I just wonder how long it’ll take someone to break into the NSA and get their hands on this information.

Well, once information is collected, it is of course much easier to transfer to someone. I wouldn’t be too surprised if even one or three foreign countries would have much of the data that matters. Couple of guys in right positions with enough “top secret” stamping can do wonders. Just think about it: how about someone who can say what data to gather for “security” purposes, and then just not telling that what the data is really good is blackmailing purposes. Why not to do it, if you have guys in rights positions?

Anonymous Coward says:


Instead of fighting this, here’s another way to deal with it.

Think about it – if they’re recording every packet that hits an ethernet line in this country, they’re going to be using some form of automation. My guess would be that using encryption would bump your packets up to the next level of scrutiny, perhaps even tying up personnel. So if every one starts using high-bit encryption for everything – even mundane youtube-like web surfing – then we would be effectively executing a DOS against the NSA.

pixelpusher220 (profile) says:


Actually, giving them ‘more’ encrypted data ends up making it ‘easier’ to crack the encryption.

If I have a million examples of encrypted text, I can encrypt my own texts to see if anything looks ‘similar’. If I have a billion examples, well I get more things that might match.

Now tie that in with a current event, like say, Whitney Houston dying, and now there will be clear patterns starting to emerge that they can use to start figuring out what parts they don’t yet know.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: DOS

“If I have a million examples of encrypted text, I can encrypt my own texts to see if anything looks ‘similar’. If I have a billion examples, well I get more things that might match.”

That only applies to piss-poor encryption schemes which do not have a good IV or use weak modes like ECB. Any decent encryption scheme is able to avoid that problem.

Go to Wikipedia and read a bit on “Block cipher modes of operation” and “Unicity distance”.

Anonymous Coward says:


So you think all the geeks can get together and do this thing in, but I can’t encrypt my password, how will me and thousands of other dummies encrypt our you tubes and face books? The NSA will do like all good cops, take the easy road, and arrests people who have done nothing more than forward a link on a blog, on copyright infringement charges. The NSA will go after anyone to boosts their budget. it has nothing to do with capturing terrorists or reducing hate. Shame on NSA. in fact, If all the geeks escape scrutiny, all that will be left when the rest of us are in jails will be the geeks. You can’t hack an AK47 that escorts you to a secret facility. instead of looking for loopholes, let’s just end it, by telling the bozos that we won’t pay for this. If Obama serves four more, at this rate, my phone will have a direct connection to the NSA, and they’ll just send a shock throughout the line to put me in place.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I am no encryption expert, but call me a skeptic

I guess you weren’t paying attention;

A former NSA official who left the agency soon after all this started notes that the organization “violated the Constitution setting it up,” and that “they didn’t care. They were going to do it anyway and they were going to crucify anyone who stood in the way.”

John Doe says:

Re: Re: I am no encryption expert, but call me a skeptic

I understood, it was a poor attempt at a joke.

Our constitution is being ignored by everyone at every level of government these days. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people for the people. Instead of serving one king now, we serve about 536 kings.

Suzanne Lainson (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Google and Facebook don’t have armed employees that will imprison/shoot you. Also you can “opt-out” by not using their services. Apples to oranges.

The big companies influence who gets elected, and those who get elected make the laws. While there isn’t a direct path, there is an indirect path.

Special interests play a big role in shaping laws. In fact, lobbyists have been known to give those in Congress pre-written laws for them to pass.

Anonymous Coward says:

Quick Mike! Disconnect your internet, destroy your cell phone, get rif of your ipad, and move to a cave! They are listening to you! They are watching you! They know where you are.

Actually, they probably don’t give a rats ass about you. But your paranoid rantings are classic. In another life, I am sure you were the writer for those wonderful “Duck and Cover” PSAs

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

they probably don’t give a rat’s ass about you either.

but wait 5 years.. 10 years.. when you’re thinking about that political office.. maybe they will

what’s funny is i think the people in charge now are of the same mindset as your “duck and cover” people.. completely useless and self-serving

Suzanne Lainson (profile) says:

How do you separate government from the interess of the 1% these days?

