NBCUniversal Pirates NBCUniversal SNL Skit That NBCUniversal Refuses To Put Online

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Danny Sullivan has an amusing blog post about his attempt to track down a Saturday Night Live skit that he wanted to watch online. Given how key the online audience has been to SNL over the past five years, you would think that, by now, NBCUniversal would have this process down cold, and would have all the skits easy to access and ready to go. Instead… for whatever reason, it doesn’t have this particular skit that Sullivan wanted (“Downton Abbey Meets Spike TV”). He checked the official SNL page. No luck. He checked Hulu. No luck. Then he went digging… and he found lots of unauthorized versions, including in two unlikely places. One was on Time’s website — which is owned by Time Warner, a major media competitor to NBCUniversal. Time Warner also was a backer of SOPA/PIPA. Perhaps it should be careful about posting unauthorized versions of competitors’ TV shows on its own site…

But, even more interesting? Sullivan found an unauthorized copy at iVillage — a site owned by NBCUniversal:

Yup. That embed at the bottom? Unauthorized version uploaded to YouTube. Posted on an NBCUniversal site… because NBCUniversal won’t post it itself.

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Comments on “NBCUniversal Pirates NBCUniversal SNL Skit That NBCUniversal Refuses To Put Online”

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:Lobo Santo (profile) says:


Why yes, that makes perfect sense.

Additionally, ip maximalists should send money to the tv/radio station every time they listen to the radio & watch broadcast tv.

Also, they should be entirely barred from every using any product which in any way stems from open-source or public-domain anything.

Thankfully, since that list includes most things related to wheels, electricity, & electronics we’ll luckily never again hear from said ip maximalists ever again.

You douche…

GreaterPathMagi says:

Can someone inform them of this...

Time Warner also was a backer of SOPA/PIPA. Perhaps it should be careful about posting unauthorized versions of competitors’ TV shows on its own site…

How can we go about shutting down the Time Warner website for a month, to show Time Warner how to eat their own dog food?
I mean really, this is hypocrisy at its worst!

Anonymous Coward says:

A wonderful story, but see, Spike allows “user uploads”, which means that one of the faithful sheeple trying to discredit big media saw a crack and quickly uploaded a copy, took a screen shot, and claimed success.

It’s sort of like the anonymous dweebs claiming Tango Down on sites, when all they really did was overload a local router on their home ISP with their low tech “hacks”.

Ed C. says:


No, we understand that idiots like you use ad hominem’s like “piracy advocate” to shout down others who don’t agree with you because you don’t understand the topic enough to make any sort of rational rebuttal.

Case in point, making up grand stories about “piracy advocates” and a “pirate council” not only shows how ignorant you are, but completely delusional too. Seriously, if you believe any of this tripe, I’ve got a bridge you’d be interested in buying.

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