DailyDirt: Cooking Up Some Mystery Meat

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Protein is protein to some folks. But not all protein comes from happy soybeans or chicken eggs. Domesticated animals are pretty tasty sources of meat, but the treatment of farmed vertebrates is distasteful to some people. Here are just a few interesting links on cooking meaty meals.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Cooking Up Some Mystery Meat”

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John Doe says:

Funny people forget their roots

It was only a couple generations ago that people hunted for a lot of their food. Squirrel, rabbit, duck, geese, pheasant, quail, turkey, deer and so on. Now people look at these animals in disgust on their plate.

Myself, I have a deer and a squirrel in the freezer and had freshly killed squirrel for dinner a couple weekends ago. I have no problem going out and getting my own organic, free range protein.

personal chef service in Austin (user link) says:

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