Since money from corporations and wealthy individuals has shaped our election process, then the government may grow (or more accurately has already grown) to reflect their interests. The line between government and corporations that benefit from government contracts and government policies disappears.

Many who say they are libertarians still support national defense as one of the few appropriate uses of government, so in order to decrease efforts like this, you will need to follow the money and also reform political finance.

Jay (profile) says:

Re: How do you separate government from the interess of the 1% these days?

The money is only one aspect. Granted, it’s a very large aspect because of Citizens United, but still, it’s not the only problem here.

The basic fundamental difference is that we’ve needed electoral reform in order to have a government that supports a majority instead of minority rule.

Once you elect better candidates from various parties, you can undo all of the damage that a two party system has wrought:

More attention to civil liberties
More attention to better education methods
Better working conditions
More job opportunities in various fields
More people focused on maintaining a watch on the government to ensure its interests are those of the people, not the richest among us.

Until electoral reform occurs, we’ll always have a two party system that has been usurped by special interests and unwilling to do anything but ensure that its ultimate victory lies in destroying anyone that gets in its way.

Suzanne Lainson (profile) says:

Re: Re: How do you separate government from the interess of the 1% these days?

The basic fundamental difference is that we’ve needed electoral reform in order to have a government that supports a majority instead of minority rule.

I don’t disagree with you in the least. But getting voters to pay attention enough and to care enough to elect politicians who will push for election reform is going to be a challenge. How do you get those people elected in the first place if those who oppose election reform (or do nothing to advance it) are heavily funded?

And I fault the media for not asking hard enough questions to expose lies/inconsistencies. Of course, even if they do, the voters will likely just turn to a news outlet that confirms their beliefs.

I am especially worried about politicians passing laws making it harder for people to register to vote. One way to preserve the status quo is to prevent anyone who disagrees with you from voting.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: How do you separate government from the interess of the 1% these days?

Make it illegal to spy on people. do we need a constitutional amendment? Perhaps it is time to say no to domestic spying by outlawing it once and for all. Don’t fight fire. Get rid of the source of ignition. the NSA are just a bunch of kooks paying mortgages and spending their hard earned money, and why would they want to lose it all? they will fight to justify their existence with lies, propaganda, innuendo, racial profiling, and did I say lies, …..It’s a money machine. they would better put their talents to work analyzing data from the corporations that spy on us.

Anonymous Coward says:


FM Hilton (profile) says:

There's a fool born every minute

“I just wonder how long it’ll take someone to break into the NSA and get their hands on this information.”

Try never-and one does not want to be the person who does it.

“Disappeared” is the key word here. “Never happened”, “never heard of that person”.

The NSA isn’t giving away prizes for stupid, either.

Terry A. Davis (user link) says:


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TtfnJohn (profile) says:

Why do I always get this feeling that while all this decryption is going on and the NSA is storing all those porn pics being downloaded by our favourite ACs and all the attention being paid to this that whatever does actually appear that would really threaten the United States will happen in clear text right under their noses and they won’t even notice it.

History is full of examples of that but we all know better now, don’t we? 😉

Eddue says:


If you are an American citizen and have no intention to overthrow or bring harm to the United States and it’s citizens, you have nothing to fear from NSA. I worked for NSA and the people that work there are looking for only those countries and people that wish to do harm to our way of life. We are not the only country in the world with these types of organisations and its a continual fight to stay ahead of these counterparts counter measures.

make1 says:


“If you are an American citizen and have no intention to overthrow or bring harm to the United States and it’s citizens, you have nothing to fear from NSA.”

Who watches the watchmen?

Who quarantees that the system does not get corrupted?

How do you know to whom your reports are given?

How do you even know how they are used?

If someone would use the information for e.g. blackmailing – how would you know?

It is common narrative in movies / scifi to describe totalitarian regimes that are democratic on the surface. Not because it would be hard to come up with that kind of system – but because it is very easy to go that way, once the parts are in place. I would arque that many if not all of needed pieces are already in place. And everything will be done for “the better of the country”.. (as currently in North Korea, Egypt, you name it).

Jeffrey dillon (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re. Honest people should be happy to be spied on.

