DailyDirt: Big Brother Ads

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The year 1984 didn’t quite turn out the way the book did, but we’re already living in a world where there are ubiquitous cameras tracking our every move. But it’s not necessarily the government behind the cameras — a lot of cameras are for private security and… possibly advertisers. Here are a few stories that might make you want to dress up like the Unabomber when you go out.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Big Brother Ads”

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Anonymous Coward says:


Oops forgot to mention why I’m posting a prank video on a thread about big brother ads.

Because somewhere a bored someone is probably right now imagining a way to game that system so it shows the wrong ads to the wrong people.

Like I dunno wearing a t-shirt with a photo of someone different and hopefully expecting that the ads are delivered by a Microsoft system that will show us the blue screen of death.

grumpy (profile) says:

Data protection?

A serious question: could face recognition and *very* personalized ads run afoul of data protection acts here, there and everywhere? I have a suspicion that here in .dk all it would take to be exempted was a single letter to the Ministry of the Interior and noone could legally ID me (as in “Oh, this is grumpy, serve up some Snow White”) in public to serve ads, but we have pretty strict protections in place. How will the Union react?

darryl says:

Toll ways and RFID

At least in Australia, we have tollways, (roads you have to pay to travel on), to save having to stop and pay money you can get an RFID chip for your car, so you are ‘scanned’ every time you pass a specific point, to get the chip you have to provide your name, age, and address (your ID), so the system knows when you are on the tollway, it would be easy to calculate where you are on the freeway and focus ads specific for you.

what is different in this to what google does ?

or what masnick does ?

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