DailyDirt: To The Moon, Alice!

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The Earth’s moon seems like a nice place to visit, but there are a surprising number of people who seem to want to go there permanently. Manned spaceflight has seen better days, but is it really time to invest in a moon colony now? The land is pretty cheap up there, and no one’s making any more of it… but there’s a tiny problem of getting there. Here are just a few more links about manned trips to the moon.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: To The Moon, Alice!”

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abc gum says:

Ignoring the financial disencentives …. there are many technical problems associated with establishing a permanent base upon the moon.

Solar Flare – lack of a large electromagnetic field can be detrimental to ones health.

Incoming – What does one do when an asteroid is heading in your general direction? Keep in mind that a direct hit is not necessary in order to ruin your day, and there is no atmosphere to slow it down.

Dust – pesky little bits of rock get into everything and cause a real mess.

Resupply – the bare essentials will not last long, what does one do when, not if, the resupply is delayed.

I’m sure there are many more ….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

“Incoming – What does one do when an asteroid is heading in your general direction? Keep in mind that a direct hit is not necessary in order to ruin your day, and there is no atmosphere to slow it down.”

Conversely, there’s no atmosphere to carry a shock wave or create a “nuclear winter” dust cloud around the moon.
Only a direct or near-direct (within 5 miles or so) impact would affect a moonbase.

abc gum says:

Re: Re: Re:

“Only a direct or near-direct (within 5 miles or so) impact would affect a moonbase.”

Shock waves travel quite nicely through the ground, and the moon is not immune to the adverse affects of ejecta.

Your five mile number is based upon what size of object, and made up of what type of material? This can make a difference. Regardless, what would one do – jump in the moon buggy and high tail it outta there? Based upon our present day capabilities, one would get very little notice prior to impact. Maybe enough time to kiss your ass goodbye.

abc gum says:

Re: Without Patents

Abstract Ideas Can?t Be Patented. Or Can They?

Procedure for generating operational ballistic capture transfer

Free return lunar flyby transfer method for geosynchronous satellites

There are more …….

Anonymous Coward says:

Space colony

Wouldn’t an orbital space colony be a better idea than a moon base? A Bernal sphere, or possibly an O’Neill cylinder?

A space colony would have zero-gravity manufacturing capability, and provide an Earth-like environment.
A moon base would have neither of those advantages. Everyone who lived there would atrophy from the constant low gravity.

Wolfy says:

If The Soviet Union would have made it ti the Moon first,WE WOULD ALL BE SPEAKING RUSSIAN. Period.

No two ways about it. If the Soviets had “the high ground”, they would have used the military advantage to subjugate the rest of the world.

They could have just thrown lunar boulders at any country that defied them. The result of such impacts would be similar to an asteroidal impact. It wouldn’t take any more technology to do that, than they would have already developed to get there.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

When you consider the expense ....

So long as the money supply of the middle class continues to be siphoned away in the “No New Taxes” (aka Welfare for the Wealthy) programs, spending that much money on a “grand gesture” (which, by the way, likely gains votes in Florida, where the space program is centered) IS lunacy, no matter what space program advocates say.
Increase the money supply for the middle class, by bringing the money back from the one percent, and then we can consider it (though I believe it would still be a bad idea).

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