Good. I hope they spy on you. I hope they don’t decide that your networking has become obtrusive. I don’t want to be spied on. You have no right to do so, with my tax money. If you want to spy on someone with yours, then find someone who will agree to it. I don’t. Again, I do not agree to domestic spying in any form whatsoever.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: NSA

“If you are an American citizen and have no intention to overthrow or bring harm to the United States and it’s citizens, you have nothing to fear from NSA.”

If you are an Libyan citizen and have no intention to overthrow or bring harm to the Libya and it’s citizens, you have nothing to fear from NSA

Anonymous Coward says:


Have you forgotten what “they way of life” is for Americans and why we are different from other nations? We have people who hate us and want to kill us, got it. But you know what?

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. – Benjamin Franklin

Suzanne Lainson (profile) says:

Stop and think about it

Who benefits from the government spying on people and/or locking them up? Most likely one or more companies.

We went to Iraq. Companies like Haliburton made good money over there billing the US government for its services.

We lock people up in prison. Who benefits? How about the private prison contractors? Of course, most of the people we lock up are the low level types, but there’s still money to be made in running prisons to house them.

We have scanning machines in airports. Who benefits? Makers of scanners.

And so on.

Jeff dillon (profile) says:

Secret society

I don’t want to read the article. I read yours. I wanted to be informed. You only told me what I could learn by reading the source. next time just put in a link and save your words, or write about exactly what you claim they are doing iBluffdale Utah. I’m in the system and so are you, so whats the point of your article. Are they reading this right now. if so, let it be known that I am your secret lover, so what is the point?

Violated (profile) says:

Smashing fun

If the US Citizens had any sense they would get tens to hundreds of thousands of themselves together, then visit this Spy Centre with the ideal tool of course, before pulling this entire fucking spy building apart and smashing it into tiny bits.

And what exactly would the Police do if vast volumes of citizens exorcised their democratic rights? It is a citizen’s right to expect Anonymity and Privacy under the Bill of Rights which makes the NSA’s entire operation extremely unlawful.

I don’t even know what kind of deranged minds could ever believe that spying on the whole population, including their encrypted communication, is a valid thing to do. Are they running off on some ego power trip here while going FAP FAP FAP?

Oh well their goes my name and address flashed up on their computer screens with me then marked as a “possible terrorist”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: NSA Listening??

Because it’s none of your business what I read, watch, type, or say. Even if I have pure white starched Tide cleansed boxers with the Pope’s logo on them, it’s nobody’s business where I bought them, how I paid for them, where I wore them, when I wore them, or what the company did with my money, including the payment records. Just mind your own business and stay out of my sparkling shorts, and don’t try to find out what’s inside. it’s my business the exact length and girh of what I tuck into my own pants. just stop saying that if I am clean, upright, and honest, I should not worry. Stay out of my life. If I want you peeking into the fly on my sacred boxers, I’ll undo the button. Until then, stay the blank out of my life. Seriously. We are not children to be watched after. Try putting some of the money into education, after school activities, and real civic protection on the streets of our cities. You live in fear, while I live a private quiet life. that’s the difference. Your fear would risk my right to be and do as I choose. Save me from your devils. Right? The NSA can protect me from those who want to censor my life through violent means. I don’t believe they have a clue. It’s about them keeping their jobs, and making more. Do you work for NSA? Do you really want to be spied on and will it really make you safer? I don’t think so. Yes, I am proud of my freedom, but I did not gain any of it because of spies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: NSA Listening??

The results of these responses will be that when I log into Facebook or email, I will now see ads for sparkling white things, boxers, and religious logos. The NSA is clueless. google knows exactly what they are doing. Ever wonder why you are targeted. I get GOP fundraising crap because I enjoy reading about their antics. I get Viagra ads, because I visited a porn sight. I get singles in my zip code begging me to click on their links, all fake. All this because data is crunched. How is NSA to discern the difference between someone researching ayahuasca in Peru and someone supporting the FARC in Columbia? Privacy is a right and it’s time to ordain it in the US constitution.

Chris Maresca (profile) says:

The irony here...

… is that the more data they collect, the harder it will be do meaningful analysis.

Never mind the fact that the rate of data growth will always exceed search capabilities.

