DailyDirt: Misty Water-Colored Memories

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There’s a lot we still don’t know about how our own brains work. Our minds are sufficiently complex that the only practical way to begin studying how they work is to categorize the different processes and try to look at how those individual parts operate. How the brain stores memories is a fascinating field — that’s just starting to yield some real scientific knowledge. Here are just a few tidbits on remembering things.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Misty Water-Colored Memories”

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Old Man in The Sea says:

Understanding coloured by belief

We have no understanding of the simple things, how on earth would we ever understand the more complicated.

After many years, it has become obvious that researchers in every field have forgotten a very simple principle. We use models to gain understanding, but models we use are not the reality. That is “the map is NOT the territory”.

Understanding is always based on the models we use. The models we use are based on we believe to be true.

A thought to think of for the future.

regards and good day to all

gab4moi (profile) says:

What the hell, man? I’m over the big six 0 and keeping the memory cells tickin’ over is simple – red wine, fine food, a decent rpg (eg dragon Age origins, fully modded) and the occasional dose of Arcade Fire…

… cheap beer, fast food, Dragon Age 2 and anything by anyone who ever appeared on any of Simon Cowells pap will lead to the total recall of a gnat…

…and that ‘doorway’ effect is endemic in my local mountain view of the ocean 5 star restaurant toilet door… hmmm, ah, thats right, comb the hair and straight out to the wine cellar…

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