Sure, you can crunch data to find ‘patterns’, but that assumes you actually know the existence of said patterns. And the reality is that more data makes finding ‘patterns’ much, much harder.

In the end, all of this data will be good for one thing, retrospective analysis. It’s going to be almost completely useless as a predictive tool.

tomt722 says:

Spying is the least of the worry

Now that we see the full extent of government spying, maybe the American people will open their minds to the inevitable abuse of spying that is its logical conclusion (as well as our historical pattern): this information is used to anonymously, covertly stalk and harass innocent Americans. More than 50 people testified to this sick phenomenon at recent Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues hearings, and yet they seem to have been summarily dismissed as crazies. They are NOT. I know…. I am a victim. Google “organized stalking” and “electronic harassment,” open your mind, and ponder our future unless we do something. A few of us are canaries in the coal mine, and we are saying to you: This is your government out of control.

George says:

The NSA can lick my balls. You know a bunch of them want to. Bunch of homos and pedophiles. I bet they watch me jack off in the shower and get off on it.

What will be awesome is eventually someone who has the ability will get a list out to the public of the home residence of all NSA and CIA employees. Then the fun begins because none of them will be safe, their privacy will be a thing of the past. Then, I’ll be watching their wife’s while they shower. I’ll record it and upload it to youporn, or I’ll start my own website. It’ll be, governmentswives dot com. I’ll registrar and host it overseas so they can’t shut it down.

George says:

The NSA can lick my balls. You know a bunch of them want to. Bunch of homos and pedophiles. I bet they watch me jack off in the shower and get off on it.

What will be awesome is eventually someone who has the ability will get a list out to the public of the home residence of all NSA and CIA employees. Then the fun begins because none of them will be safe, their privacy will be a thing of the past. Then, I’ll be watching their wife’s while they shower. I’ll record it and upload it to youporn, or I’ll start my own website. It’ll be, governmentswives dot com. I’ll registrar and host it overseas so they can’t shut it down.

ERL (profile) says:

I can only say two words...

I completely agree with you. We live in a totalitarian state with fake freedom and no representational democracy to speak of- our US society is so perverted the people are even silenced and spied upon while corporations, (entities) are given the constitutional right to free speech in the form of controlling the entire congress and presidency as the voice for the select few, the uber rich who proliferate our corporo-totalotocracy in their interests. US citizens are just consumer, tax revenue sources for industry and the super rich and their handmaidens, the multimillionaire congress and president and supreme court injustices. There is no terrorism, its obvious as hell, yet the goosestep march by our “hope” president, worse than Bush because hes allowed these policies and trends run unchecked and undoubtedly assents to them, just as he gives baillout to banking without any prosecutions. Obama is a complete liar and a traitor to the American people.Whats it gonna take before people rise up in mass protest? Guess what, its too damn late for that – theyve already set up the mass infrastructure to squelch any dissent, by spying and surveillace and theyve got entire networks and disaster Fema csmps to haul off everyone who protests and can declare and enforce marshall law the entire country in a moments notice. So does anyone realize weve passed the point of dissent or protestation. Their will never be public outcry like vietnam protests in this country again no matter how bad it gets. Believe, everything theyve been doing sunce 911 is for us, not any so called terrorists. They are well in place to handle the rioting protests shortages etc.. that are shortly coming due to the complete crash of the dollar well on its way as every day one country after the next is pulling all investments out of the dollar right now and theres a news blackout in the US to world market events signaling the end of the dollar, while they hide that us is printing billions of unbacked valueless dollars all last year and into this yr. US refuses Ft Knox audit – no more creditors, the fukin parties over and were going down hard and fast right now…the banks will close shortly and martial law kick in and suddenly everyone will realize the jokes on us, no terrorists, just a big lie handjob but they are ahead of the game well prepared so no out too late, another fascist reqime tricks its apathetic fearfull masses with lies and scare tactics and thats the way we humans roll, time immemorial but this time at a global scale because the US has its backup plan which is so obvious if you think about its laughable – yes weve got one more trick up our sleeves that defies mosts imagination. Take a guess, I dare you…..Ce Fini Democracy- no freedom of any kind left but the thoughts in your mind. And then the new American World Order shall rise out of the ash of the crash when the dollar is gone and the nations population and everything with it is in shambles- The US will putsch!!!. Anyone remember that word? Its already set up all US strategic footholds about the world, especially middleeast is loaded with military might and ready to move on the world now. Thats the cure for the broken dollar and broken US economy is to go ahead and absorb the entire world into its vast military dominated world police state. Don’t believe me? Just watch and see and say you heard it here first from a wingnut.

Suzanne Lainson (profile) says:

I can only say two words...

I don’t envision the scenario that you’ve painted (I don’t expect the level of violence that you think there will be), but I do expect that the world will continue to separate out into the very rich and everyone else. And now with so much automation, the very rich don’t really need most of the rest of the world as workers. They also don’t need nations because multi-nationals are borderless. So the wealthy can pretty much do what they want because they don’t really need the rest of the world to prop them up. They can live in a bubble and trade real estate, art, and other assets amongst themselves.

This article points out that from 2009 to 2011, the richest 7% of Americans increased their net worth by 28% while the bottom 93% lost 4%.

The Rich Are Getting Richer And Everyone Else Is Getting Hosed – Business Insider

As income inequality increases, I think more people, out of necessity, will begin looking for ways to drop their cost of living. That means sharing more, spending less, etc. What happened in the past decades was that people were encouraged to maintain their cost of living through increased debt, which supports a system that gives more power to the lenders.

People are going to have to avoid that, even if it means living more frugally. This article talks more about that.

Degrowth, Anti-Consumerism and Peak Consumption

Sophie says:

Sometimes,time tells all. I will believe it to a point.
My gosh since 9/11, no one knows who’s on first, and who is
on second. I am concerned,but in perspective…not that impressed.
This article describes an “Orwell Global Society” in regards to what the NSA will accomplish with all their high-tech-technology to spy on everyone! They better have back-up plans if grid ever goes out from opponents, natural disasters,artifical intel computers crash, etc.
China might have a talented distant viewer that could off-set their secrets? Too much hype to scare us. We all know
technology is run by humans,and errors are made;in my opinion…We have some time. Hey, we might apply for jobs
since sounds like this will open many jobs; look at the bright side.

eric says:

yea I agree with you guys

Who cares! spying on people is boring unless they make it fun by doing something that they wouldnt want anyone to know or see. Then it is fun to find out!
98% of people are not worth watching because they are boring and that would be hard work putting yourself through the daily routine of some office drone and his nice republican wife and their consevative daily routine.
i will give you entertainment that anybody could pass judgment on and feel better about themselves.
Were you not entertained??? What should I do next sir???
should i run backwards down the shoulder of the freeway while saluting oncoming traffic and then after a couple miles dart into the 80mph rush of machines?
You people are powerful and I submit to your control.
I hope we can meet face to face one day so i can kiss your ring.
Untill then lets play cruz around. While i cook up some more scenarios we can play out. bb bb bb bb gun plink plink plink. You guys tell me you are the pros.
Can I just go back to doing my job and hating myself or what?

Stacy Brown (profile) says:


Here’s a copy of the email I sent to the President. This is no laughing matter. Until you have been a victim of the NSA, you can’t understand the pain…

Dear Mr. President,

I have written you in twice in the past month with no response. I am writing you again regarding my life for the past 8 years. It all started back in 2005 when the NSA started doing their terrorist acts on me. This began with unwarranted surveillance and physiological warfare. This included car alarms going off, honking, helicopters over head, and emergency vehicles constantly going by me. Mr. President when this all began I had a 15 year old daughter that this also affected. At the time I didn’t know or understand what was happening in my life so in turn it caused a lot of problems in my relationship with my daughter. She also did not understand what was happening to her mother. After months of trying to figure out what was going on and why, with no luck, I became very depressed, to put it lightly. My daughter needed me there for her, all of me. She was a child who didn’t deserve this. I was a single mother struggling to make ends meat, who had devoted her life to working with children that have special needs. Ultimately, this really hurt me any many different ways because after suffering from depression and needing time off, I lost my job. For the past 8 years I have prayed that today would be the day they would let me go and give me my life back, but I still wake up to the same hell as when it all started. The only difference now is that I’m sick and things with the NSA have only gotten worse, in ways that are unthinkable. I’m just asking you to please help me by putting a stop to this so I can have my life back. I’m sick now so I only ask that I have the same opportunity to live a long, happy, free and prosperous life and get the right medicine I need for my illness. My contact information is 6002 Las Virgenes Rd. #797, Calabasas, Ca. 91302, (818) 919-0621 or my email address is stacyannbee@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I know they monitor my life and don’t want you to get this, but I do pray that is does.

American for truth says:

treason for those who think they are and act above the law

No, they are hiding in plain sight using movies to Show us what they are doing. Celebrities are killed and framed as sacrifices and used as puppets to sell their messages. Depooulation, concentration camps, haarp, bilderberg group,, mind control facility in the U.K., Technology from films are real and being developed, bohemian Grove, marshall law, look it up. Lok up the bush family connection to the pope and argentinas past with the bush and nazis. Look up obamas speches mimicing hitlers. Look up that all presidents are related but one. Look nwo, Jessee ventura, Alex jonex art Bell, the vatican speaking latin caling lucifer God as people say Amen, look up logos and the satanic symbols. People, the war is not with each other. It is with those with the most money. Look at the media control and how they put down people who reveal too much. People are dying to get you the truth. Imprisoned and called crazy to get you to realize whothe real enemies are. Satanic people are real! God is real. These people cal themselves God and if you look At films and tv they push that idea. True blood is one, the last season. all things you enjoy from home decor, electronics, products and food are tainted. It is urgent you research and see for yourself. Do not allow ww3. Do not allow another civil war. Do not listen to satanic people and their agendas. Watch out for the police and military. They do not work for us. They work to protect special interests. Paul walker was killed on his was to expose what happened with emergency supplies on its way to the phillipines. The items contained a chemical to sterilize humans! His Friend was not speeding! The evidence went up in flames with them. He was suppose to meet a journalist that a Friend put him in touch with but was double crossed. Had the supplies been tested the world would have found out anlther plot against us. That is what they do. They discredit and ruin peoples names.

Remember that film with Tim robbins as the terrorist but his neighbor dies At the end and is blamed for it all when he was trying to top it?? Thats a real thing! How about Robin Williams? He was murdered. Do the math from the time 911 was called til he was pronounced dead. The paramedic takes roughly 3 min to get to your home. The marin county coroner is 20min away on the freeway At lunch. The coroner got there in 4 min…so was he At another location nearby? Or waiting down the street? It took six min from the time he was found for an ambulance to come? Wouldnt u call 911 immediately. it took what six min for the ambulance to come?? Its the same as Michael jackson, whitney houston, brittany Murphy, and so many others. Celebs die in 2 and 3’s. Pay attention. Thks time it was four. They sacrifice people in ways either like the films they were in, out of the Blue (sometimes when tvland is about to air reruns), as part of a solstice pagan thing or other occult reason. I have watched and researched for over ten years! These people are slipping. People are catching on. They are admitting they are losing the fight and looking for more support. Do not dismiss this. You have seen tith come out that was once deemed a conspiracy. Many things come out and apologies or witnesses are vindicated. Its usually after people involved have died though! Oh, and they do call each other out. Its all about gaining Control. Many celebs have tried to tell us, musicians and tried to get out. Stories about selling their soul (its not yours to give so your actions seal your fate not an actual exchange). Some are mad like m and m who did not go up further and now stuck At his

status. Now he is realizing he is just a puppet. So many of these people are willing to do this like madonna. Watch performances. Ever wonder why pyramids and the evil eye of horus (satan) is always shown and the grounds checkered Black and White in film and t.v? Its not a coincidence. People are praising satan in front of you and you cheer…they perform Black magic on stage and people buy into it as a Performance…no. Its not. Look At music videos and photos. Same poses. Hand over chest one hand up, covering eye, makeup on one eye,, look At money, statue of liberty, people come on. Look around. Research. Pay attention to whats halpening to you and you allow it…be smart, keep each other safe. Question more and do not stay blind or you are just part of the problem and a slave.

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